Song…. song hi and welcome to passion for truth
ministries I’m Jim Staley I’m glad you’re joining us today we have a topic
that is well let’s just say it’s a fun topic where we’re not going to get into
deep Bible theology today but we’re going to talk about a passage that a lot
of people don’t like to talk about and that’s back in Genesis chapter 6 because
the slide we’re going to talk about the sons of God what the bible says about
demons Giants and aliens and so we’re gonna we’re gonna dig into the
scriptures today and find out exactly what the Bible has to say about this
particular subject like I said it’s a subject that’s kind
of taboo in in mainstream Christianity and and even religions around the world
we don’t really like to talk about demons or aliens or or what the Bible
has to say about those things if any at all and so if you will just join with me
and just hang with me I believe that we can uncover some really amazing things
using the scriptures as our guide we can not only come to the knowledge of the
truth but we can learn how to properly apply the scriptures as we look at them
from their original perspective ok so join with me as we dig into
Genesis chapter 6 verse 1 through 4 read with me when men can’t begin to
increase in numbers on the earth and daughters were born to them the sons of
God saw the daughters of men were beautiful and they married any of them
that they chose then the Lord said my spirit will not contend with man forever
for he is mortal his days will be 120 years the nepheline were on the earth in
those days and also afterwards when the sons of God went to the daughters of men
and had children by them they were heroes of old men of renown and so the
question becomes to us today is who are the sons of God in this scripture this
is a very intriguing scripture because we have this concept called the sons of
God we got the daughters of men and we got this another word called the
nepheline what’s enough lame i haven’t seen enough lame i don’t know what an
ethylene is but the scriptures have this word called the Nephilim what are they
and you’re going to find out that not only are the nepheline the sons of God
and the daughters of men this subject important in Genesis chapter 6 but we’re
going to discover that this subject prevails all the way through the entire
to knock all the way through the New Testament ending up in the book of
Revelation right before the Messiah comes back this topic believe it or not weaves its way in and out of our
scriptures in a very hidden mystical way and so we’re going to kind of try to
unravel that and unpack those scriptures for you and show you a few things I
think you may not have disc have discovered or looked into before you’ll
see just how relevant it is as you read your Bible so the next the question that
we’re trying to answer today are who are the sons of God if you go back to the
slide you’ll see we have really three choices we have an orthodox judaism they
say that the sons of God are religious nobles so number one on our option list
is multiple choice nobles are they religious nobles that that went into the
daughters of men number two could be the godly sons of Seth that married the bad
daughters of men so the godly sons of Seth that married the daughters of men
that is a prevalent option and will consider if that is is in fact the case
as well and our third option of course is fallen angels really isn’t any other
options that are out there in in mainstream a theological circle today yeah considering the sons of God arts
either gonna be the day with the Jewish rabbi say which is the religious nobles
or they’re going to be the sons of Seth or they’re going to be fallen angels and
so we’re going to test all of these theories and find out which one is
accurate because after all aren’t you looking for the truth i’m looking for
the truth because once you have the truth it’s connected to all these other
scriptures and then now you understand those scriptures and pretty soon you
actually understand your Bible so let’s let’s continue to move through this and
see what the Bible has to say first of all let’s talk about the
religious nobles under the religious nobles option uh we really have
discovered you’re going to discover that there’s nothing in all of the scriptures
that even hints to these being nobles there’s not one single scripture that
gives us even a remote hint that that this option is even viable there’s
really no Scholars on earth today that that that really buy into this theory
this is kind of a an older theory and like I said it comes out of Orthodox
Judaism and again there’s just not a lot of support for this particular theory
and the question becomes is how does religious nobles married daughters of
men and get Yahweh angry enough to destroy the world so somehow religious nobles which
apparently would be godly people married daughters of men and that makes God
angry i’m not sure how that works but that that’s what they say and then
course the most important question is how do Giants come from such a marriage
from two human beings how do Giants come about between religious noble and a
daughter of men getting married there’s this breaking logical thought
patterns here so we’re going to go into the second option and that is this
option the sons of set theory this is option number two could be the sons of
Seth this is a very popular theory in christianity today many people believe
it but here’s a few problems with this theory number one the problem is that
you always said that the only people that were righteous where Noah and his
sons that comes straight from the scriptures himself if the sons of Seth
would have been righteous Yahweh would have said that but in this case they’re
not he says the only people that are righteous that we’re following his
Commandments were Noah and his sons number two how can Seth Seth sons be
godly and Mary evil daughters of men at the same time how can set sons be godly
and Mary evil daughters of men at the same time it’s a good logical question
