Kathryn Kuhlman Melds With Jesus People @Height Of Jesus Movement In America, 1971 [“Therefore They Shall Come And Sing In The Height Of Zion”, sung]: 🎶 Therefore, they shall come and sing in the height of Zion, 🎶 And shall flow together to the goodness of the Lord, 🎶 For wheat, and for wine, 🎶 for oil, and for the young, 🎶 for the young of the flock and of the herd: 🎶 And their soul shall be as a watered garden; 🎶 And they shall not sorrow anymore at all. (Audience): [Humming] 🎶🎶 (Narrator): The touch of faith, the power of God making itself known especially to disenchanted youth in the material world of the 20th century. This week Kathryn Kuhlman injects a unique note into her television series as young people who have discovered a profound personal faith bear witness to their findings in song and spoken word. And here she is, Kathryn Kuhlman. (KK): (Chuckle) “Oh Bless ya”. I never dreamed that the day would come, when I would be wearing a granny dress. But I love it. [Chuckle]. I just love it. And I want everybody to know that I’m with the most wonderful people in the whole world. I know you call them the Jesus People. And you’ve often wondered about them, and the news media has given them great publicity, and you’ve turned the pages of your magazines, and you’ve seen their pictures, and you’ve seen the picture of Chuck Smith and Duane Pedersen. And if you look very closely you’ll recognize some of the faces that you’ve seen on the pages of the magazines….. but have you ever seen their hearts? Have you ever really looked in their faces? Have you ever really…..looked into their faces? Really? Have you ever really brushed back the hair and looked into their faces? (Chuck Smith): Beautiful… And through those eyes, you see what Jesus sees: one so hungry, one who loves Jesus. Have you really looked down to Him? I have. And since I’ve seen, I’ll never be the same again. You can’t be the same again. You can’t look beyond those eyes and see the heart of the youth of today and ever be the same again. Don’t speak lightly of the youth of today and just call them the Jesus
People, and stand back and say, “It’s just a fad. Will it last?” Their experience will last throughout all of eternity [Light audience laughter].
(Chuck Smith): Praise the Lord. They’re His children, and I’m proud to be one of them. Well…come on Tom and Chuck. Give Tom and Chuck a great big God bless you [applause]. Imagine if you will, young or old,
standing before the Great White Throne of God and having to present your credentials. [Music 🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 I find my name in the telephone list and my credit is better than fair. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 My daughter is running for Sophomore princess and making my son cut his hair. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 I never miss votin’ or church every Sunday, I do what I can to support. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 The Church and the State will be satisfied one day, and then I can give to the poor. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 My mother is happy we found her a home with folks of her status and age. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 She gave up the family Bible last year. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 We’ll keep it in the attic till the pages turn yellow ’cause antiques are quite the rage. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 Ye da da da da da da da , yu da da da da da, bop doodly dontin. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 Ye da da da da da da da da, [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 Doodly dontin (x 5) doo yoo doo now. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 My mortgage is paid and my Chevrolet. I seldom ever beat my wife. [🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎸]: 🎶 I can’t understand why my name isn’t there, listed in your Book of Life. {Guarded audience laughter and applause} “Well…..Chuck?” (Laughter). (Chuck Smith): That’s heavy isn’t it? (Sustained audience laughter). (KK): Oh……. And yet, you know, there’s an awful lot of
gospel in it. (Chuck Smith): Oh yes. And…and…and Chuck, when you realize that they write these songs themselves… (Chuck): Yes, yes, yes. These are their songs. (Chuck): Right (KK): It’s…its’ wonderful. (Chuck): That one’s from Revelation 20:
“and whosoever’s name is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life shall be cast into the into the lake burning
with fire and this is the second death.” (Chuck): How important that our name is written
on the Book of Life. (KK): How many of you young people know your name IS written…? Ahhhhh… Isn’t that the greatest security in the world? (Young person): Yeah… (KK): Don’t you feel secure;
isn’t it wonderful to know that you belong to Him? Isn’t it wonderful to know that…uh…that you’re His child …to know that you belong to Him? “You see, Chuck and Duane, that’s what makes the difference: “there are some who may call themselves Jesus People and use the name of Jesus,” “But it makes all the difference in the world, whether you’ve had that new-birth experience.” (Duane Pedersen): “It’s the changed life. This is the thing.” (KK): “That’s right!”
