Youtubers are rallying to help Jesus Christ,
yes, his real name is jesus Christ. He’s not literal biblical jesus Christ,
he’s a youtuber with close to 800 thousand subscribers who is losing custody of his children. We don’t know a whole lot about this custody
battle, but I’m going to tell you everything we do know, right now on IO. Welcome back to IO, where we talk about whats
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to you. There’s a video that’s going viral on
youtube right now, and it caught my attention, and whenever there’s a youtuber that needs
help, I try to use this platform to spread the word. Youtube can be a pain in the ass, but when
it comes to the community rallying for a good cause, it’s a pretty powerful thing. So here’s some back story. Jesus was part of a religious organization,
also known as a cult. Through youtube, jesus was able to learn the
truth about the organization that he dedicated his life to. Since then, He’s become a pretty popular
that plays up the jesus Christ character. He doesn’t necessarily mock jesus, he makes
these lighthearded videos under the character of jesus Christ. I think I’ve watched his video, pep talk
with jesus, a few times now and it makes me feel oddly better. But recently, Jesus seems to be going through
something pretty terrible. In a teary eyed video posted to his channel,
called I need your help, jesus pleads with his audience for help. Jesus has 3 children, but he’s losing custody
of his children, who he says are still under control of the religious cult. He says He needs help to pay for his lawyer
because the retainer has run out, and he needs to pay for a court ordered 730 psych evaluation
for he and his kids. He didn’t say too much, obviously this is
a legal issue so theres not a whole lot that he can say. He plans on doing a reddit ask me anything,
u/socalchrist where you guys can ask questions and he will answer them if his lawyer says
he can. But the thing is, this lack of clarity, and
the fact that jesus was very vague about this ongoing issue, has led to people distrusting
him and his motives. A lot of people were saying that this might
have been a scam, and people are right to question it. I mean, its difficult to trust people you
don’t know on the internet. But as far as we can tell, jesus is genuine,
Pewdiepie gave jesus a shout out in his recent pew news segment. and I mean pewdiepie is usually a good source
when it comes to scams. I doubt he would tell his 80 million subscribers
to donate to a scam. You should also know that very few crowdfunding
campaigns end up being scams. Scams work out to be less than one percent
of all the campaigns that are launched. If they are ever found out to be scams, the
money will be returned and legal action will be taken. If you guys are interested in donating to
his patreon, check out the link that’s posted in the description. And you can also help for free by subscribing
to his channel and watching the video. That is all I have for you on that, im going
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