Lyndsay Shepard you’re quite the
celebrity. How celebrity status treating you? Oh I don’t feel like I’m a celebrity.
You’re almost a household name in North America at least. Yeah and it’s
nice to be like in the niche of like free speech and stuff like that. So
you’re on the right side>I think so. It’s yeah I think it’s important to have
current students as you know like role models at least right because like what
was touched on in the talk people students are afraid of their marks
they’re afraid of speaking out because there are consequences you can find
yourself you know targeted you know when I went to university in the before time I
had absolutely no problem of speaking out and everybody spoke out and had we
had lively discussions in our philosophy classes and our psychology classes what
you’re telling us is actually there’s it’s chilling yes and so someone in
there brought up how there’s this environment of safety and comfort for
the students and you should never be made to feel uncomfortable and what I
wanted to say but didn’t have a chance to is this actually connects to just
university marketing it’s it’s is it really about critical thinking and
classroom discussions anymore no like what they want to get out to
students for recruitment is all the opportunities you know you can live in a
residence building you can have fun there’s lots of job opportunities after
you can do a co-op program you can be engaged this is the word they use this
was my degree is from Simon Fraser they were called like the engaged University
you know you can volunteer there’s all these opportunities to have a fun
student life so it’s almost like it’s not really about the intellectual
environment anymore it’s about the social environment that’s
amazing perspective that you’re thinking that perhaps all of this left-wing if I
could call it that we’ll get into that in a second
talk is designed to promote a university in America to university I think so
it’s kind of neoliberal in a way even they always bash neoliberalism hmm you
know corporate isn’t all that you know our radio show is called just right and
her tagline is not right-wing just right and you came out early on in this as a
left winger then you’ve put out a video just a couple of months ago wearing you
to say that you are no longer a left winger and one of the phrases you used
who are the reasons that you said you’re no longer with left-wingers you describe
the left as wanting to make the world boring now Bob and I probably would have
said that use the word of Galit arianism everybody the same no differences but I
love that expression of boring you want to elaborate on that a bit
yeah I mean so one of my principles is I just want to let people do what they
want to do as long as it’s not hurting anybody right and I mean really hurting
anybody so um you know if I want to have I want to host a talk with the far right
personality faith Goldie which my group at Laurie I did try to do just let us do
it and if no one shows up and it’s a complete failure well then that’ll show
for itself well no we had a lineup of 300 people wanting to come to that talk
was shut down by fire alarm well you know these radical activists again they
want to ruin people’s fun you know it’s fun for people to go to an outing see a
speaker get a chance to ask a question at the end that’s fun but no they they
just have to shut it down because it’s something they don’t like so they have
to have control over it so they won’t let anybody else do what they want to do
and that’s fundamentally against my principles I want to let people do what
they want to do that’s why I don’t I don’t I think they should have their
social justice events sometimes I attend those events just to see what they’re
like and you know even the right-wing sometimes has too much discourse about
you know moral purity and what’s you know there’s too much gay marriage or
whatever I don’t know I mean I again I don’t believe that that’s wrong I just
want to let people do what they want to do so you’re more or less a classical
liberal labels mean a lot of people and when we misuse them or don’t understand
them I think that’s when a lot of confrontation begins and we just listen
to a questioner in the discussion at the staffs meeting
Frances say that she’s a socialist and she doesn’t particularly like being
called left-wing because all these people are being called left-wing and
now she’s being grouped in with all these well she’s a socialist but
everybody’s calling all these agitators left-wingers and she’s not an agitator
so she saying that they’re not left wingers I’m a left winger as a socialist
these aren’t left wingers they’re right wing or have more in common with
right-wingers than anybody else can you define for us because we talk about this
all the time on the show what your impression of what it means to be
left-wing and right-wing air yeah it’s almost hard because it’s in flux like
currently like the way I see it and a lot of people have made the argument
just don’t even bother with those labels anymore because you actually might find
that some of your opinions are far right some are far left some are Center but I
would see the left you know I agree with them in so far as like socially
