Al salmu alykom pope Francis allow me a few mints from your highness time with all my respect. In this video am trying to deliver very important news & top secret facts from the statement of the holy Quran I know it will seems strange at the beginning sir but we know you are a wise man and we need your wisdomso so you verfy these facts and grateful for Allah as his promised in the Quran Quran for all these facts there are physical evidences you can verify and you will know its the truth. First I will start with the news and the facts about Mr. al messiah pbuh Sir, I want to inform you that the awaited mahdi had declared the location of al messiah body and it’s in the Republic of Yemen the exact location is inside one very old cave in AL Aqmar Village,Dhamar city, yemen Sir I want to confirm that this is not a spam or a lie we want you to verify this cave and we hope this will happen with a live TV broadcast to the whole world. so all people will witness that this fact is true pope francis frances you will find the body with its flesh and fat without any harm as he is sleeping inside the Coffin of tranquility and inside the same coffin there are evidences to prove the identity of the body Sir I want you to note that this coffin is the same which mother of prophet Musa had used and it disappeared until the days of the king and imam talot and now it will appear again as per Allah permission and Inside the same cave sir still there are other secrets! The Awaited Mahdi Imam Nasser Mohamed ElYemeni Had declared that the number of the companions of the cave is 3 and beside them their dog inside the same cave these facta sir, are written in the Holy Quran in surah the cave And from the statement we knew that those three men are Prophets Prophets from the ancient nations and they are Giants as Quran describes their tall as tall of the Palm tree and they are in deep sleep since 18000 years ! sir, as am trying to be accurate Am saying the names as it’s written in the holy Quran and from the statement we knew that al Messiah son of Miriam has not been killed nor crucified as when they tried to kill him Allah supported him with angels by the leadership of the holy spirit the angel Gabriel and this happened on Friday the 8th of April before 2160 years, The holy spirit made to appear to them another (lookalike) body with Allah’s permission and its image as the image al messiah son of Miriam but it is a body without a soul then the holy spirit put that body in the sleeping (bed) of al messiah and they covered him with the same cove of his sleep and they killed that body and thought that he is almesseh son of Mariam they killed that body by stabbing him with swords until they thought that they killed him then they crucified him and the crucifixion means cutting the head from the body. As in regard to the Messiah son of mariam surely Allah caused him to die as caused the death of the companions of the cave and the angels with the holy spirit placed his body n the coffin of tranquility then they added him to the companions of the cave that is (Al-Raqeem) meaning the added one to the companions of the cave, The Awaited Mahdi had also declared that (the antichrist) the liar messiah is the shetan iblis Satan Lucifer himself he is the fallen angel haroot and he stills in the LAND of Babylon as we knew from the statement the paradise of adam is inside earth as earth is hollow and inside it the dam o Dhul Qarnain & gog and magog AND OTHERS it’s the source of all the UFOs which people used to see. Satan iblis will appear after the coming pass of the planet of torment (planet x) and he will claim the identity of almesseh son of Mariam and it’s and ITS THE SAME DAY OF the first resurrection to the former disbelievers and the latter ones Now to our christen brothers I want to say that that I know these facts and secrets are big and strange to you but it’s the true and you can verify it we need to know that profit of mercy profit Mohamed PBUH was never been in that cave and this is a miracle of believe for you And we are now in the age of the dialogue before the appearance of the The Awaited Mahdi Imam Nasser Mohamed and he is the one who reveals and uncover all these facts for all of us There are many points you need to know that its not from Islam for example There is no stoning in Islam And Islam guarantee the free of religion all people are free in their beliefs even if a Muslim want to leave Islam he is free as there is no forcing in the religion I want to say Am sorry as am not that fluent in English just Am trying to deliver these news to you And I added subtitles and statement links to this video . I thank you Pope Francis very much for your time and i hope you will verify all as soon as possible and peace be upon you.