and thirdly if the issue was mixed marriages and that was the problem and
you always did not like the fact that they were mixing marriages then the wrath should have
only been four between step sons and their wives what about Seth daughters they
apparently would not have done anything wrong according to this theory but
Yahweh as you know destroyed the entire God destroy the earth during Noah’s
Flood and out when everybody except for Noah and his three sons and their wives
so we have issues here with Seth’s theory because like i said why would God
destroy everyone for the sake of marriage of just a few people and a few
more problems with this theory that you’re gonna we’re going to discover is
this number one how did Giants come from regular men and women if these are the
sons of Seth then we have a problem because that means that their regular
humans and if regular humans i have relations with regular women then
normally regular children come from that a progeny but this is not the case the
Bible says the Giants came as the result of this particular marriage now Flavius
Josephus says this about the sons of Seth but in the process of time they
were perverted and 46 the practices of their father for fathers and didn’t
either pay those honors to God which were appointed them nor had they any
concern to do justice towards men that is a direct quote from josephus a jewish
historian of the first-century giving us his opinion of the sons of Seth and
exactly what what the sons of Seth were all about and apparently from his
perspective that they were very perverted and they had issues with doing
the right thing now now we’re going to get into context
because how many know the Bible is all about context if we’re going to
understand the Bible we have to know what it says in context about a subject
you cannot just take one single verse or one scripture or even a couple of
scriptures and create a doctrine around it and so although it looks like there’s
only one option left and that is fallen angels being the sons of God we need to
test this theory because if a theory can only be true if it’s
backed up with Scripture because the only thing that’s true that the universe
is that which proceeds out of the mouth of Yahweh out of the mouth of God is
what precedes truth and so let’s look at every single time that this verse excuse me this phrase sons of God is
used in the Old Testament and find out if we get any context or a clue of what
the sons of God actually are its use five other times in the Old Testament
and the next time is first on his joke chapter 1 verse 6 and it says now there
was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before Yahweh and
Satan came also among them and so we have a the first fish scripture that
we’re reading today is explaining to us that somebody came before the throne of
god the sons of God came before Yahweh himself and Satan came with them ok we we know that Satan came before the
throne of god to talk about Joe been to and to and to and to try to get God to
allow him to go down and tempt him while at the same time the sons of God came
with Satan as well and so there’s seems to be a hint here that men don’t
typically come before the throne of god these could possibly be angels let’s
continue and see job chapter 2 verse 1 says this and
again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before
Yahweh let’s continue job 38 6 shows up again whereupon are the foundations thereof
fastened or will or who will who will lay the cornerstone thereof when the
morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy this
scripture here is talking about the beginning of the universe the creation
of the world’s the creation the very foundation of the earth itself he says that that where were the
whereupon are the foundations of the earth thousand when I did all of these
things the morning stars and the sons of God shouted for joy in other words the
Angels shouted for joy sons of God would even create yet as human beings so they could not
possibly be nobles they could not possibly be the sons of Seth they didn’t
exist yet matter of fact that could not even be human because humanity had not
been created yet right now in the scope of what we’re looking for in these in to
find out what this phrase means we are already being led to believe that the
sons of God that same phrase is being used in joke 38-6 before the creation of
man that the sons of God the Angels rejoiced daniel chapter 3 verse 25 says
this and he said look I see four men walking around the fire this is a
Shadrach Meshach and Abednego right and Daniel and the fourth looks like the
sun’s a son of the gods a son of the gods so here’s the question that i have
Daniel in the Book of Daniel the King says wait a minute I see three but now I
see four in the fourth one looks like a son of the gods now let me ask a question again I have
to just be honest with you I’m a pretty simple guy and I try to keep it simple that’s what my mom taught me my
grandmother told me growing up just keep it simple right and you’ll understand
things a lot better than trying to make them complex so let’s ask a very basic
obvious question how does the King know what a son of a god looks like there’s
four people walking around in the furnace how does he know which one look
is which much less he knows what a son of one of the Gods looks like and why
does he say a son of the gods if he hasn’t seen one there’s no way for
him to make this up these are very very smart individual you
don’t become king for nothing he knows what a human looks like and he
knows what a nonhuman looks like that looks like a human so you have a human
than you know Daniel and chadrack me check and Abednego you have those three
but then you also have this other form of a human but it appears to be a son of
one of the Gods so it becomes an obvious i think almost presumption if you will and i’ll agree
it is a presumption but it becomes i think a logical guess to say that the
King has seen a son of one of the Gods he has experienced what this creature
