This week we are talking about some of the shocking sound bites that came from our Savior, Jesus. One time there was a man who came to Jesus and asked, “Are there only a few people going to be saved?” And in response Jesus said this, He said “Make every effort to
enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell
you, will try to enter and will not be able to.” Jesus is sort of known for saying, and Christianity is sort
of known for teaching that the door to heaven is narrow. In fact that there’s just one way in, and that way, that door, is Jesus. To a lot of people today that statement is not only shocking, it’s very upsetting. We would much rather want to believe that there are many doors to get into heaven, and that anyone that would try, would ultimately succeed. We’d much rather believe
that whether a person is Christian or Jewish of Muslim or Hindu or even just spiritual but not really even religious at all, that as long as they try
their best to be a good person they’ll ultimately get in. And we’d like to think that
if heaven were like that heaven would be more wide open, and more people would get in. But believe it or not,
just the opposite is true. In fact, I want you to
picture a new restaurant opening up in a city that
everyone is talking about and everyone wants to go to. It has great food, fantastic atmosphere, reasonable prices and
so everyone wants to go and thankfully, this
restaurant has many doors. There are doors on the
front of the building, there are doors on both
sides of the building. There are all kinds of
ways for people to get in. And yet this restaurant
that you’re picturing is located in the American South, back in the early 1960’s. And so in the front
window of that restaurant there’s a sign that says, “Whites only.” Are there lots of different ways to get into that restaurant? Sure. Does that mean that everyone
is welcome and can get in? Obviously not. In the very same way, we’d
maybe like to think that heaven would have many different doors and anyone who tries their
best to be a good person should get in and we’d maybe
think that would open heaven for more and more people. But really just the opposite is true. Really, we would be
making heaven sort of like that restaurant. Sure, there might be lots of
different ways to get in, but ultimately there would be a sign hanging in the front window. The sign wouldn’t say “white people only”. The sign would say “good people only”. The implication, of course, being that all the bad
people would be left out. And that’s an especially scary thought when we think a little
bit about which of those two groups we really belong in. In fact let me ask, when it comes to God’s first
and greatest commandment, to love Him above all things, to always put Him ahead of everything and everyone else in our life, where do you fall? Good or bad? When it comes to God’s
second great commandment, to love your neighbor as yourself, to always put other
people and their interests ahead of your own, where do you fall? Good or bad? The reality is that if heaven
is only for good people then absolutely no one would qualify. Absolutely everyone would get left out. In contrast, because there
is just one door to heaven, and because that door is Jesus there are absolutely no
requirements to get in. There are no standards
that need to be met, there are no expectations
that we need to live up to instead, God simply says that we need to put our trust in Jesus. The one person who not only tried His best to be a good person, but who actually succeeded
at being perfect. Put our trust in Jesus, the
person who took on himself all the bad things that all the bad people in all the world, including you and me, and took those on Himself and
carried them to the cross. Yes, the door to heaven is narrow, but because that door is Jesus, it means that there’s absolutely
no one in all the world who fails to qualify to get in. Yes, that door is narrow but it is also wide open. Let’s pray. Dear Jesus, we know that the door to heaven is narrow, in fact it is closed, apart from you. We thank you that even
though we are the last people who deserve to get
in, You have made that door wide open through Your
life and death for us. In Your name we pray, Amen. You maybe know of someone
who thinks that heaven is only for good people and
because of what they’ve done maybe the door to heaven is closed. This would be a great
video to share with them, to let them know because of Jesus, that door to heaven is
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