Peace be to you. Muslims often challenge the
Christians with this question: Where did Jesus say, I am God or worship Me? The fact of the matter is this: If Jesus is
God, then Islam is proven a false religion and thus, Mohammad is merely another false
prophet who deceived his followers. In fact, the root cause for the Muslims to disbelieve
Jesus Christ is God, lies not with Him. But the Father Yahweh has not drawn them to follow
Jesus Christ is God. In John 6 : 44, Jesus said: No man can come
to me unless the Father who sent me shall attract him, and I will raise him at the Last
day.” AEV. Christians have proved that Jesus Christ did
claim that He is God Almighty or He says, Worship Me. But Muslims continue to follow
Islam despite it promotes Qibla idolatry which Jesus Christ did not prostrate towards Mecca
specifically. Firstly, Jesus Christ said to the Jews: Amen,
amen, I say to you, Before Abraham was, I AM (HaYah).” AEV John 8 : 58. Before Abraham existed,
Jesus Christ had said: I Am, which in Hebrew, is HaYah. Exodus 3 : 14 And Elohim said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou
say unto the children of Israel, I AM, or HaYah has sent me unto you. ‘
HaYah in Hebrew is, the first person singular imperfect form and is usually translated in
English Bibles as “I am”, or “I will be”. Yahweh is the third person singular form of
HaYah, which means self existent or eternal. Secondly, Jesus Christ said: All whatever
that the Father has, is mine: on this account I have said to you, That of mine He (The Spirit
of Truth) will take, and will show you. ‘ AEV John 16 : 15.
Lord Jesus Christ claimed that He owned all words of His Father and that the Spirit of
Truth will take whatever words belong to Him and show to His disciples. For example, when Jesus Christ owns all words
of His Father, then His Father will be speechless. If the words remain with the Father, Jesus
Christ should have said that the Spirit of Truth will take whatever from His Father instead
of, That of Mine He will take . As Yahweh does not change with time, then the nature
of Jesus Christ and Yahweh are the same since the beginning of time. When Jesus Christ said: I am the Son of Elohim,
in John 10 : 36, He invoked the Law of Yahweh Elohim which He spoke in Psalms 82 : 6, “I
have said: Ye are Elohim and all of you are Sons of the Most High.” The honorable title
of Son of Elohim, means Elohim based on the precedent law in Psalms 82 : 6. In short,
Jesus Christ said: I am the Son of Elohim in John 10:36 which means I am Elohim, based
on Psalms 82 : 6. Thirdly, Jesus Christ said: I and my Father
are One, and He further claimed that My Father is in Me and I am in My Father, based on John
10 : 30 and John 10 : 38 respectively. Jesus Christ never said My Father is Me and I am
the Father, neither did He said I and My Father are Two Gods. This further supports the fact
that whatever the Father has spoken, it belongs to the Son since they are One.
Jesus Christ requoted from Isaiah the Prophet: This people with the lips honour me, but their
heart (is) very far from me. But in vain they reverence or worship me, while they teach
the doctrines of the commandments of men.” AEV Matthew 15 : 8 – 9. To conclude, Jesus Christ claimed “I AM GOD” based on John 10 : 30 “I and My Father ARE One”, and He said, Worship Me, in Matthew 15 : 8 – 9. As a matter of fact, when Apostle Thomas called
Jesus in John 20 : 28, My Lord and My Elohim, He did not rebuke Thomas for blasphemy but
commended him for the faith after seeing Him. The Holy Spirit of Truth has come to all Christians
to guide them in all truth as promised by Lord Jesus Christ in John 16 : 13 – 14. The
Holy Spirit is He who glorifies Jesus with the honorable titles that the Father had bestowed
to Him since Jesus spoke in Psalms 2 : 7 and Psalms 82 : 6.
Based on the scriptural evidence, Jesus Christ did claim He is God and He did accept worship
from Apostle Thomas and from His other disciples. Shalom.