At the end of the
Bible book that he wrote, John has this interesting little statement that he throws in there. He says that, he supposed, that if he would write down everything that Jesus ever did and said, it would probably fill
more than there are books in the entire world. Now, that is an incredible
thing to think about. Don’t you wonder the other
things that Jesus did? Well, other things that
we do have recorded that Jesus did, some of the most famous
things are His miracles. So this week, we’re going to talk about some of the most famous
miracles that Jesus performed, and think about… Well, what do these mean for me today? So let’s start with maybe the easiest one, one of the more famous ones is actually His first miracle, when Jesus turned water into wine. You can find that story
in John chapter two if you want to read it sometime. So quick summary here, Jesus and His first four disciples, go to a village in northern
Israel called Cana, they go to a wedding reception. Well, when they arrive, Jesus’ mother, Mary, tells them, “Well there’s no more wine”. That might sound like no big deal, but understand in those cultural days, this was a big deal because
wedding celebrations weren’t just a few hours, they would last up to an entire week. This was a catastrophe, so to speak, for their celebration. So Jesus told some of the servants, to take these big six stone jars, and to fill them with water. Maybe about 120 to 180
gallons worth of water. So then they drew this water, and they took it to the
headmaster of the banquet, and sure enough, it was wine and not just any wine, it was really, really good choice wine. This is an incredible thing to think about how Jesus would do this and there’s some very
good take home points that easily come to mind. First of all, God is so good in graciously providing for us. Again, this would have been, sort of an embarrassment for the bride and groom
and their families, maybe even a sign of poverty, to run out of wine at their
own wedding celebration. And so not only did Jesus provide, but point two, pours open the floodgates of blessings. Maybe some 750 bottles or so of wine, and again, really, really good wine. But there’s one more point that we really don’t want to
overlook with this miracle. And I’ll say that a lot this week, there’s a lot of things that Jesus has with the miracles that are very personal touches, very specific points that He is making. So as we read at the
beginning of this chapter, we actually see that they
went there on the third day, it says. Well, that might seem like
an insignificant detail, but we have to understand,
Peter, Andrew, James and John, this was their second
day of being a disciple. They probably had all kinds
of questions swirling like, “What am I doing here?, “I dropped everything to follow Jesus. “Is He even worth following?” Well, sure enough, they go to this wedding and Jesus performs this miracle, and guess who knew about it? It wasn’t the bride and groom, It wasn’t all the people at
the reception at the party. It was a few servants, his mother, Mary, and Peter, Andrew, James and John. And so the story concludes by saying this, You see this specific point, for His disciples and for us, is that with this miracle, Jesus was just starting to open the door, to reveal His glory and
show who He really is, our Almighty powerful God. So come back this week, as we talk about miracles and we see who our powerful
Savior Jesus really is. Do you have a favorite miracle that Jesus performed that
really touches your heart? Share it in the comments below so that we can hear from one another and, who knows, maybe it’ll make the list of miracles we talk about this week. So come back tomorrow and join us for the rest
of this wonderful week.