– [Metal Jesus] Hey
guys, Metal Jesus here, and well, it’s official: I
have a date on the calendar, and I am moving, and so in this video, it’s a little bit of
an update for you guys. I’m gonna show you what it’s
like to pack all this stuff up, ’cause that was a little
bit nerve wracking, as well as give you a
preview of the new game room, and actually at the end,
I want you to take a look, and maybe make some suggestions as to how I should best set it up. So the moving day is about two weeks away, which should give me enough time to pack all of this stuff up, and it’s crazy to try to
even guess how many boxes this is gonna go into, and as you can see here, it
really is just a game of Tetris. It’s almost like whenever
you pack your own groceries at the grocery store, and
you’re just tryin’ to optimize exactly how these things will fit in, ’cause you know, in many ways,
it’s kind of fun to do this, to dig through the
collection, dig into the stuff that’s a little bit dusty, that
I haven’t messed around with or seen in a little while, and also, try to find a balance between
weight with these boxes, because they’re gonna be moved,
obviously a great distance, and I don’t want them to be too heavy, and on that note, somethin’
you guys don’t know about me, because I’ve never actually
talked about it before, and that is, I was born with a hernia, and I even got a second one
when I was in junior high, like in the fifth grade. Now, if you’re not familiar
with what a hernia is, it’s a tear in the lining inside your body where your organs basically poke through, and I have to be very, very
careful lifting things, and so because of that, we are going to be using a moving company, and to that end, I do wanna make sure that these things aren’t extremely heavy, ’cause I know there’s a lot of this stuff to move back and forth. Now, speaking of things I
haven’t seen for a while, check out this Xbox One
controller that I found basically behind my entertainment center. Now, I showed this photo on social media, and a lot of people assumed, “Oh, well that’s because “there are no good games on the Xbox One.” And, “He never uses it”, and
that actually is not the case. This is just the
controller that comes with the standard black Xbox One, but I typically use a red
one, and so that’s why I never really bothered to look
deeply for this controller. I actually really do like the Xbox One, but I thought this was pretty funny. By the way, that is, that’s dust and dander from my pets. As you guys know, I have
two dogs and two cats, so yeah, lots and lots of yucky stuff. When it came time to do
the consoles themselves, I was kinda torn as to whether
I wanted the moving company to take those or not, simply
because I don’t have boxes for all of them, and so
I was a little concerned that riding around in a truck with all the other heavy boxes, I just didn’t know if I wanted to risk it. Again, most of these consoles
are actually really well made and fairly sturdy, they
can take a beating, but I decided, no, I think
for some of those things that are a little bit more fragile, that I’ll take those, so my wife and I actually plan
on doing many trips ourselves taking some of the more fragile things that we just didn’t wanna worry about. Another thing I discovered
going through all my stuff is that over the years with
having the Metal Jesus crew over to film videos, that I
had acquired accidentally, maybe on purpose, I’ll never
tell, but some of their stuff, and so I reached out
to Reggie, I was like, “Hey man, you might wanna come
by and pick up your things “just so they don’t get
lost in the shuffle.” And yeah, it was cool,
because he got to see the game room being torn apart. – [Reggie] Oh my God, dude. No more green screen? – [Metal Jesus] No more green. Look at all those boxes, dude. That’s about half. – [Reggie] That’s about half, very. Oh my God, dude. I’m like, oh man, the shelves. Oh my God. – [Metal Jesus] Does it look weird? – [Reggie] It does, man. – [Metal Jesus] So I think
it’s about 80% packed. – Man.
– Crazy, huh? – Yeah, it is crazy, man. Just kinda like, think about the parties you used to have here and everything, everybody was here, you know? It’s like, man. – [Metal Jesus] Yeah, so some of the stuff like that, obviously, I’m gonna take all this stuff myself. – Yeah, of course.