looks like and that’s why he recognizes it has some framework of mine that he’s
pulling from and i’m going to suggest you in just a few minutes moments that
he knows exactly what is in that fire because he’s seen this before and I
think as we walk through the Scriptures you’re going to see exactly what he was
seen the very last time in the old testament that this is used as a no zeta
chapter 1 verse 10 says this yet the Israelites will be like the sand on the
seashores which cannot be measured or counted in the place where it was said
to them you are not my people they will be called sons of the Living God you
hear that it says you are not my people and that very spot they will be called
sons of the Living God and so what we what we discover in the very last verse
in the Old Testament that talks about the sons of God is you have people that
were standing in a spot and on this spot where he divorces them on this very spot
thousands of years in the future he’s going to call them sons of the
Living God now if there are thousands of years in the future we know when this
time is that the resurrection at the resurrection when he brings his people
back into the land they will be called sons of the Living God now here’s the
question at that point what are they there
glorified body have the glorified bodies they’re not humans anymore they are in a
way angelic they are sons of God they are born from above and so all of the
scriptures that are found in the Old Testament either hit strongly or
directly tell us that these are angels are called sons of God ok so now in
every case but one and I’m being very conservative here in every case but one
in the Old Testament the term sons of God refers to angels and I even believe
that the last the last scripture can be stated you can make a good case that
actually referring to angels as well or at least the glory my body’s once their resurrected so now
let’s move towards the New Testament and again let’s get some more context the
entire Bible we’re going to use context here to find out what this term the sons
of God actually you what what it’s a what it’s talking about believers are
called sons of God in a spiritual sense because they’re born again of Yahweh
they’re born again the blood of Yeshua from the hallway they’re born again so from that
perspective they’re called sons of god Adam was also the son of god because his
origination was from God but his descendants were sons of Adam you see
his physical descendants from Adam were called the sons of Adam but Adam himself
was the son of God because he came directly from Yahweh what’s amazing to
me is that the entire Old Testament talks about sons of God from angelic
perspective that those that creatures that are not human are there were angels designed to serve
God called sons of God but those of us that are found in the New Testament time
. after you shoot it Jesus Messiah dies on the cross what happens is now we have to build to
the ability to be born from above our physical bodies are not sons of God we
are not sons of God from any kind of physicality measure whatsoever that’s not what the Scriptures talking
about the inside of us are called sons of God because we’ve been born again
from above we will not take on that role as a son of God until Messiah comes back
and we are sealed forever our fate with him so from from the perspective of the
Scriptures sons of God or angels but also the New Testament those that are
spiritual and believe in Yeshua following the God of Abraham Isaac and
Jacob those are also called sons of God so in all the Bible angels the Messiah
Adam and born-again believers are called sons of God was the only definition that
we can get is Adam the Messiah and morning believers are called the sons of God so
which is it which one of these is it let’s walk through historian Philo says
this again we’re going to get some context that are now outside of the
Bible the Bible is not enough to convince us that the sons of God are
actually fallen angels then let’s go over to historian Philo and see what he
has to say from the first century Philo of
Alexandria was a deeply religious man he wrote in the first century a brief
treatise on this very subject he wrote a white paper on the subject called
concerning the Giants if you think that we’re the only ones that want to know
what Genesis 6 has to say i don’t think so every person every scholar and deep
thinker in a religious world that has the Bible edit as at its fingertips has
always wanted to know what is Genesis chapter 6 talking about what is this all
about Philo is no different he wants to know
what it’s talking about he writes a paper on it called the concerning the
Giants let’s see what he says basing his exposition on the greek
version of the Bible the situation he renders it as angels of god so Philo
renders it as angels ok now let’s move to Josephus Josephus
again first century Jewish historian says this and i quote for the tradition
is that these men did what resembled the acts of those men the Grecians called
Giants did you catch that the Greeks now we’re going to get into this interesting
topic in just a moment Josephus goes on to add that Noah
remonstrating with these offspring of the Angels for their villainy Josephus
goes on to add that Noah demonstrated with these offspring of the Angels for
their villainy bottom line Josephus says that the sons of God were
fallen angels that made it with the daughters of men so now we have
scriptural references in the book of joe and throughout the Tanakh telling us
that the sons of God or that are the the fallen angels that stood before God and accused mankind along with Satan their
ringleader and then you have Philo telling us that he believes that they’re
angels and we have Josephus telling us that he believes that there are angels
as well so the bottom line the sons of God were fallen angels so we have solved the very first problem
that we’re trying to solve and answering our question is out of the multiple
choice question of religious nobles sons of Seth for the fallen angels which one
