Sue: Levi! Will you settle down? Sue: I thought maybe he’d sleep off whatever has gotten into him.
But he’s just as bad today as he was yesterday. Sue: He kept me awake half the night – pacing around the
room, jumping on — jumping on and off the bed. Sue: Oh! I must have left the keys at the coffee house. Sue: Would you mind holding this while I go get them?
(Levi barks, jumps)
Sue/Lucy: Oh! (O.S.) Waiter: Hey Sue!
(Levi barks, runs)
Sue: Levi! (Levi running, growling)
Waiter: Whoa boy / Sue: Levi! Sue: Levi – down! (to waiter) I’m sorry – he
wouldn’t hurt you. He’s just been acting odd lately. Waiter: Yeah – whatever. Anyway, here – I brought your keys.
Sue: Thanks! (Levi barks – barks again)
Sue: Levi… Sue: I’m sorry, Luce.
Lucy: As I recall, it
wasn’t you who jumped up on me. Lucy (to Levi): Do I hear an apology from you? (Levi licking)
Lucy: He feels bad, he’s trying to help. (Levi barking)
Myles: Ah – ah – ah! (chuckling) Ah, Levi
– no brushing up against the suit today. Sue: Oh Levi…
Myles: May I suggest a decaf next time? Sue: (to Levi) What am I going to do with you? Dimitrius: Nice set of threads Myles. You got a job interview or something? Tara: No, I think that’s his ‘I’m giving a televised press briefing’ outfit. Myles: One must dress appropriately when one is going…to the Oval Office. Sue: That’s great Myles. You were finally able to get
in on one of those White House tours. Dimitrius: Don’t forget to leave your gun at home. Those
tour guides are sticklers for that kind of thing. Jack: Yeah, we wouldn’t want to see your mug
shot on the five o’clock news as.. Jack: …the ‘terrorist tourist’ who smuggled a gun into the West Wing. Tara: But, on the bright side, that outfit would look very cute on TV. Myles: Such frivolity! The room is virtually awash in hilarity! Lucy: If someone doesn’t ask him why he’s really
going to the White House pretty soon… Lucy: …he’s going to pop the buttons off that suit. Myles: I’m involved in a case that’s so top secret,
I can’t even tell you guys about it. Myles: AND…it happens to be of great interest to…POTUS. Sue: POTUS?
Tara: It’s an acronym. Stands for ‘President of the United States.’ Myles: You’ll forgive me if I excuse myself from this pedestrian casework chatter… Myles: I have a briefing to prepare for the Commander-in-Chief — Myles: NOOO!
Sue: Levi! Myles: I don’t believe this!
Bobby: Oh ho! Levi! He shoots, he scores! Myles: Get away from me, you wretched animal!
Sue: I’m so sorry Myles. (Levi barks)
Sue: Tell me Levi didn’t do what I
saw him do.
Lucy: I’m afraid he did. Jack: And I’m so glad I got to witness it! (Levi barks)
Lucy: Something is wrong with him.
Myles: You think??!! Sue: I better call the vet and see if we
can figure out what is going on with him. Myles: Oh for… (sighs)