Lord Give us Your Word now And speak clearly to our hearts Lord, we need You We need to hear from Heaven And we’re trusting in You now in Jesus’ Name Amen Getting ready For the end of all things 1 Peter 4, beginning in verse 7 But the end of all things is at hand Now that’s pretty blunt He gets up before his people and in his letter he writes The end is coming And said “Be ye therefore sober and watch unto prayer And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves For charity shall cover the multitude of sins” Thank You Jesus 2 Peter 1:14 He has just announced  “The Lord has shown me that” “I’m going to die” “The Lord has shown me that my time has come” And so he comes to the people now As a dying man He comes as if to say  I’m soon going to be with my heavenly Father I’m soon going to be with Christ So I’m going to give you my final word He said “I want you to know the end of all things is at hand” It’s right at hand You say, well that was written 2000 years or so ago But folks if it was true then It’s all the more true now That the end of the very last of the last days And he said I’m gonna tell you what God expects  And what He wants of you I’m gonna tell you how to become secure I’m gonna tell you how to prepare For the end times And he says nothing about the economy He says nothing about the loss of houses and lands He says nothing about where to put your money Nothing about safe havens Do you see why Peter goes with this message? He says first of all be sober In other words, don’t panic  That’s his first advice No matter what happens And there’s many Christians right now who are in panic Who have believed and testified all their lifetime That the Lord was their Keeper We sing Yahweh Yireh We sing all these wonderful songs about  How good God is and now He’s gonna keep us in the hard times And there is a human nature in us that  Responds and we have to bring it under the Word We have to bring it under the control of faith But he’s saying “Be sober first of all” And then second he says “Go to prayer” He said, you wonder why you’re confused You wonder why you’re in turmoil You wonder why you’re in panic And you’re not sober in these times And he’s saying, the worse it gets, the blacker the night The more you should be walking in soberness  And in the peace and in the rest of the Holy Ghost That’s what he says, as hard as that sounds “That’s what I’m telling you God told me before He takes me Home” “I’m telling the Church of Jesus Christ” “In my day and in the days to come” “There are gonna be hard and difficult times” And Peter describes those times  Mockers and scoffers are going to come There are gonna be those preaching deception in our churches There are going to be preachers of covetousness  And materialism He goes on to describe all of those things that are coming And he says “don’t panic!” “Be at peace about it” And then he says “go to prayer” And folks that is where I go everytime Fear tries to rise in my spirit Everytime there’s another news report that seems To just be overwhelming  I go to the Lord, I go to my knees  And that’s the answer to all of the stress problems I just saw in the Wall Street journal yesterday  That all of the Wall Street now They have a whole hour  And many of the corporate leaders are into yoga And into Chinese mantras And they are trying to calm their stress And in some offices now it’s mandatory That you go and take yoga so that you can calm yourself But folks, we have a Saviour  We have a promise And we are going to be a testimony that we know how to handle stress We’ve got a little room we go into It’s called the secret closet Tell that to the world Here’s the world looking at crystals hoping Beams will come out of these crystals And there are people doing yoga and quoting Chinese mantras that they don’t know what means Then you tell them you have a secret closet  Where you go and you come out strong And they are going to say You’re crazy! Stupid! What do you mean as secret closet? What do you know about yoga? I’ve got Somebody that takes all my stress away King of kings I meet Him, right in that room You mean you meet God? Yes We meet God in the secret closet of prayer And above all things Above all things, above all preparations Above everything you think about how to survive In the end times He said I’m gonna give you a word, this is the issue And you have to deal with this And this is mind boggling at first He says, above all things Have fervent, on fire, mercy and love For your brothers and sisters What he’s saying is, if you want to really know what survival is about If you know where God is taking His people You have to have this unconditional love for your brothers and sisters Where race has no barrier Knowing that this church has over 100 nationalities Of all colors and all nations And I want you to know this church is under attack for that very reason Many times, we wouldn’t be under attack if we were just All white or all black or all Hispanic There are churches like that, thank God for them But this is a special thing that God is doing here in New York City and has done A hundred or more nationalities