“Lord, don’t you care? “Lord, save us.” Ever have thoughts like that before? “God, why aren’t you paying attention? “Don’t you know what’s
going on in my life? “Why won’t you do something, God?” These are the kinds of thoughts that we hear from the disciples today. They’re on the Sea of Galilee again. They’re in a boat, and
as is prone to happen because of the geography and topography, a storm suddenly rose up. And the storm was so bad
that these disciples, some of them experienced fishermen, they thought they were going to drown. The water was coming in the boat, and there’s Jesus in the
back of the boat sleeping. “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” (sighs) That’s a pretty hefty accusation. “Jesus, don’t you care about us?” Well, Jesus had a full
sermon for these disciples in just a few short words. He stood up in the boat and
said, “Quiet, be still,” And the winds and the waves obeyed, and they died down and the storm stopped. And then he looked at them, and here’s what Jesus said, You know, sometimes people
really stretch this story, and they make it into one big parable or allegory for their lives, “Jesus will calm all the
storms of your life.” Well, okay, fine. Jesus flexes his divine muscles here, and he helped them and he can help us too. We get that, but I want you to think bigger picture with this story here. Look at these words that Jesus spoke. Again, spoke just like in the beginning
when God spoke. He said, “Let there be
light,” and there was light. Created the whole
universe just by speaking. This is the same God who said, “Be still,” and the winds and the waves obeyed here. The same God who said, “Get up,” and a dead person rose as we’ll hear in just
a few days this week. And so I want you to think
that this is the same God, the same Jesus who hung
from a cross and said, “It is finished,” and it was. All your sins, all your
wrongs were paid for. Your guilt was erased. The doors of Heaven opened. Eternal life won for you. You see when God speaks, things happen. We don’t have a God who simply dozes off, who doesn’t care, who doesn’t know what’s
going on in your life. And so he says to you today, “Why are you so afraid?” The same God who said
all those other things is the same God who
also says in the Bible, “Truly, I’m with you always.” Or, “Never will I leave you. “Never will I forsake you.” When our God speaks, it always happens just as he says. Yes, we see today in this
miracle, Jesus, who is true man. He was tired. He was sleeping, but we also see Jesus as true God, the Almighty One, who has
power over Heaven and Earth. And that my friends is your Jesus, true God and true man and truly your Savior. Can you think of a time in your life when you’ve been totally afraid like the disciples in the story today? What did you do? Was there a Bible verse
that you turned to? Maybe share the story below. Share the verse that helped you, so that you can help us, encourage us too. So come back again tomorrow as we talk more about the
miracles that Jesus performed.