(DP): “This is the thing.” “That’s what makes the difference the difference between a kick and an eternal experience.” (Duane Pedersen): A couple of weeks ago, uh…I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard and I was talking to this young man. And, he told me that he was 15 years old, and that for about the past two years or so that he had been on the road (since he was 13). And he had tried everything, and he knew what he had to do in order to live
out on the street . And, uh, as as we were talking about it, he he also then started to tell me a story
that I could hardly believe about his home life. And as we were talking and I shared with him just a little bit of the love of Jesus Christ, and then I asked him if you would like to pray with me
and invite Jesus to come into his life, and he said “yes”. And so right there on the street, right near Hollywood & Vine, we just bowed our heads and…and he prayed. And he invited Jesus Christ to come into his life. And all of a sudden his whole face just changed; his eyes started to twinkle
and he had a smile on his face for the first time, as I was talking to him. And then…I…I invited him to come down to our office, which is just about three blocks off Hollywood & Vine. And as we were getting close there, I asked him if he would like to call home.
(He was from Phoenix). And he said, “Yes.” And we went into the office and he dialed the phone, and the first words he said was, “Mom, I’m coming home.” And you know, this is “the changed life”; something immediately happens. (Duane Pedersen): We might not be able to describe it in words…with words…
but yet it happens… and that’s the new-birth experience. Something, when you invite Jesus Christ into your life, something happens. (KK): “Tom…..Tom…..how old are you?” (Tom): “Twenty-three.” (KK): “Have you had that experience?” (Tom): “Yeah.” “It’s marvelous, isn’t it?” (Tom): “Beautiful.” (KK): “What was it like before?” (Tom). “It was terrible.” (Audience laughter). (Tom): “Terrible.” Had you been on heroin? (Tom): “No, I I never got into heroin.” (Tom): ” I got into LSD and the devil kind of took me that way for a while.” (KK): “What made you get on?” (Tom): “Well, I came from a family where I just didn’t get any love and I needed it…” “and so I tried to get it from my friends, and they were on drugs.” “So I thought I might get accepted by getting into drugs, too.” “But I…I wasn’t. It wasn’t in there either.” (KK): “Where are you from?” (Tom): “Downey. I grew up in Downey (CA).” “But it didn’t satisy, did it?” (Tom): “No. No, it just made me even more empty
and more lonely.” (KK): “What is the feeling? Tell me, Tom? What is the feeling…the loneliness…
before you find Jesus? What is it like?” (Tom): “It’s like, well I know that almost everybody has felt it. Sometimes you can feel it when you’re around the most people.” (Tom): “I could be in the middle of a crowd and feel so alone, just so unwanted,
and unrecognized, and so insecure.” (Tom): “And it’s just a deep, hollow feeling. Just one that would drive you to anything to fill it. Anything.” (KK): “And when night comes, is it worse?” (Tom): “Oh yeah. Yeah.” (Tom): “Lots of times I…it it just overwhelmed me. Really terrible. Really dark.” (KK): “How did you happen to find Jesus? I don’t mean just how did you happen…
It doesn’t just happen.” (KK): “It’s Jesus there all the time waiting for me.” (Tom): “Always…” (Tom): “That’s it, too. And a long time ago, I never knew. (My parents weren’t religious or anything or they didn’t know the Lord or anything).” (Tom): “But somewhere I picked up the scripture that said ‘even those that believe on His name’.” “And through everything I always said ‘Jesus, if I don’t find my love here and my happiness here, Jesus…I know that if I believe in your name, eventually,
sometime you’ll bring me home’.” (Tom): “And He did, one day. And I knew Jesus just opened His arms and He just said, you know, ‘I love you and it’s just me, and I’m all you need,’ and He is all that I needed.” “He changed my life. He made that loneliness go away. It’s never there anymore.” “Jesus is a constant friend…a constant friend. He’s always with me.” (Tom): “And He loves me allot. And I know it…because I feel it.” (KK): “It is a definite experience.” (Tom): “Definitely. Definitely.” (KK): “Tom, It isn’t just another kick with you, is it?” (Tom): “Uh uh. No way.” (KK): “It’s a personal…” (Tom): (It’s) Jesus.” (Tom): “It gave me…I didn’t have a family, but now I got a huge family.”