loving one another Without racial prejudice The reason for this is because this kind of love Covers a multitude of sins What you’re saying what God is about to do cannot happen It will be hindered, unless these things are dealt with in the Body of Jesus Christ Anything of prejudice, any member of the Body of Christ Now we can’t forgive those who sin against God We can’t forgive those sins We can’t cover those sins But He said “I can’t move” The Holy Spirit is going to come in a great rain upon this earth It can’t happen in a church, it can’t happen among a people Where there are those who are holding grudges  When there are those who say they love one another But they can come and they can worship They say I’m a part of the Body of Jesus Christ And yet they come week after week and they have not forgiven They have not forgiven somebody who hurt or wounded them They have not hurt, they have not resolved this issue It just stays there day after day and week after week And in the Bible says we are not only to forgive but we are to cover The sins of those who sinned against us And there are those sitting in this church now And I say it with love and compassion I’m telling you this will hinder what God is going to do in the church It’s gonna hinder what He wants to do in your life and in your home This has to be dealt with, is there anyone that You have a difficult time forgiving You say “well I’ve forgiven but I can’t forget”  Well then you haven’t forgiven The Bible says that this love that God expects of us  Is so vast, is so all en-compassing He said “you not only forgive but you do everything you can to cover their sin” Don’t broadcast And this is what happens Somebody raises us, someone wounds us, someone rejects us And we tell it everywhere, we get on the phone I just have to get this off of my heart You’ll never know what they did to me And we name names and we name places And we go down deep into this pit  And then we say I’m only telling you this so you can pray with me I’m only telling you this because I’m concerned about them! And they may lose the touch of God! For what they did to me You should be more concerned about whether you lose the touch of God Because you didn’t cover the sin Peter is talking about, he is seeing something coming  And he wants the Church to be ready If all you want is for God to give you food and shelter Now as a father I want that for my children and grandchildren And I want Him to provide all my physical needs He has promised to do that You see, Peter didn’t go there He didn’t go there by advice or on physical preparations He didn’t go there because, you see, he knew poverty  He knew what is like to not have a cent, a shekel  In his pocket because the only money he had at times Came out of a fish’s mouth This man had one change of clothes He had one pair of sandals This man had proven God’s faithfulness so  That wasn’t an issue with him That he can’t even imagine Christians not believing That the Lord will provide I’ve been down that way He said “this is the preparation I want you to talk about” “I want you to focus on” “There is an issue here” I want you to look into your heart You’re gonna love even your enemies as Scripture says Jesus didn’t give advice on how to prepare physically Other than, in Jerusalem when you see the armies coming Flee from Jerusalem You don’t find Him that way He says “don’t give any thought about tomorrow” “Because is going to take care of itself” “I’m gonna take care of you” Don’t worry about what you’re gonna eat, what you’re gonna drink or how you’re gonna be clothed Don’t give it any thought You won’t find Jesus going there You won’t find Peter going there The apostle Paul doesn’t go there They had proven God You have proven God already You have proven God faithful up to this hour He has never failed you yet He has brought you out of every situation  He’s taking care of you financially You are not in poverty, you have a roof over your head Your food on your table And He’s gonna see you through He said there is a great rain coming You find that all through the New Testament You find it in the Prophets especially  There is a prophecy in the Old Testament That there’s been a former rain and there is a latter rain The Bible talks about two rains And Moses told Israel He said that there can be no harvest unless there is a latter rain The first rain, the early rain came in the spring Before the harvest, before the full grain of corn  There has to be another rain It’s called the latter rain Moses said there’s an early rain but there can be no harvest Until there is a latter rain Here’s the Scripture He will give you the rain in your land in due season The first and the latter rain So you may gather in the corn, the wine and the oil He said you’re gonna have a rain That ripens the harvest Beloved The early rain came at the Pentecost in the upper room That was the rain that watered the seed of the Word That watered the message of Jesus Christ And it began to grow and spread But now folks, in the last days when the world is trembling and gross darkness Covers the world There is no way Jesus would