is it clearly we have defined it as the Fallen Angels these were fallen angels
sons of God that maybe with daughters of men now let’s pick up the story and find
out now that we know the sons of God are we can move and find out the next part
of our journey that they ? is what are the methylene but you might be asking
yourself this question but doesn’t Yeshua say that angels don’t marry don’t
remember that he said that we go to the slide you’ll see the scripture in
Matthew chapter 22 verse 30 says this for in the resurrection they neither
talking about angels they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the
angels of god in heaven so when you die and in the resurrection comes and in the
New Jerusalem it says that they’re there is no marriage no one is given in
marriage but you’re like the angels of god in heaven so isn’t this a problem
with everything that i just set if the angels can’t marry then why does it say
that the sons of God married the daughters of men how can they be angels isn’t that a
contradiction wreak air filtration let’s read this again for the in the
resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the angels
of god in heaven this mentions the time period of after the Messiah comes back
and angels that are in heaven and mentions nothing of the Angels that fell
to earth you see once you’re inside heaven once
you’re inside the courts of the almighty i can assure you you play by his rules
you know when I was growing up it was very simple as a teenager if I wanted to
stay in my house I had to play by my daddy’s rules if I
didn’t want to play about my daddy’s rules guess what i can leave and then i
can make up my own rules and it seems real attractive and praise the lord I
never end up going down that road but i know that many people do when they grow
up and they decided you know I’d rather leave outside of my my dad’s rules and
they go and they have their own rules but inside their own rules now they
realize there’s responsibilities that they never had before well that’s exactly what’s happening
here the father had rules even in heaven there was instruction there was Torah
and the angels didn’t decided they did not want to follow those rules they were
cast out of heaven outside of the realm of Yahweh had one hundred percent
control of sent them to a realm that they were ruling over they were the ones
that now make up the rules and so this scripture that Yeshua is saying in
Matthew 22 does not apply to someone that does not live in the house of god
they’re living in their own house making up their own rules and that’s what we
see and how all the scriptures begin to melt together let’s continue let’s go back to Genesis chapter 64 and
now let’s begin to read and find out what these scriptures are talking about
the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of
God went to the daughters of men so now we we know their fallen angels when the
Fallen Angels went into the daughters of men and had children by them they the
children were heroes of old men of renown the King James Version actually
says Giants the hebrew word for nepheline here is we’re going to
discover is actually Giants it’s Strong’s number 5303 for those of you
that want to look it up i encourage you don’t believe me on anything of this
look it up for yourself it says Giants that’s the actual hebrew
word is methylene and what’s interesting is they actually left the Hebrew word
nepheline in the scriptures in many versions now here’s something on a
completely different side note that bothers me is that you see throughout
the Bible some of these words stay in Aramaic Greek or Hebrew and some of them
they interpret into English why is it that sometimes you see the
Hebrew word they leave in there like nepheline because they think it’s kind
of a proper name and it means Giants but with the name of God it never one single
time stays in its Hebrew form the most proper name in all of the scriptures in
the universe in fact gets translated as capital lorrd in our Bibles they do not
leave the name of God in its original form yet we leave the name of the giants
in their original form well that’s my little soapbox I’m going
to come back to the teaching now but that just have always bothered me the
Nephilim means Giants ok the root word now this is interesting is no fall no no
fall means in Hebrew to fall to lie be cast down to fail or reject ok so for
all intensive purposes the children of these fallen angels were cast down
failed rejects ok these were mutants if it’s for all
intensive purposes that’s exactly what the hebrew word is saying these are
mutants these are fit of fallen mutants children of the enemy children of the
Fallen Angels the nepheline are the mutant children from the sons of God and
the daughters of men now here’s an interesting picture once you look at
everybody knows a you know what this is centaur Greek gods or nepheline no I
want you to continue to look at that for just a second half beast half man okay now all of you that are out there
i’m sure some point in time you’ve seen Greek gods and goddesses on television you’ve watched the movie clash of the
titans you know probably both versions and and you know what I’m talking about here’s my question where they real where
the Greeks so brilliant to invent the most accurate clock known to mankind
that sciences today can’t even reproduce the accuracy of the lock that they found in the library of
alexandria that survived the fire but they are so ignorant and fanciful that
they make up stories of these giants and half-man half-beast and they promulgated
as fact to their children yet they are the intellectual philosophical giants of
the entire history of the world something doesn’t make sense i’m going
to propose to you suggest to you that they weren’t making it up that it wasn’t
fancy full it wasn’t bedtime stories for their children that these were real
objects of wrath that they encountered these were not just stories they were
real stories they match perfectly the definition of the progeny of the