(KK): “Me too.” “Tom, I know what you mean. I’ve never been a mother. But all these wonderful children…” (Audience laughter). (KK): “Ah honey, come here. Come. Just slide over.” “Just slide over, honey. Just slide over.” “Jesus is wonderful.” (Girl): “Oh yes.” (KK): “And it’s a real experience, too.” (Girl): “It’s more than an experience ; it’s there for life.” (KK): “It’s there for life.” (KK): “If only we could tell the whole world, you know. (Girl): “I just wish we could.” “I want everybody to know how wonderful Jesus is.” (Girl): “I know.” (KK): “He’s there all the time. He’s there all the time…loving us.” “And this is just the beginning.” “There’s all of eternity.” (KK): “Oh honey, come here. Come on. Come on, scoot over. ” “Come on, get real close over here.” “We love him, don’t we?” (Girl ii): “We sure do.” “And he’s real.” (Girl ii): “Oh uh…” (Audience laughter). (KK): “And when we pray, He hears us.” (Girl ii): “He sure does.” (Audience laughter). (KK): “And the most wonderful thing is that He knows all about us.” “He knows our joys. He knows our sorrows.” “He takes us in His arms…” (Girl ii): “And keeps us there forever.” (KK): “I know…forever and ever and ever.” (KK): Do you understand or don’t you understand?! (Quiet weeping). There are thousand and thousands living who do not understand. But this is as real as the very Son of the living God…as real as God Himself. Where are my precious Children of The Day? Where are they? Come on. (KK): “This is your own song. You’re expressing it in this way.” (KK): “Bless ya.” (Wendy): Praise God. (Peter): Listening to Duane, he just about read the whole text of this thing…..without knowing it. (Peter): It’s called, “New Life”. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸Singing]: I’m so glad you decided to turn your life over to Jesus. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: I’m so glad you decided to let Him in. [ 👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸] [👨‍🎸lead vocal]: 🎶 There’s a new look on your face, [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸] [👨‍🎸lead]: 🎶 And there’s a new hope in your eyes. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸] [👨‍🎸lead]: 🎶 And you’re smiling now like you never use to smile before. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: 🎶 I’m so glad you decided to turn your life over to Jesus. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: 🎶 I’m so glad you decided to let Him in. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸] [👨‍🎸Peter]: 🎶 Oh, it’s something you can’t explain, [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸] [👨‍🎸Peter]: 🎶 But it’s for real all the same. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸] [👨‍🎸Peter]: 🎶 And you know that you could never put it into words, what you feel. [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: 🎶 It’s a new life. (You know it’s here to stay). [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: 🎶 It’s a new life. (Old things have passed away). [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: 🎶 We know just what you’re going through and we’re prayin’ for you, [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: 🎶 that you will always live your life for Him… [👨‍🎻👩‍🎸👩‍🎸 👨‍🎸]: 🎶 …..for Him…..for Him. (KK): And that’s what the Word of God calls being “born-again”, that wonderful new-birth experience. “Oh honey…..how old are you?” (Girl iv): “I’m fifteen.” (KK): “Just 15 years old?” (KK): “I think that must have been the way I looked at 15; I’m sure it must have been.” (KK): “We love Him, don’t we? (Girl iv): “We sure do.” (KK): “We couldn’t live without Him, could we?” (Girl iv): “No, sir.” “He means the whole world to us…..the whole world to us.” Can’t you look beyond the face. Jesus does. Jesus looks beyond the face… and sees the heart. “Children of The Day”… [chuckle]. (Singer, “Peter”): This is how they used to do it a long time ago. (Peter): Song by JS Bach, “All Breathing Life”. [👨‍🎤singing lead]: All……….all breathing life. Sing and praise ye the Lord. [👨‍🎤singing lead]: All……….all breathing life. Sing and praise ye the Lord. [👩‍🎤Female singing lead]: All……….all breathing life. Sing and praise ye the Lord. [👩‍🎤Female singing lead]: All……….all breathing life. Sing and praise ye the Lord. All breathing life…sing and praise ye the Lord. [👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤]: Hallelujah x 7 [👨‍🎤]: All breathing life, sing and praise ye the Lord, [👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎤]: Hallelujah X 8 [👩‍🎤singing lead]: “Hallelujah, sing and praise ye the Lord. [👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤]: Hallelujah X 8 [👨‍🎤Singing lead]: All breathing life, Sing and praise ye the Lord. [👨‍🎤 👨‍🎤 singing lead]: Praise him, all breathing life, sing and praise ye the Lord. [👩‍🎤👩‍🎤]: Hallelujah [👩‍🎤lead]: All breathing life, sing and praise ye the Lord. [👩‍🎤female singing lead]: All breathing life, sing and praise ye the Lord. [👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎤]: Hallelujah X 2 [👩‍🎤👨‍🎤]: All breathing life, sing and praise ye the Lord, hallelujah. [🎤👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎤]: Hallelujah. (KK): [Chuckle] “Chuck, this is thrilling!” (Chuck): “Oh, it’s glorious.” (KK): “Chuck, this is thrilling.” “Honey, tell me about your wonderful new birth experience.
