Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. Now we’re going to talk about the history and the purposes of the bow staff.
The bow staff was used for some obvious reasons as a walking stick but also as a way of shepherding,
to direct animals, chickens, goats, sheep, whatever it may be. Also in the rice paddies
they used it to direct the boats to go across and be able to get them positioned just right.
And finally, they were used to carry water or maybe it’s an animal for hunting or anything
else they would carry fish on either side of it, and they would walk uphill or downhill,
it made it a little bit easier and plus they were able to carry a whole lot more. As a
weapon, the purposes of it, of course it was for distance. You have a lot of distance,
and not only do you have the distance of the stick but you could also use the thrust of
the weapon out, so that you could actually maintain and actually expand your distance.
The bow staff, however, is not good for a short distance weapon, so if someone closes
in on you it shuts down some of your techniques. There are also the techniques of the down
strike, striking on top of the head. The good thing about this weapon, because of the two
ends, a simple down strike is also two strikes in one. When you bring it up you’re striking
underneath the chin or possibly in the groin and then striking down back on top of the
head or the collar bone. Another way is a simple thrust, the opponent cannot see exactly
how long the bow is if you’re sticking it at their face, and when you thrust it surprises
them, and it’s a very quick and effective technique. And that is the history and the
purpose of the bow staff.