sons of God that made it with the daughters of men and you’re gonna find
out how the half animal and half man came about as well in just a few minutes it gets even more interesting as we move
along some other names for the Nephilim for those of you that want to do a
follow-up study and you want to dig a little deeper into here it’s interesting
for you to learn that they were called the rough IM which is from the root rafa
which means spirits shades ok Genesis 14 5 they were also called
the honor came which is called the race of giants and the descendants of the
nepheline the e meme that mean the proud deserters the terrors or the race of
giants ok you also have the zoo zeem which are
called the evil ones in Genesis 14 5 the zamzuu means the evil plotters and
Deuteronomy 220 and the so phim are the Watchers descended angels ok that the
and so what we’re finding out is that there are multiple names for the Giants
and and since I’ve done this teaching I’ve even discovered which are going to
talk about just a few minutes that even some of the tribes in the land of Canaan
were actually full-blooded methylene by different names we’ll go over that just a moment the
plan of Satan what is the plan of Satan this this is where it gets very
interesting and how it relates to today you go to the slide says this the plan
of Satan is to genetically modify the DNA of man so that the line of the
Messiah would be polluted that is the plan of Satan to genetically modify the
DNA of man the plan if successful listen to this would prevent the Messiah from
coming and thus prevent the punishment of Satan and the fallen angels they knew
that they were fallin they knew that they would be judged they knew that
their time was limited and they knew that that the that the prophecy in
Genesis chapter 3i believe said that the Messiah would come from the loins of
woman so if they could alter and change the DNA of man it would completely one
hundred percent prevent the Messiah from ever coming on the scene and thus they
would completely get rid of Judgment Day Judgment Day couldn’t happen if Messiah
doesn’t come that was his game plan Yahweh made everything perfect so
Satan’s plan was just destroy everything that God made if you’re the enemy every
time that you look at something that’s perfect and complete and mature it makes
you think of Judgment Day it makes you think of Yahweh and you don’t want
anything of it so you’re going to destroy it and I’m gonna suggest that’s
exactly what his plan was to do so how does he do that by doing this by mixing
his DNA by mixing the seeds what is the number one thing that Yahweh
tells us to do do not mix the seat do not compromise do not take the truth and
tradition and move it together it will create the tree of knowledge of good and
evil and that’s what the enemy did in the garden he took a seed from the tree
of life he probably took his own seed and up came the tree of the knowledge of
good and evil a mixture you see we’re commanded not to mix the seeds Yahweh
made man in His image what is Satan trying to do the same
exact thing he’s trying to make man is him in his image this is ultimately a
battle in the heavenly realms for the creation of man the soul man the sons of God and their offspring
were corrupting everything bringing wickedness on the earth so when it says
that we looked at the earth me and Annie so how wicked it was he decided to
destroy the earth because of the wickedness that ensue but is it possible that the sons of God
created offspring that were giants to such a degree and literally they had
sons of God were polluting everything man women children and even the animal
kingdom everything that God made that had DNA they were infecting and
corrupting could it be that the reason why we had to destroy the entire Earth
was not because people were mixing marriages but because the DNA was being
corrupt and if it continued to go in that direction all of mankind will be
destroyed and then the line of the Messiah would be cut off from that
perspective doesn’t look like God’s mean got anymore does it it looks makes it look like a brilliant
strategic military strategy to save mankind from the Fallen Angels now could
this be the reason why God had destroy everything and start over it could or could not it’s just a theory
something to think about now let’s talk about this Genesis
chapter 6 verse 9 this is an interesting verse these are the generations of Noah
Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walk with God now
here’s the interesting thing does the word perfect here mean that he was
sinless let’s find out what the hebrew word for perfect gift because i think
you’re going to be very amazed at how this fits in with this theory about why
God had to destroy the earth to begin with the Hebrew word here is to mean to
me is strong 85 49 and get this this is what the word perfect means it means to
be complete whole and without blemish or defect this has very little to do with
no his behavior if you will and more to do I believe that he could be talking
about his DNA it could be talking about the mere fact
that Noah was perfect he was in a way very good he did and existed as Valley created him
to be from the beginning his DNA and not been changed he was perfect so here’s a problem we go
to numbers chapter 13 33 is the report of the ten spies okay it says and there we saw the Giants
the nepheline the sons of a knock which come of the giants which is the word
nepheline in Hebrew and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were
in their site so Jim what’s the problem okay i’m just reading numbers chapter 13
the problem is this the problem is this is after the flood so you may be asking
yourself now timeout i can buy the whole fact that the sons
of God fallen angels in the giants leading land they were corrupting the
earth God destroyed the DNA was was getting messed up and knowing his sons
were complete real human beings and so he saved them I get that then how are they show up how
