There are any number
of places we could look in the Bible through Jesus’ ministry, and I want to take you to one today: the story of Jesus interacting
with the Samaritan woman at the well. Well, Jesus, as you saw,
makes a personal connection with the woman. He asks her, “May I
have a drink of water?” Now if you’re a parent like
me, you probably remember when your kids were small,
going to bed in the middle of the night, and I remember my daughter, hearing this little voice
calling from down the hall, “Daddy, daddy, I want a drink of water.” Well, she might have been
thirsty, but chances are, she was looking in the
middle of the darkness and uncertainty of
nighttime for a connection, a reassurance, a relationship
with me or my wife that goes beyond providing
those physical needs. That’s the action that Jesus has here. Behind that simple request
for a drink of water, is an invitation to a relationship. That’s how Jesus begins to
minister to the least of these. He reflects the woman’s dignity. He sees her as an equal
person in conversation. And look at the impact. When Jesus begins to talk to her this way, she moves from being a victim to an agent of change in her community. She goes from being
marginalized and shunned to telling the whole
community about Jesus, and through her, the
opportunity to make change, to share the transformation
that Jesus has offered.