progressive policies like I believe in having welfare you know I believe in
safe injection sites I believe in Canada’s health care system
socialized medicine things like that that is all stuff that I would have in
common for them but what’s becoming definitive of the left is like I
explained in my video like yes the totalitarianism of suppressing discourse
and how they think they’re in control and so yeah I agree with Francis on that
is is that’s you know they are co-opting the discourse of the left but actually
being very fascist themselves yes so they’re they are trying to make society
boring and you brought up Galit arianism that makes society boring in a lot of
ways you know how how far are you gonna go with limiting competition limiting
personal responsibility and things like this
what would I define the right as um probably you know my impression
originally you know before all this was there there anti-environment
pro-corporate I want lower taxes free markets but the
thing is there’s so many divides even in the right so you you also have like a
sect of the right who hate the corporatism and actually pro-environment
they want to live on a farm they want everyone to leave them alone you know
and that could be maybe more libertarian right libertarian but yeah all that to
say is I think it’s still in flux would it be correct to say that there are so
many different for a bet one of it but a word sex within these ideologies left
and right that it’s the labels sometimes get in the way unless you’re very
explicit about how you define left and right I suppose so but I mean what for
example Francis was saying how she hates being called a “right winger” um you know
maybe just deal with it it’s like people were calling me a right winger and at
first that’s why I put out a message that said you know I am a leftist I’m
not trying to advance any right-wing agenda because people were accusing me
of that and it’s like I guess if you’re a leftist you might react kind of
viscerally to being called something you don’t see yourself as but now I take the
approach of like I don’t care what you call me all that matters is I know what
I am right it disturbs me with one of the questions after your speech that you
said that you might get your PhD you’ll find a professor to help you with your
PhD but you don’t see good prospects of getting employed with your PhD I cannot
believe that this kind of pressure is treating you that way it’s absolutely
disgusting what do you see yourself doing after your PhD or if you get it
yeah I’m I’m still leaving it pretty open and I want to leave it open because
you know I kind of maybe want to fill a gap that would be needed to be filled so
for example the journalists who broke my story Christie Blachford it’s like we
really need people like her injured Barbara Kade Jonathan Kaye that one of
the good ones sorry the good ones right there and they’re all part of they’re
not my age you know who who is my age part of my generation is gonna fill that
I don’t know we went to a Jordan Peterson event here at the University of
Western Ontario last year and it was attended by it was a full attendance
hundreds of people turned out all if we want to use the word Millennials all of
from your cohort and they were all well dressed well behaved and gave him a
standing ovation and he’s receiving the same welcome throughout the world right
now pushing his book does that not give you hope for your generation that this
will subside this nonsense from these privilege seekers as Frances Calvin well
the thing is like yes he has a great following and yet what you’ve described
is awesome but still institutionally what’s happening is you know I know I’m
not necessarily against affirmative action but like they they want to hire
marginalized people which again I’m not against that but so now that your
emergen alized uh-huh the thing is like when you start to fill all the jobs with
radical people and a lot of them are they’re really radical people who who
you know there’s been cases on Twitter of TAS for example so people in the same
position as I was saying like hahaha I always call on the white males last in
class it’s like oh I guess at least you’re being honest about it but you
know if we imagine education being taken over by that that’s really dismaying
that’s not really acceptable but you know and as for to go back to what you
said about not being hireable the thing is these a lot of these departments so
for example Communication Studies my department cultural analysis and social
theory which is interdisciplinary they’re kind of like cults yeah I would
I would use that word they behave and like cults
yes they you know for example so in communication studies at Laurier a very
high percentage of the faculty are interested in like queer trans gender
non-binary sexual identity gender identity things okay well you know I
guess that means that if you don’t research those things or you are not of
that identity yourself what is your chance of getting hired in that
department so I I just kind of worry a bit about kind of the hire people like
us kind of mentality it’s a little bit worrying for me. Well
we both wish you well and certainly do hope you get hired and we look forward
to hearing your saga continued. For the better. Thank you. Thank you very much.