did the neff liens show up again after the flood well it’s because we have to read the
scripture that talks about the Nephilim to begin with a little slower and we
begin to find out exactly why they end up back after the flood it’s very simple
because the sons of God went into the daughters of men both before the flood
and after the flood is what the scripture said we just assume that it’s
only before the flood the reality is it happened both times let’s go continue through the Scriptures
here and we’re going to discover the most popular nepheline that ever existed Goliath we know from 2nd Samuel 2116
through 22 and 1st chronicles 24 verse 8 that Goliath had four other brothers one
had a spearhead catch this that weighed seven pounds and one had six fingers and
six toes so let me ask you a question how many stones David pickup think about
this for a minute is gonna blow your mind how many stones did David pick up he
picked up five round smooth stones you know I I have to be honest I always
thought that David was a this man of faith to be this little boy
putting on you know this army goes out there was a slingshot to kill this
massive giant that is full of armor and has a sort little did I know how much faith David
would later become king of Israel the greatest King that ever lived how much faith you really had because
what do you think’s in the back of his mind he knows that Alliance has four
other brothers what if he takes down Goliath what’s the
next thing that all happen is for other brothers come running so he brings for
other stones think about that for a moment isn’t that amazing that David has
five stones for the five giants that are in the land he is incredibly confident
and unbelievably skilled or has an incredible amount of faith i might
suggest he has probably a little bit of both we see another giant in the scriptures this is a giant King Deuteronomy chapter
3 verse 11 for only odd king of Bashan remained the remnant of the Giants
behold his bedstead was a bed of iron is it not in ray bath of the children of
amen nine cubits was a length thereof and
four cubits was the breadth thereof after a cubit of a man you may not think
that that’s a big deal but watch this a cubit is approximately twenty image 20
inches is that that makes his bed approximately 15 feet long this is a bed of the king the kid that
the giant King of his area 15-foot law there are giants in the land ladies and
gentlemen there’s no wonder when the ten spies went over and they saw these
giants they felt like grasshoppers and they said there’s no way there is no way
that we can beat these guys they will just walk all over the top of theirs
even reports of them being 30 foot tall that’s an incredible human being if
there are 30 foot giants in the land and your five-and-a-half six-foot-tall you
are a grasshopper in their sights for sure watch this archaeology has discovered a
47-inch femur bone found in the Euphrates River Valley now your phrase
river valley is the valley of the of the Kings it is the valley where
Nebuchadnezzar a thought his armies ok and and all of these wars took place
in this valley reconstructing this countdown in Mount Blanco Texas and a
fossil museum they reconstructed found out that this human femur bone would
literally recreate a human being approximately fourteen foot tall and to
give you an idea how big that is this gentleman is standing and he could walk
right under the legs of this giant and the giant wouldn’t even have to duck
wouldn’t have to do anything and the person excuse me would not have to duck
he could just walk right underneath the legs of this giant if this is the case
and I checked this this out this is real this is not anything has been fabricated
they are real bones have been found like this and that proved that proposes a
problem for evolution number one because they say that we’re getting better and
we’re getting bigger and smarter and so on and so forth I this it seems to be showing the
opposite and we’re getting shorter if anything going from 15-30 foot to
14-foot to six foot tall average male alright let’s move into ancient jewish
writings and 135 ad it gets more interesting to find out if these real
Giants really did exist in 135 ad we have this written the wicked Emperor
Hadrian who conquered Jerusalem with great power grab by Johanna and ben
zakai said to him do not boast had been the will of heaven you have not
conquered it rabbi Johan and said then took Hadrian
into a cake now catch this he says that you think that that you that we this is
a really good deal that we beat these guys watch this he took them into a cave and showed him
the bodies of amer rights who were buried there one of them measured 18 cubits
approximately 30 feet in height he’s when we were deserving such men were
defeated by us but now because of our sins you have defeated you see that in
135 ad apparently there was a cave where they had bones of giants that were in
there and one of them was a 30-foot tall giant and his point was hey listen you
guys defeated as only because of our sins you did not defeat us because we
were incapable of defeating you Yahweh has helped us destroy men there were 30
foot tall if we can destroy them we can certainly
have destroyed you it’s our character that has made us lack
not our physical statute and as we go back to Genesis chapter 64 we’re going
to read this again and you’ll see why the giant show up on both sides of the
river if you will in verse 4 chapter 6 it says this the Nephilim or on the
earth in those days here’s the key phrase and also
afterwards when the sons of God went into the daughters of men and children
by them they were the heroes of old men of renown now they went in on both sides
of the day luge and that’s where these Giants come from Jude chapter 1 verse 6
says this and angels who did not keep their positions of authority but
abandoned their home these he has kept in darkness bound with everlasting
change for judgment on the great day now we assume that the bound darknesses
sitting in a dark corner somewhere but the Bible says Ted that we do not fight
