>>Jesus had profound respect for every human
being he met, men, women, and children.>>He was master and teacher, but he was more
– he was a friend and neighbor, an understanding comrade.>>He would pause in the midst of a profound
discourse to speak good cheer to a passing woman laden with her burden of body and soul.>>He could swing from profound discussion
to the lighthearted and joyous playfulness of children.>>He would interrupt a serious conference
to fraternize with an intruding child.>>Jesus said, “forbid them not, for such
is the kingdom of heaven.”>>Always was Jesus ready to postpone his
work to share in the childish joy and youthful gladness of youngsters.>>The children were always welcome at the
repair shop where Jesus provided sand, blocks, and stones for them.>>The more intrepid ones would peek in and
say, “Uncle Joshua, come out and tell us a big story.”>>They would lead him out by tugging at his
hands until he was seated on the rock, with the children on the ground before him.>>The smaller of the children would climb
upon his knees, looking up at his expressive features, as he told stories of animals and
nature and his trips to Jerusalem.>>How the little folks did enjoy their Uncle
Joshua. They were learning to laugh, and to laugh heartily.>>Scores of mothers came to where Jesus lodged,
desiring that he bless the little ones.>>These women refused to depart until the
Master blessed their children.>>Jesus received all of the children, blessing
them. He spoke words of courage and hope to their mothers.>>Jesus taught that simple childlike belief
is the key to the door of the kingdom.>>If you receive God as your Father, then
in truth you are the sons of God.>>”You are the child. It is your father’s
kingdom you seek to enter.>>Come as a little child, open-minded and
teachable.”>>Said Jesus “Whosoever shall become as this
little one, shall become greatest in the kingdom of heaven.>>Whoso receives such a little one, receives
me, and also him who sent him me.”>>Jesus was great because he was good, and
yet he fraternized with the little children.>>The children loved Jesus, and Jesus loved
the children.