come without… Now He can come at any moment But He promises there will be a latter rain And He says “ask rain” in the time of the latter rain We are to ask rain the prophet said You to believe God and ask Him And believe that this latter rain Is promised in the Scripture and that is to come The prophet Zachariah saw the outpouring of the Spirit In the last days He said “ask ye the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain And the Lord shall make bright clouds And He will give you showers of rain And everyone shall have grass in their field” Everyone shall have grass, there’s going to be a harvest He said the field is gonna be ripe Jesus said they’re white unto harvest Now satan knows this He knows what it is written in the Scripture He knows that there’s a tremendous, incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit  Before the harvest And he is going to come against the Church of Jesus Christ  Knowing what is coming He saw what happened in the early rain He saw the growth of the Church around the world Every kindred, every tongue and every nation He saw the power of the Holy Spirit, he saw what happens when the Holy Spirit comes down Satan knows what is about to happen Folks, there is no way that the Lord is going to take His Church out of this world Limping And broken And fearful Broken in spirit, in mind and soul No, no, no He’s not coming and allow Islam to take over the harvest He’s not going to let anybody, the harvest is His! The harvest as the Bible says is the end of the world And we’ve come to the end of things We’ve come at the beginning of the end I know from what I’m reading in the Scriptures And the more I read the more my faith rises There is a coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit Beyond Pentecost, beyond what happened in the upper room But you see, Peter knew what had to happen In the early day Pentecost they had what they called “Waiting on the Lord” In the upper room they waited on the Lord They weren’t waiting just for a calendar day The Pentecost has fully come But God was doing something, He’s doing just what Peter is talking about There had to be forgiveness, Peter had to be forgiven Because he wounded the Body of Christ He wounded everyone of them And there had to be enough flow of love in that upper room And God’s dealing with things Peter could not stand up there and be anointed of the Holy Ghost He can’t stand there if people, later some of the apostles  And there’s James and John Who boasted that they were better than the other disciples and had this pride And they have to be cleansed They have to be forgiven by the Body of Jesus Christ And their sins have to be covered They have to be able to look at Peter later when the Holy Spirit gives him the authority  And he preaches what the Pentecost is all about And there can’t be something in their heart “Who made you the leader?” “Who made you the pastor?” “Who made you…?”
“Who gave you this special anointing?” No they sat back, they didn’t care who got to honor They knew the Holy Ghost was there  And they were covering, nobody dare to speak against Peter Because Peter was safe now in the House of God He’s among people who don’t blab what Peter did Nobody is talking about this in the upper room They are talking about the Holy Ghost And they are getting free because they are loving, they are forgiving and they are covering Do you understand where Peter is going? He said there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit And He comes only to those who are prepared They were prepared in the upper room Oh folks, I still believe on waiting on the Lord Yes the Holy Ghost was given But there is something about waiting in the presence of the Lord Where He is allowed to deal with these issues in our hearts And so we can have this forgiveness And we can have the strength and power It takes power to forgive It takes even more power and grace To cover somebody’s sin after they’ve wounded Or rejected or hurt you God wants to pour out His Spirit in this church As we have never known or seen He wants to save multitudes And He’s gonna do that But first He’s coming To purge His Body He’s coming to cleanse And He’s not doing it with a rod or a whip in His hand He’s doing it through brokeness And a humble word, a compassionate call  Don’t let anything hinder The Glory of the Lord that’s coming Don’t let anything hinder the moving of the Holy Spirit in your family Don’t let anything! Don’t be a hindrance to the work of God and what He wants to do To be able to walk through these doors and sit here and raise your hands And worship Him. And you know there’s nothing there Between you and the Lord. There’s no hindrace That your heart is open And if you’ve been sitting, if you felt God You come to the Blood of Jesus Christ Folks, the Blood has never lost its power And I have to believe that He will give us through the power of His Blood The cross is not in vain! It has not been in vain If there’s no pouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days Why was there an early Pentecost? Why was there an early rain? Look at all of these many years