against flesh and blood but we fight against the Prince and powers of this
present darkness you see the the enemy the fallen angels were sent out of
heaven into the spiritual realm where there was no light from Yahweh and so
from their perspective they are bound in darkness lading judgment but that
doesn’t mean that they don’t break wreak havoc in the process it means that they
are bounded from coming before the light and they’re now in the present darkness
so here’s the next question well if that’s the case and the sons of God with
fallen angels then where do evil spirits come from where do evil spirits come
from the ghost of the world if you will well they are the nefeli they are the
spirits of the dead Giants in my opinion they are
neither Angels nor men so because they are not human and they are not angels
bound in darkness they are roaming spirits there are the Roman spirits of
the Giants of all these are the spirits that you sure would have cast out of the
people put into the pigs is that when the when the giants and the nestling
died they had nowhere to go they can’t go to shield or to haiti’s because
that’s reserved for humans and they can’t certainly go into the netherlands
because that’s where the fallen angels are there neither divine nor human and
so they’re kind of stuck in the in-between lot of movies have been made
about that quite frankly they’re fairly accurate from this perspective the
occult what is the occult say about this the
occult tradition holds that which is the Satanic spiritualism the occult
tradition holds that now and then a Nephilim spirit will incarnated in human
form the souls of those who quit the body violently and most-pure so if
you’ve ever wondered why you see these uh you know these shows on television
you have haunted houses and ghosts and seems that that the ghosts tend to show
up or haunted houses to show up in houses where there was tremendous trauma
and murders typically that happened of innocent people well that is because according to even
that those that are in the satanic cult they believe that the Nephilim or the
giants that died they tend to manifest themselves whenever there is a traumatic
situation a pure innocent person gets murdered and that attracts them in the
spiritual realm to take over that particular spot and so they they
impersonates themselves if you will as those particular people that died again
there’s no way of knowing hundred percent sure but it makes sense and it’s
logical to me that is certainly a possibility if we move into the book of
excuse me knock we’re going to discover what Enoch believed about all of this enoch was the father of Methuselah who
lived to be 969 years old Genesis 524 says Enoch walked with God
that he was no more because God took him away Hebrews 11 5 says by faith Enoch was
translated that he should not see death and was not found because God had not
translated him give me that God had translated him for behold his trip
before his translation he had this testimony that he pleased God he did
what you always wanted him to do now in the book of Jude Jude actually quotes in
the book of Jude The Book of Enoch 114 says and Enoch also the seventh from
Adam prophesied of these saying behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of
his Saints now i only mention that to mention the fact that there is a book of
Enoch and apparently had some value to some of the new testament writers
because they’re quoting from it so if they thought it was her ethical in any
way shape or form they probably would not have quoted from it and so I I again
I only showing that to bring a little credibility because now i’m going to
open up the book of enoch and we’re gonna see what it says i’m not saying
that scripture I’m not even saying that it’s true but i think the contents of
that are going to fit this theory that I’m proposing to you and I think it’s
logical and it lines up so let’s get into it the book of enoch says that
there were 200 fallen angels that came down and not only took wives but they
corrupted the animals with their seed as well several Giants had visions they had
a vision of a stone tablet with all these names on it that went down into a
water into a deluge and came out in the only names that were left with the names
of Noah and his family members and then there was another vision where they had
200 trees this giant has a vision of 200 trees and they were all upgraded every
one of these trees were completely uprooted in the Book of Enoch it talks
about haces el and it says that there was a demon or excuse me a fallen angel
a giant that Nephilim excuse me called haces el any taught weaponry while
others taught the cutting of roots sorcery a reading of the stars and
cosmetics if you’ve ever wondered how is it possible that human beings back then
could actually tell things that were happening in the stars they could read
the Stars back then how did they discover all these medicinal remedies that were
enroute systems and herbs it would take a million years of trial and error
before you find out that this particular herb works with this particular disease
this particular theory says that it was actually the fallen angels and the
giants that disclosed this mystical information that was part of the
knowledge of the tree of good and evil i believe and that’s how we got all of the
technology that we had gotten that we received all the way back then whose
haces el interestingly enough as L was a half-goat and half man he was the head
demon ok that said to caused man to truly move away from God was half goat
and half-man now where did the idea of the half-goat
half-man come from i’m going to suggest to you that the Greeks are a hundred
percent right it was the gods that came down and that they considered gods came
down made it with women and the Beast they were trying to destroy all the DNA
and out came the giants that were human and out came the half goat and the
half-man and a half horse in the half-man and all of these mixed breeds
