Jesus Christ is not just a convenience.
You cannot use Jesus for your own purposes. Jesus Christ is Lord, He is
Master, He is the way, He is the truth,He is the life. Without Jesus we can do
nothing. Jesus Christ is God. He is kind, He is merciful and He accepts everyone
who calls on Him but if, we turn away from Him; if we deny Him, then He will
certainly also deny us. We cannot use Jesus when it suits us. We either serve
Him with all our heart, and we obey Him, we give him the honor and the glory that
is due to him and we follow him every day, or else we are not suitable for His
kingdom. Jesus will say to many believers who once knew him, He will say to them:”Go
away, I never knew you.” In their time of need
they went to Jesus, they experienced His love and His kindness, but then they
turned away from Him. We cannot apply Jesus as we please. Without Jesus we can
do nothing. It is either everything or nothing;
either Jesus is our Lord and Master or He is nothing to us. If we disobey,
disregard and deny Jesus Christ we will not enter His kingdom. Many believers thought that they could play around with Jesus. They came to Him in their need and
He answered their prayers, He helped them, but then they turned away from. Him. Many
experienced the joy of His presence and then they went back to sin,
and now they are in darkness. They cry out to Him and he does not answer
because they are not serious. You cannot play around with Jesus. You
cannot use Him at your convenience. Serve Him with all your heart or else you will
not enter His presence, you will not enter His kingdom. He is kind to those
who come humbly before Him, but He is like a stone to those who want to use
Him. Humble yourself before Jesus, seek Him with all your heart and you will
experience his love and his kindness. Do not play games with Jesus because you
will find yourself outside in utter darkness. May Jesus bless you. Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real. I am here to introduce you to Jesus
Christ so that you can know Him and follow Him and have eternal life.
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