Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas and Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com Very very excited today! I’m going for win #34 of my 2015 UK & Ireland Tour! I’m in Paddington of London, England at The Pride of Paddington Pub, taking on their shepherd’s pie challenge! As you can see we’ve got this massive pot loaded with shepherd’s pie which is all full of lamb, potatoes, peas, and gravy! I’m here with my friends Bruno and Eric. They’ll be taking on the food challenge too! We each have 20 minutes to finish! If we fail it’s 25 quid, but if we win, which only one person has done so far, we’ll get the meal free and be up on their Wall of Fame! I know these guys are ready! Lets get this challenge started! The restaurant has their count. I have my timer. We’ve begun! I’ve got my big utensil, lets get eating! 5:00 – slow and steady wins the race. We’ll get the rest down! 10:46! I don’t know what the record is but that probably is it! I had 20 minutes, almost half the time! Thank you to Pride of Paddington for the awesome challenge, now lets watch these guys take it on! I think I’m doing alright for not being conditioned. What do you think of the food? It was good. I cannot go on! I didn’t know it was so huge! Is this a trick? Sadly, Eric and Bruno both ran out of time. He can finish more, he just wasn’t able to finish in the time. This was his first food challenge, as well as Bruno’s, who’s all the way over here from Italy! Thank you to Eric and Bruno for trying the challenge with me. For winning I got the 25 quid meal for free and be up on their Wall of Fame with the new record of 10:46! He will have to pay, but he said it’s a delicious meal! The lamb along with the potatoes, peas, and everything was really good. A delicious food challenge! Thank you to The Pride of Paddington and thank you guys for watching!