in between I believe personally that they were very real and that’s why we
have oz l and we actually find haces el in the scriptures so let’s ask the question here what
about aliens what about aliens aliens uh what are the
aliens i do they exist the right here in which is a sep tember 27th of 2010 ok
the united states air force this is a retired Air Force Commander says that on
CNN live September 27th they have been communicating with aliens for over 50
years and the government has been keeping them quiet on the matter at the
whole area 51 thing is very real they’ve just recently released most all of the
documents in area 51 and we’re finding out now than that in area 51 when they
found the original UFO they have have pictures of the computer parts that were taken out of
the alien spaceship I know this sounds crazy but this is just the fact you can
look it up for the cell they put it under a microscope and it looked like a
city within 18 months the microchip was invented within 18 months after Roswell
the microchip was invented and so the question becomes where did they find the
technology well it’s go is a coincidence that they
found a microchip that looks like a city i don’t know the UN just this year of
points and aliens are first time in history of the of the United Nations
muslin often you can look it up yourself has been appointed by the united nations
on sep tember 26 2010 to be the contact person for alien life forms the
government is finally coming out and in admitting that there is life that has
been contacting us that’s outside the human realm mrs. Hoffman is currently
head of the UN’s little-known office for outer space affairs are in noosa noosa
so here’s the question here’s the really the statement I want to get to is the
future really is the past everything that happened in the past again the
Bible says will happen in the future look at this Matthew chapter 24 verse 24
says this for false Christ’s and false prophets will appear and perform great
signs and miracles to deceive even the elect if that were possible so in the
end day ladies and gentlemen the Bible says it’s going to be before the Messiah
comes back is going to be as in the days of Noah those things really happen they
were very real remember when I talked about haces el
the half man and half goat you realize that on Yom Kippur in the Torah that
they would take two goats one of them was called the law on I goat and the
other one is called the law as L goat one goat got sacrificed to Yahweh that
was the law deny goat the other goat was let go and the in the high priest would
put his hands on the head of the Lauderdale goat house L goat and he
would confess all the sins that Israel then they would take the goat out to the
wilderness where as L was said to live because it was his fault that man fell
to the degree that it did and so all of the sins of Israel replaced on him and
he was supposedly lived out in the desert where did even yah we get the
term haces el is it interesting that in Greek mythology it’s the same name it’s because i believe their same person
and they actually did exist the Bible says at the end of time before
the Messiah comes back these things that happen in the days of Noah are going to
happen again now what does that mean am I saying that
they’re gonna be giants on the earth again and the sons of God are going to
come out what are the aliens I don’t know maybe the aliens that that are out
there that are contacting us in some way shape or form maybe those are the sons of God maybe
those are the fallen angels that have been restricted by God their wings if
you will have been destroyed they cannot travel there in darkness so being as
smart as they are maybe they made spaceships and so that’s how they’re
traveling back and forth I don’t know and I don’t need to go
often and kind of sound crazy but the reality is we know for a fact that they
exist we have we have pictograph writings on in almost every culture and
every time . of flying saucers they do exist the question is how does it happen at
the end days we shall find out and that’s why it’s important for us to
discover what the sons of God were what the daughters of men are and what the
Giants are because remember in the end days before the Messiah comes back it
says that these false Christ are going to come on the scene and they’re gonna
be so powerful and so full of miraculous heroes of renown they’re going to have
the ability to do things that no human has ever done before at the entire human
race follows them i can think of no other theory that seems to make sense to
me on how men fall away so quickly in the end days is it maybe the sons of God
come back again and these maybe they’ve already done that and maybe these Giants
are these nepheline come back and begin to lead ministry I don’t know but it’s important that we
understand the scriptures on this topic and i’ll leave you with this from the
very beginning it was said do not mix the seed so let me throw this out to you the moral of all of this is great and
fine to learn all of these things but the morale of this entire teaching is
this we cannot compromise the Word of God when Yahweh says to do something we
do it we do not say we do not question it we do not look into it we obey because
he sees things that we don’t and Adam would not have sinned and any he was not
deceived in that tree that was mixed would have never found itself into our
lives today ladies and gentlemen it is time that we get back to the truth
because the truth can only do one thing and that set us free the sons of God with the Fallen Angels
let us not be the sons of God that taste of the truth and the goodness of Elohim
of Yahweh himself and then walk away and begin to compromise and mix the word of
god the traditions and doctrines of men let us be the sons of Noah that know the
truth that rely on the truth regardless of what the world says so that we too
might be saved when the end of time comes in the Messiah returns thank you for spending time with us is
I’m Jim Staley with passion for truth ministries god bless