(music) – It is the most epic story of all time, set to epic music. Rock music, which people love. The combination of the story and the music put together is just a recipe
for success and excitement. And also the themes in
the show are universal. No matter where you live and
what time you’re living in, you can always relate to
them and the music as well. There is something for everyone in it. And putting a modern spin on it this time just makes it even more accessible
to modern-day audiences. – I think the relevance
of this 50 years later is pretty clear, it’s pretty obvious. The Brown Album, I think is brilliant. I think, as a concept album, it’s amazing. These two young men decided
to write this rock opera about one of the most famous stories in the history of mankind. I think this production is relevant because it tells such a human story. I think that’s what the
biggest goal of this is just the human story of this music, using this music to tell that story. – Every time I’m in the rehearsals and I see the cast performing the ensemble and the dancing is so incredible. And it’s told through dance, this story. So it’s not only just the characters, Judas, Jesus, and Mary and
the other cast members, the chorus, I would say, the Greek chorus moves the story along and it’s
just such a beautiful piece. I think people will leave inspired, moved in a way, not only by the story, but just by all the
elements of the production. And I’m excited to share that.