(choir vocalizing) – It looks like Kanye
West is finally dropping his delayed Jesus Is King album. Well, maybe. On Monday morning, Ye posted
a pic of a blue vinyl copy of the Gospel-inspired project to Twitter, with the caption, “October 25th.” But don’t get too excited. Fans have been checking on Jesus Is King ever since August 29th, when Kim Kardashian West first tweeted what appeared to be a
handwritten track list along with the date September 27th, which was then pushed to September 29th. But instead of dropping the album then, Kanye held a Sunday service
event in New York City where he debuted clips from
an accompanying documentary of the same name, which is also set to be released on Friday and should be interesting. In a recent trailer for the
film, directed by Nick Knight, the rapper says, “We’re
here to spread the gospel. “I’m not here for your entertainment.” ♪ My soul, rise out ♪ ♪ My soul ♪ ♪ My soul, rise out ♪ – A spokesperson for
Kanye couldn’t be reached to confirm the new release date, but you know we’ll keep you posted, so stay locked on Billboard.com. Until next time for Billboard News, it’s your girl Jordyn Rolling. (upbeat music)