bright sunny day image Welcome to the first day of the rest of your
life, Isn’t it wonderful. We don’t know if we even have all of today
to live, our number may be called and we need to be ready. One thing I am sure of, There is a God, He
is a Loving but a Jealous God who wants all of you, He didn’t
send His son to Earth to die, for you to only say a sinner’s prayer and to continue living
your life as you are. His son Jesus consumed and became sin, separating
Himself for the first time from the Father, this separation was
more painful and devistating than we can imagine as it changed our place in the universe. For
the first time, our sacrifice was made for us, there was no
need for the Temple, no need for yearly unblemished sacrifices, AND we
have for the first time, direct access to GOD himself. So do you doubt your Salvation? That is fine,
we all do at times, but what is important is to see fruit. The 2nd commandment that Jesus gave us was
LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF! How much love are we showing? We claim
to have Christ in our hearts, and most of us are still back biting, gossiping, griping
and complaining about others. Where is the Love in that? Many of us who claim to have
Christ are angry and violent inside where Joy should reside, and maybe you ask yourself,
“How can that be? I said a prayer and invited Jesus into my life”, well maybe you didn’t
invite him into your heart. Many of us have a head knowledge of Jesus, aware of his life,
his miracles, his death, and EVEN the ressurection. But we don’t have a need for Him. In america, we have everything, houses, cars,
savings accounts, 401k, and endless food. We are self sufficient, self motivated, in
self control, and want more for ourselves and our families which we were able to get
ourselves. Where is your need for Christ? I am sometimes overwhelmed with what God has
allowed me to acheive in my personal life, and I try to never fail to share it with others
or tell others that it was through God that all of it was possible. Giving God the glory
for the stuff, the jobs, the opportunities is it even enough?! Where is Jesus in our
lives? Where is that desire for Him to be in place of every other desire. That drive
to reach his feet with outstetched arms, Thanking him for what he has done for US. I challenge you this day, Set yourself on
fire. Literally. I will wait. Now tell me and the world how great that feels. Oh it
doesn’t feel good, would you even say you are interested in telling others NOT to set
themselves on fire, or even to avoid fire all together?! Guess what, JESUS’ sacrifice
was the payment for the whole world to not have to spend their eternity in a place called
Hell. A place that was reserved for Satan but because so many people choose the world
over God, Our wrathful Jealous God allows mankind to endure an eternity apart from Him. So what Hope is there? We live in a country
where we have it all, we always want more, and we can’t seem to break free? We live in
a country where our self desires are filled at a whim. A place where our ever desire can
be consumed for sometimes free. In other countries, Faith in Jesus is illegal today, and people
around the world are being mayrtered for their faith. A faith so strong that they would give
up their life for. A faith that they would share with anyone in hopes of others finding
that desire in their heart to give up themselves. We have the opportunity to worship freely
and openly, and yet we find conversations about religion to be a NO No right up there
with discussing politics. We are able to come to church anytime the doors are open, sing
some songs, raise our hands, and sometimes even approach an alter to pray to our hearts
content. And then leave, keeping all this energy bottled up till next week. Jesus Christ died on a cross and set forth
a new plan called “Church”. These churches are not like ours today, they were small groups
where men and women came together to be restored, to find rest, why?! Because they were being
killed and stoned and tourtured for their faith which they shared openly. They needed
that companionship, that restoration and rest. What are we going to church for? Let me put
this bluntyly: We are going to church for the fulfillment of our selfish desires. Lets
be clear, we dress up to be seen as clean and holy, we sing music that we “feel good”
singing, and we can’t wait for the pastor to stop talking so we can go fill our belly.
Quick question, after church are you compelled to share this with anyone? Especially the
part where you can’t wait to leave? Something has to change. And I believe it
is our environment. What if it were illegal to follow Jesus in America? What if you were
to be caught and you were tourtured for your belief? Would you share with others then as
so many are doing right this second? Saying a prayer, having a mental awareness
of our faith doesn’t make you a Disciple or Christian, your behavior SHOWS that you are
a disciple. What your heart desires is where your faith is. My prayer for us is this: Lord
Jesus Christ, Break ME, Mold Me, Use Me. Allow for a desire for you to overwhelm me, Allow
for a desire to share you with others overwhelm me, Allow for fear to be replaced with an
overwhelming desire to not stop sharing even to the point of death. Jesus you gave it all,
not so I could give you an hour on Sunday, but so I can give my life back to you! Thank
you God for the sacrifice you gave through your Son to give me the opportunities to do
more for you. AMEN. NOW get ready. Here is the best part. Remember
that time you said that prayer, and then maybe a short time later you asked someone to baptise
you? Well guess what, THAT VERY MOMENT you made a choice. A choice to OPENLY confess
and to share with others you are a believer in Jesus Christ. At that moment you became
a missionary. It may not mean that you need to pack your bags and go to Africa, but it
just might. Your mission field should be your community, you work place, your friends and
your homes. What are you afraid of? Your friends rejection?
Your workplace rejection? Sshhh. Here’s a secret – GOD put you in these places to work
for him!! You were chosen before the world was made to be right where you are, to share
with others, and on Judgment day, you will give an account not of your sins, but for
your failings to present Jesus to others or to be a representative of God. And I challenge
you, be bold in Christ. Fill yourself daily in his word, his company, and his Strength.
But be sure to put on the whole armor of God to prevent the Devil and his demons from attacking
you! Lastly, Believe. Believe that there is the
need for more. Believe that the modern day Church is a joke and needs serious repair
that could start with you. Believe that on Judgement day, you will give an account. It
is up to each of us in our own areas to be Disciples for Christ! Thank you for taking the time listen, I hope
this gives you some empowerment to want more from your faith, to give more for your God,
and to step out into your community as a missionary. Please share this with others and God Bless
all of you.