hallelujah to the Most High bless the
Lamb that was slain I once cursed now I glorify and use my
gift to bless his name how many people in this room know how it feels to be
lost well the roadmap to salvation is in the
shape of a man on that cross how many y’all understand I mean truly comprehend
that the resurrection marks the beginning but it also marks an end , the
beginning of a new life the salvation of THE BEGINNING OF A NEW LIFE, THE SALVATION OF OUR SOULS, ASSURANCE WE’LL MEET THE FATHER, AND SEE THOSE STREETS PAVED WITH gold. the end not of our sins but of
utter condemnation the end of spiritual emptiness and the end of obeying Satan
how many realize when we sin that were really obeying the devil no more father
God I’ve vowed to be more acceptable Jesus Christ was born lived and died so
that we’d all be blessed and how did we repay him each one of our sins drove yet
another nail deep into his flesh you should feel convicted because all of us
are guilty Jesus was as pure as the driven snow
it was our sin that made him filthy he’s not the Easter Bunny and at Christmas he
doesn’t transform into Santa Claus those are just false idols for us to worship
they want us to forget about the cross don’t allow yourselves to believe Eastin
equals egg hunts and fancy clothes Easter signifies the date at all Lord
and Savior rose they beat him unmercifully they spat in his face and
the same ones who once loved him cheered as his life slipped away he was hung on
the cross still blessing us with his last breath the same loving faces at his
teachings had front-row seats at his death he was hung like a common criminal
they pierced his side just to be sure they assumed walking away that the King
of the Jews lived no more he was laid in a tomb but in the morning was gone he
left behind strips of linen and his burial cloth outside Mary Magdalene
cried twice now she’s lost her master and a
voice called out to her Mary who is it that you see that her
head is bowed low her heart over flooded with pain slowly she looks up surprised
to hear Jesus calls her name you see it didn’t end on the cross
man can’t finish the story when God’s the author Jesus lived died and rose and
now intercedes for us at the right hand of the Father if you’ve been hurt all
your life and you just can’t take it anymore if you’re desperate for a change
and you just don’t know where to start if you can finally feel his presence and
you don’t want this feeling to ever end turn your back on a devil forever open
your heart and let Jesus In!!