It comes through; that’s all I can say.” “It just comes through.” (Wendy): “Oh, I just praise God that He’s chosen me as one of His” ” ’cause I know I’d never be worthy.” (Kathryn): “That’s right.” “And your wonderful new-birth experience”… (Russ): “It’s just beautiful.” (KK): I know. (Audience laughter). What more can one say? (KK): “And…and Chuck, these young people live it!” (Chuck): “Oh yes, yes [chuckle].” “It’s not just for a half-hour, it’s not for just an hour, or for a day”… (Chuck): “It’s for life.” (KK): “That’s right. They have accepted Jesus for life.” (Chuck): “Right.” (KK): “Tell me about some of them.” (KK): “They’re all so wonderful.” (Chuck): Well you know, one of the questions that people quite often ask is, “why are these young people turning to Jesus Christ”. But in reality they have tasted just about everything that the world had to offer. In their 15-18 years, they have lived and had more experiences
than I’ve had in my longer pilgrimage here. (Audience laughter). (Chuck): And really nothing has been held back from them. They’ve tried and tasted everything. (Chuck): But they found…they have found that there is not a thing in the world… that can meet the deep inner need and the thirst within their life. But Jesus said “if any man thirst let him come to me and drink”. And they have found by drinking of that which Jesus Christ offers… that life… that Living Waters really… that their lives are just completely overflowing now with the fullness and the love of Jesus. (Chuck): And I think that here is the key: it’s the love of Christ that’s coming forth just in such a beautiful abundant way . Just, you can feel it. (KK): And what you say, Chuck, is true. They’ve tried everything. These young people here today have tried everything. (Chuck): Oh yes. (KK): Name it, they’ve tried it. (Chuck): That’s right. That’s right. And the thing that they have found out is the fact that it hasn’t brought them happiness. (Chuck): Right. That’s right. (KK): It hasn’t satisfied. (Chuck): Jesus said, “he who drinks of this water will thirst again,” talking to the woman at the well. And it’s true of every worldly pleasure,
every worldly goal, every worldly ambition… drink of that water, but you’re gonna thirst again. But oh…..Jesus satisfies. (Joyous audience laughter). (KK): “Look on their faces.” (Chuck) “Ah, that’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
(KK): “Bear with them.” (Chuck): “Yes.” I challenge any one of you to spend one day with these young people and you’ll know the reality of the new birth experience. Be around (them) just a very short time; you’ll understand. And it’s the moving of the Holy Spirit.
It’s the moving of the Holy Spirit, that wonderful Holy Spirit. [👩‍🎤 👨‍🎤Singing ]: 🎶 Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me. [👩‍🎤 👨‍🎤 ]: 🎶 Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me. [👩‍🎤 👨‍🎤 ]: 🎶 Take me, mold me. [👩‍🎤 👨‍🎤 ]: 🎶 Fill me, use me. [👩‍🎤 👨‍🎤 ]: 🎶 Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me. (KK): I wish I could take every young person in the world… by the hand… and say, “Come.” “Come.” Jesus stands with open arms. He says, “Come.” And the Spirit says, “Come.” “Come unto me, and I will give you the peace you’re looking for.” “I will give you a purpose in life. I will give you the joy. I will give you the love.” “I will give you life eternal.” “Just come.” Slip to your knees just now. Say, “I come. I come to you just now.” And you too will feel that wonderful touch. [Piano music and singing 🎹 🎶 ]: He touched me. O, He touched me. [ 🎹 🎶 ]: And O, the joy that floods my soul. [🎹 🎶 ]: Something happened …
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(Kathryn): “Something happened”. [ 🎹 🎶]: He touched me and made me whole.
(Kathryn): Adore Him. [ 🎹 🎶]: He touched me. O, He touched me.