Daniela… I didn’t say those things
earlier to hurt you. I just wanted you
to understand your situation
with your husband. I don’t need your opinion.
Just leave me alone, please. What for? So you can come up
with excuses as to why Carlos
was with Romina? Look, they only want one thing:
for you to go to jail. Just shut up! Daniela, just accept my offer. We can start over.
Leave your problems behind. Forget about your husband, forget about Romina,
forget about Camila. What about my daughter? Hector, I can’t bear
to lose Marga, too. Daniela… We can start a new life
with her. Call her. I know it’s hard for you. But this is the only way… …for you to start over. Marga? Don’t you want to eat
together with your father? What’s the point? I’m sure he wants to be with
Tita Romina more than me. Marga, you shouldn’t talk
about your father that way. But why does he believe
in Tita Romina so much? Why does he believe
her accusations? Tell me, Nanny… Is Daddy having an affair
with Tita Romina? Is there a reason why
Mommy’s having doubts? Marga, whether you
believe me or not, your Tita Romina
would never do that. I’ve seen how much she
loved your Lolo Dad. And I’m sure that love
hasn’t changed until now. She would never even
think about having an affair
with your father. Well, I should’ve known that you’d still side
with Tita Romina. Could you just leave? Marga… You only deserve the best. We’ll go shopping at
your favorite stores, just like before.
Just do well in school, okay? Of course, Mommy. The best mother deserves
the best daughter. And that’s what you are
to me, Marga. We may encounter
a lot of challenges, but I want you to know… Whatever happens,
I’ve got your back. Your Daddy and I
love you very much. Hello? Who’s this? Marga, baby? Mom! Mommy. Where are you? We’ve been searching
for you for days. I know, baby. I’m so sorry. You have to return
as soon as possible. Tita Romina’s saying that you
staged your own kidnapping. Is that true? Baby, I don’t have time
to explain everything. I’ll explain everything
when we meet, okay? And when will that be? Why don’t you just go home? I’ll explain everything to you
in the right time, okay? Just be strong for me. Marga, don’t let anyone
know I called you. Do you understand? But Mom… Trust me. I want to go home, too. If only I can. Just meet me tomorrow, okay? I’ll explain everything to you. Okay. I miss you, Mom. I miss you too, Marga. I love you so much. I’ll just call you tomorrow
for the details, okay?