It’s beginning to get really boring, it’s
like whoever wants to get famous or make a name for themselves the first thing they do
is go ahead and make a video on youtube about the evil side of Islam or the evil prophet
of War “Islam the religion of Peace – Allahu – FAIL” And I understand that you’re a minority and
there’s not that many people like you that are as ignorant and as close minded as you
are and I could let the dislikes do the talking for me, but just incase anyone takes you a
bit too seriously I think it’s best I educate the people. Jesus Versus Muhammad, Peace be upon them
both because both of them are Prophets of Islam and for that reason I will respect both
as they are the best of men to have walked this Earth. In regards to your first allegation of Prophet
Muhammad (pbuh) marrying a minor. All I can say is that Islam is the only religion to
actually prohibit the marriage of minors who have not reached the age of puberty. The truth
is in different times, in different places, in different contexts, the age for marriage
varies, even in US States, you have states that allow 13, 14 and 15. What age do your
recommend? It varies. And since this is Jesus v Muhammad, let us
compare it with the context of Jesus, with none other than the best of women to have
walked this Earth – Mary, the mother of Jesus. (According to the Bible) She got married to
Joseph who was 90 years old when she was only 12 years old. You have to understand there
is nothing wrong with this as in different context and at different times and places,
people mature and develop differently. You cannot simply compare the time and place
of Muhammad (pbuh) to the time and place we are living in now. Today we have iPhones,
air conditioners and electric heaters, while in the time of Muhammad (pbuh) they were in
the middle of the desert. You cannot simply compare the two. And another thing to note, is that Muhammad
(pbuh) has been criticised ever since the time of Prophethood for an entire 1400 years,
but it wasn’t until 1905, that the issue of his marriage with Aisha (r.a) became an issue.
Why was this? Because it was an absolute norm. They had developed faster, matured faster
and weren’t like the women of today. The next issue of multiple wives that you
brought up. Firstly read your bible, Abraham. How many wives did he have? 2 – Sarah and
Hajar. Prophet Solomon – 700 wives and 300 concubines. The issue of multiple wives is
a famous criticism but if you put the pieces to the puzzle they don’t match, if Muhammad
(pbuh) wanted all these wives to fulfil his desires, it doesn’t make sense when the tribe
of his time offered him the best of women, the most beautiful and fancy of women, but
he rejected them. It really doesn’t make any sense. It’s also important to note that out
of all of his wives, all of them were ex-divorcees or widows, except for one. This is not a man
who is chasing after his desires, it is a man who cares about women who will be left
with no one else to take care of them, it is a man who cares about the importance of
community and looking after one another. And also another very important thing to note
is that Islam actually prohibits the marriage to more than one wife. If you are incapable
of catering physically, financially and mentally to more than one wife you are prohibited.
And even still, if you are capable, you have the financial means and you are physically
capable to cater to more than one women you are prohibited if you do not know how to deal
justly with them. And since you brought up the issue of adultery,
I’m going to let you know that 30-60% of couples in the US, actually fall into adultery. “You
are not the Father” – FAIL. I think you should have a problem with the
actual issue of adultery in itself, I mean Tiger Woods wife ran after him with some Golf
clubs, what does that say. And the actual punishment for adultery in Islam, has rarely
ever been implemented due to the sheer amount of evidence needed to prove a case of adultery.
On so many instances a man would come to Prophet Muhammad and say “I have committed adultery”,
Prophet Muhammad would say to him “Get away from me, you’re a mad man, there’s something
wrong with you”. The same man came back and said “I have committed adultery, I want to
get the punishment”. The whole purpose of the punishment for adultery isn’t to punish
people, but to deter them away from adultery. So if you knew such a punishment existed you
would run away from the act. Another thing you mentioned, Jihad. And as
much as you say the bible doesn’t have verses on Jihad… “After Church today, pull out
your bibles and look up Psalams 137, and you would see that our own texts that would make
us feel uncomfortable”. And Islam teaches Jihad too. And we don’t shy away from this.
Contrary to what you said “War waging Muhammad was never persecuted…” WE WERE PERSECUTED.
The companions of Muhammad were tortured severely. Sumaiya, a female companion of Muhammad (pbuh)
had a spear driven through her private part, simply because she believed in Allah, the
One God. Bilal, the first black man to accept the message
of Islam. He was an Ethiopian slave, he accepted the message of Islam and he was given rights
at a time when there were no rights for these people. Even in USA, these people were not
even given rights until 100 years ago, black people were not even considered human beings.
So after many years of forbearance, after many years of persecution, after many years
of torture, finally Allah had given permission to Muhammad (pbuh) to fight. Sure we can turn
the other check, but that would only result in a whole lot of dead Muslims. So Islam gave them the rights to stand up
for themselves, as it says in the Quran, “Fight for the sake of the oppressed from the men,
women and children”. And Islam even made responsibilities on everyone participating in war. You do not
hurt the trees, you do not hurt the elderly, the children, the women. Where are your ethics
of war, like we have ethics of war? “I have two words for you… Predator Drones”. The children in Libya, cannot even turn the
other cheek, because their cheek is blown up from your drones. And lastly you want to talk about his death… Yes his final words were “Do not turn my grave
into a place of worship”. Because he didn’t want people to start worshipping him. the
message of Islam, was never to turn Muhammad into a God or praise him excessively. When
Muhammad (pbuh) died the companions couldn’t walk, they couldn’t speak, they couldn’t talk
with one another, they were so shattered, some of them had to even deny he was even
dead, because they couldn’t believe it, it was too much for them to grasp. And you want to come out and make a mockery
of his death. Shame on you. In our religion it is prohibited, 100% prohibited
to make a mockery of anyone else’s belief. Shows what values you have. For everyone else who had to watch this, I
apologise we had to go through all this. But we really have to show who Muhammad (pbuh)
really was. He was nothing like what they say, rather he was the best of men to walk
this Earth, and if you read his book for yourself, read his life, read his Seerah (biography),
you will see for yourself.