Since the first outpouring The early rain Do you mean to tell me that the Lord when we need the Holy Ghost the most When we need the Holy Ghost to survive daily When we need the power of the Holy Ghost to be His witness When everything is shaking and the darkness is here  We have got to have an anchor The Holy Spirit comes to reveal Christ He comes to dig deep into our spirits To make us vessels  Made worthy through the righteousness of Jesus Christ Hallelujah And what Zacharias said is Wake up Church The Holy Spirit And the Glory Is gonna fall upon nations So many people feel helpless But folks, this can’t be worked up This is a prophetic word and you have to allow And ask the Holy Spirit To increase your faith To believe and stand on His Word Haggai stands before a discouraged people They are remembering the glory of the old Temple The old tabernacle is gone And now God is doing a new work They are building a Temple now that seems so insignificant To what God did in the past And they are standing there weeping and the prophet Haggai He says “I see you looking at what God is doing here now” He said “some of you lived then” “Who is 60 to 70 years apart” “And some of you are still living ” “And when they were young the saw the glory of that first work of God” “What a great work God did back then” You hear that a lot about the revivals of the past what God did back then And all the glory we had and all the wonderful meetings we had And people got saved and we tarried half the night And that’s wonderful, thank God I have those wonderful memories hidden in my heart The prophet looked at these people downcast And he says “Who’s left among you that Saw the house in its first glory?” “And how do you see it now?” “Is it not in your eyes in comparison as if it’s nothing?” Do you understand what this is saying? Some of us who walk with God for years We remember the movings of the Holy Spirit We remember the great things God did But the prophet Haggai says  Look at that, you’re discouraged And you think that this is nothing And that we are just waiting and zeal  That there’s no glory left and we’ve been overwhelmed Overwhelmed with the darkness We’ve been so overwhelmed with what is happening We get overwhelmed at the fury of the devil We get overwhelmed of the homosexual militancy  And our courts making laws that we don’t agree with  We never asked for, we never voted for And we get overwhelmed with the fury of satan among us We get overwhelmed with the darkness Overwhelmed with the thought we’ve sinned away our day of grace Overwhelmed with fears and doubts And that’s what happened They say, in their minds are saying “this is nothing” We’ve nothing to rejoice about God’s not doing anything! This is so insignificant! Oh Haggai He says “fear not!” And God said this in Haggai 2:5 My Spirit remains among you! My Spirit is still at work And he turns to the people and says I’m telling you The glory of this house Is gonna be greater than the first house The rain that’s coming is greater than the early rain There’s a latter rain So, take away that frown  Lift up holy hands Because the rain is coming And God’s Spirit is moving And I’m not going to let the devil let me be downcast I don’t want my eyes on what God is doing and say it’s so insignificant America has not sinned away its day of grace The world has not sinned away its day of grace The revival has just begun The rain is beginning to fall Hallelujah And the Scripture says in Revelation 14:15 “Thrust in the sickle and begin to reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe” And then I went on and I read this In Revelation 14:14 The verse prior to what I’ve just read to you And I got so excited, I went into the bedroom when I was retiring  I’ve been in my study last night And I said, when I am shouting inside And I walked back and forth in our apartment down the street Behold He comes in the clouds A crown on His head and a sickle in His hand What’s a sickle? That long harvest thing got a big and sharp blade on it Where you just mold down the harvest And the Bible says of our Christ Hallelujah He’s not there just hoping the saints, so hold on He’s not there surprised at the darkness Behold, He comes in a white cloud Say with me, a crown on His head And a sickle in His hand That makes me wanna jump A crown on His head! And a sickle in His hand! Folks, it’s harvest time! On the Wall Street In the Bowery uptown, downtown New Jersey And all over this nation and around the world Glory to God! It’s harvest time It’s beginning to rain Hallelujah Do you believe this? Do you see what Peter is saying now folks? Remove everything that hinders because The glory is coming Like you’ve never seen or no experienced, the glory of the Lord And you know what that glory is? The manifest presence of Jesus Christ We will know His presence as we’ve never known it We will know Him as we have never known Him And people are going to be open to the Gospel He’s going to melt hard hearts And many others He’s going to bring through calamity Where they have no place to turn But to God We will be ready With a message of hope, and not despair