The Living Water Service Receiving The Living Water On The SCOAN Altar JESUS APPEARS TO SKEPTIC IN TB JOSHUA’S CHURCH!!! 😲 Look at Jesus there!
See Him standing there! The light is too much; I can’t even look. Your problems are over. He said, “I am here to meet your need.” “I am the Living Water,” that’s what He said. Jesus the Son of God I believe in You Thank You, Jesus! What are you people doing here? Madam, how are you? I’m fine. What’s your name? Tega. You are coming from where? I’m from Lagos. I saw a shining light. Somebody was standing there. Just there; it was very bright.
I could not look. The light was entering my eyes. I saw a Man in a white robe with smoke. There was smoke everywhere from His feet. The Person was ascending and stayed there. Are you still seeing…? I’m not seeing anyone. Everything is clear now. I heard, “I am the Living Water. Anyone who comes to Me will never thirst again.” That was when I said, “Jesus, I believe in You. I know You are the Son of God.” The glory was too much; I could not even look. I was hearing the message; I was hearing the voice but I couldn’t look – it was too much. Have you ever seen such thing before? No. We thank God for the grace you have received, to see what any other eye could not see and I believe this will bring a radical transformation in your spiritual life. Thank You, Jesus for showing Yourself to me. TESTIMONY TIME My name is Chelsea Oghene Tega from Delta State, Nigeria. What happened? I came to get the Water for my elder brother – he is not feeling well. First of all; I criticized this place a lot. I watch Emmanuel TV, I see things happening but I didn’t believe them at all. When my brother was not well I called my cousin here in Lagos. She said I should come to Synagogue because she could not come herself and I should come and take the Water for my brother. I said, “No”. One of the friends encouraged me to come. I was going to one of the markets, passing along the church. So I just said to myself, “They said I should come – let me come, let me just stop.” I saw a crowd outside. I decided to come in. When I got in, we sat down. They have us cups when we were coming. I almost got discouraged – not to even come in. I don’t know what happened – I found myself inside the church. As soon as I got the water, I felt a force holding my legs – I couldn’t move. All around became “blank”. It was cloudy, as if it was to rain. I just stood and I was watching. I saw some things coming out like diamonds; they were glittering, sparkling. I was holding my Water… Then I saw a Man coming out with smoke. It was too “smoky”. He was just rising, growing big. Then, those people I saw at the beginning bowed down – they were worshiping, they were doing like this… They were demonstrating… These were the first people I saw. But when I saw that bigger figure… I don’t know… What I saw – I don’t know how to explain it; it is beyond human comprehension. It is indescribable. I can’t really explain it but I know what I saw. I’m just trying to make you understand how it happened. To my own understanding everything happened in under one or two minutes. After the whole thing, I started to receive calls that I shut the whole church for about twenty minutes; people were waiting… I didn’t see anybody around. They said people were around – I was surprised. So, at the time you saw that vision, you did not see any human being, except that… I didn’t see anybody at all. I just saw myself and everything… When that Man came, He was making statements, He was talking, “Do you now believe?” Sharing Experience From The SCOAN Altar There was a force that held my legs, for me to see… Within seconds, the whole thing, everything disappeared but the message was very clear. Everything I saw I remembered. Within seconds – I did not see anything again. I have my own problems but I didn’t want to come here for any solution. I did not. I didn’t want to come; I just believed that if I came, it would not work… I was just having doubts, doubts, doubts. But my cousin was really pressing me that I must come. Since I was in Lagos, I could take the Water, go back and give it to my brother. It would not be good for me to be in Lagos and leave without coming here. I just kept having some minor, little belief, but I was not sure. I just wanted to enter and see. This Synagogue I’ve been watching on TV – let me enter inside and see what is happening. And you saw what was happening… Sharing Experience From The SCOAN Altar Indeed, I saw what was happening. What happened to me was serious. When those things came, there was a force. That Man I saw that day was the most handsome man I have ever seen – very handsome. It was not just a robe; it was like regalia, crown – everything was glittering. I saw sparks coming out. The ones that were dancing came forth, like opening the way for Him to come. When He came, they all fell to His feet; they were doing like this… I was seeing things like diamonds, gold – it was too bright. Things were sparkling everywhere, but I didn’t see them on the ground. The Man did like this. I saw “Do you now believe?” I had to try to stop the light – light was coming too much. It just opened up; something like an inscription – it was very bold. Then I saw a question mark – it was bigger than the inscription. Tell us once again what you saw written on the chest. “Do you now believe?” – then there was a question mark – it was big, but “Do you now believe” was smaller, inside. That question mark was bigger than the inscription. Then I hear, “I am the Living Water” – it was said twice. “Anyone who comes to Me will never thirst again.” Wow! God is here. Sharing Experience From The SCOAN Altar God is in this place, because what I saw that day were not just angels. Jesus came Himself. Sharing Experience From The SCOAN Altar He was here – I saw Him, He showed Himself to me. I will trust and believe in Him. I don’t believe in churches, prayers and all that. I don’t believe they work – you must go to the hospital and spend money on drugs. All they would do is to tell you to pay tithes, bring offerings, so I got upset with them. It was too much. That same Friday, when I went to sleep, there was another encounter. It was twice, but this time it was in a form of a sword. The sword was pure gold. Golden sword was just coming from my wall in the place I slept, little by little. I was lying down, I wasn’t sleeping – it was a trans. The thing just captured me. I said, “I’m seeing something on the wall.” It started rolling; as it was rolling, it was getting bigger. Later it started fading away. I said, “What is all this? Why am I seeing all these things?” Everything just left – there was no message. Can you tell us how much this experience has impacted your life, belief? The world wants to know. I think, right now I’m the number one fan of… let me just use “belief” first, then “SCOAN”. Everything I’ve been watching is true, real, but I doubted. God had to manifest Himself to me; because Jesus is God – He is. What I saw that day was too powerful. We thank God Almighty for your life. At this point in time, you need no one to preach to you anymore, or tell you anything about Christ or His anointed, or His church. The revelation you had is enough. We pray that God Almighty will give you the grace to appreciate this wonderful privilege you have received and also testify of His goodness anywhere you go and His blessings will continue to locate you, in Jesus’ name. Amen. TT Robert Begier 07/11/2019
RV: Pavel Tatyana Zheleznyakov 07/11/2019