Shalom friends I’m in Jerusalem on the
ancient temple steps of ascension in the days when a children of Israel returned to
our land Ezra the scribe brought up the
scriptures and read them to the people they were cut to the hear. Many had
never seen a Torah or heard God’s Word before. It was in a way hidden from the
Jewish people for such a long time and then in a moment they were confronted by
the scripture and how far they had missed the mark. It bears a striking
resemblance to the scriptures describing the return of Yeshua, The Living Word, and how
our people will see his hands and feet and mourn for him whom we have pierced
and also for our forefathers who have missed the Messiah. But it’s amazing that
in our days we are seeing Yeshua and his word revealed to Israel like never
before since the book of Acts. Our media based outreach grossed over 26 million
views of our gospel and apologetics films in Hebrew only with only about
seven million Jews in the Land of Israel that’s almost four views per Israeli
it’s clear to see that we’re in the middle of a major spiritual awakening
but looking back at Nehemia and Ezra we see that repentance was just the
beginning they went to work unpacking the
scripture and teaching the word to the people for the entire feast of Sukkot,
Tabernacles. and discipleship is key just as Ezra we need to walk these new
believers through what it means to be a believer in Yeshua and why they need to
be connected to a local fellowship with others. That’s one of the reasons that we
are producing this new teaching series Brit Hadasha. Brit Hadasha, the
teaching of the New Testament And this is what we’ve been doing for
years at our Bible College and Seminary reaching such a bulk of people with
apologetics in gospel material is only the start, we strongly feel that our duty
is to help these new Israeli seekers with the first steps in what means to be
a follower of Yeshua. Our ultimate goal is that they take the steps to join a
local congregation. But in the meantime our Facebook communities and online
teachings help engage new believers with a critical spiritual lifeline that
otherwise wouldn’t have been available. So please continue to pray for this
great effort we’re undertaking with online discipleship and our Bible College
and please share this video with your friends so they can join in in prayer
with us. Thank you and Shalom