– And we’re gonna talk about it all week
– Yes (laughter) – Cause, I think we’ve, you know Jesus never leaves us without hope. – Yes, So true. – And the grace that he’s got for us to walk out this life
– Yeah. – is freely given to us, so we’re gonna we’re gonna learn some things
– [Natalie] Yes. – This week and I’m excited about it because, um, I think we’ve all been there in that pit of despair
– [Alex] Yep. – And David, you know, is
[Group] Yeah probably all of our heroes
[Group] Yes (Laughter) – You know, one of our
great heroes of the Bible – Yes
– Yeah – And if he didn’t go
through depression and panic I don’t know who did
[Alex] That’s exceptional – You know, and then there was Jesus Who shed
[Alex] Yes, Yeah – Great drops of blood
– Yes – If that’s not a panic attack – I don’t know what is and he took it for us so just like any kind of
other sickness or disease [Group] Yep. – Jesus paid it all.
– That’s right. – And so, we’re gonna talk about it and it’s gonna be good
[Natalie] Gorgeous – I love you
[Alex] Yeah – You guys, you guys look so pretty [Group] Aww (laughter) – Beautiful.