– ‘Cause I have a week. They’re gonna move all the shelving. I’m gonna move all of these myself. This is my stack of stuff that
I’m gonna move right here. Just stuff I don’t want
people bangin’ around in the back of a moving van. – [Reggie] I totally get you. – [Metal Jesus] With
most of the games packed, now it’s time to take down some of the custom shelving,
and what sucks is the holes that these leave behind, so
I’m gonna have to fill those, and I think we’re gonna
paint down here as well and get it lookin’ nice for
the next people who live here. One of the things I’d like to figure out in the new game room is a better way to play old PC games and
possibly stream them online. You know, I’ve had this old
desk here for about 20 years, and it’s just a little too confined, and I didn’t really like
how this was set up. In the new game room, I’d
like to figure out how to have at least one of these Windows machines, and maybe the Commodore,
or maybe the Amiga set up so that I can just walk up
and play them at any moment. And now, the day has finally arrived. It is moving day, it
is 8:30 in the morning, and as you can see, all of the shelves are pretty much empty, it’s just bare furniture down here, and the moving company
has arrived with four guys to help us move our entire house, so I’m pretty excited,
it’s finally happening. You know, it’s funny because these guys are
professional movers, and they do it all day, every day, right? So they see everything, but they don’t often see a
video game collection like mine, because at first, so I
labeled all the boxes. I put Xbox, PS2, NES, all
that stuff on the top for me so I know what’s in them,
and it was really funny, for about the first 30 minutes or so, they were like, “Oh, you’re into gaming”, you know, they’re very casual. You know, “Oh, that’s cool”, you know. And then they start to see
just how deep the well goes. It was pretty funny, all
of a sudden they were like, “Holy crap, you’ve got this
game system from my childhood.” Or, you know, these games,
it was actually pretty cool, and these guys turned out
to be super cool dudes. They were really into my game collection, and talking about games, it
was just a really fun time hangin’ out with them. They were also really interested
in the MAME arcade cab, so much so I don’t think that
they’d ever seen one before. They were obviously really
familiar with, you know, the original Centipede
machine that this is based on, and they’d also mentioned
that they had seen some of those newer, Arcade1Up, you know, like 3/4-size
that you get at Walmarts and things like that,
but they were fascinated by the full size MAME arcade machine. It’s too bad I didn’t have it set up for them to play. I’d actually pulled
the computer out of it, but they were like wow, you know, they really wanted to jump on that. And then it’s time to just
move lots and lots of boxes, and the way I labeled
these was pretty simple. I basically would put the
destination on the top, so for the new house, they
would be labeled as game room, and then for me, I would put what system is actually in the box, so I put Xbox, Playstation
2, Playstation 1, stuff like that, ’cause I know that it’s gonna be a pain in the butt to try to figure out exactly
where all this stuff is and what’s in these boxes, and then it was just
schleppin’ ’em outside, up the hill, and into the truck. – Hey, hey, double pump in the house. – [Metal Jesus] All right,
the trucks are loaded, and now it’s time to
move to the new house, and it’s about an hour from
where I currently live, but it’s still in the
Seattle/Puget Sound area, and what’s interesting is
that I’m actually closer to some of the Metal Jesus crew, and a little bit further from others, but we’re definitely
gonna be in the same area, so you’ll still continue to see all of the Metal Jesus crew on my channel. As I mentioned in the previous video, the layout in my new
home for the game room is a lot different than what I’m used to and what I had before,
because there’s obviously a main game room area, but
then there’s a second room down the hallway that’s almost as large, and so it’s gonna be
really interesting to see just how I divide this up. Actually, technically
there’s a third room as well where it’s not as big,
but I have it available to me for storage. That’s actually where I’m
telling ’em to put the boxes for right now, so they’ll
fill that room up, and then move most of the furniture into those two main rooms, because I’m not 100% sure
how I’m gonna configure this. I’m actually gonna lean
on you guys a little bit to tell me what you think would be best. And I mentioned previously that I really loved hangin’ out
with these guys on move day. These guys were not only super cool, but they were really
interesting to hang out with, because you know, most of the time, I spend my day on YouTube
digging really deep into the nuances of video
game and video game culture, and also, most of my
friends are collectors and hardcore gamers, and
everyone I interact with online are really hardcore gamers,
but these guys were pretty cool because they were more casual, you know. It was really interesting to kinda see where they’re spending their time gaming, what games they were passionate about. One guy was just gettin’
into Playstation VR, and he only had one game, so he was asking me some recommendations. Another guy was trying
to remember if Spyro was one of his favorite games as a kid, what system that was on,
he couldn’t quite remember what system Spyro was on. It’s just really interesting
for me to kinda hang out with people who, again, aren’t quite as hardcore. I learn just as much from them as I do from other gamers, and I just find it really interesting. Oh, by the way, you may
have noticed somethin’ new to the game room that’s
currently disassembled, and that is a Nintendo Gamecube kiosk that I got recently. I was contacted by a guy who
used to work at Circuit City when they closed down, and they let him take
this from the show floor, and it’s just been sitting in his parents’ garage for all that time, and he just wanted to get rid of it. And the funny thing is, he just
wanted to trade it for beer, so all we had to do
was go down and get it, take it out of his parents’ storage, and bring it back here, so it’s gonna be a pretty cool addition to my game room. I can’t wait to set this thing up. So this is the current state
of my game room at this time. We literally, as of the
recording of this video, just finished moving. It’s like my second day in the new house, everything is in boxes. It literally took me just an entire day to find my computer mouse
so I could edit this video. We’re still looking for little things, you know, it’s a typical move. It’s always really chaotic, but I’d love to know from you guys what suggestions you have for configuring this for the space. I know some of you are
gonna have some great ideas, and I can’t wait to read those
down in the comments below. And of course, at the end of all this, I anticipate doing a
brand new game room tour, probably in a couple weeks here, so I’m probably gonna turn that around as quickly as possible, so yeah, it should be really, really fun. Obviously, as you can tell by my voice, I am very excited. So thank you guys for watching, thank you very much for
subscribing, and take care. (heavy metal music)