you things are working again maybe it looks like everything’s freaking work
again oh it’s back okay how wonderful
you’re so freaking shit Internet sorry give me just a minute here
I just need to change this change the thumbnail and copy all the crap back hey
Jackson hey Casper welcome back after disable my internet and then come back
for it to work which is really freaking annoying one second here who’s going to change that description
cuz that description is total crap Walking Dead okay The Walking Dead
Season one thank you got it okay okay well whoever it was was
slipping them are met I don’t know where it left off attacked
calm down back there that’s nuts Lee found a bag of supplies hidden outside
the wall it’s true so Ben I think we need to talk woah what Lily let’s think
about this logically no detection the new guy who could have easily been a
plant I think that’s pretty logical Doug that seems like a ridiculous no are you
guys dumb were you hoping they’d eventually kill us all and you could
join them Lily come on you guys are like my family
Ben’s a good guy totally well then who being a good guy is enough to clear your
name on things do it really honest I know I don’t get wrapped up in the
politics around here but we really need to think before we start stringing
somebody up Doug is concerned but we have all the evidence we need you have
evidence no evidence here but Lee found the meds
we found an entire signaling system signaling system Doug’s right let’s just
get on that run you can talk this out like adults that’s not proof killed up
an opportunity Lee you know what we found
yes but you don’t know man I’ll go I didn’t do it but I’ll go good that
sounds great Lily look at him fuck Jesus I didn’t
look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t have anything to do with it what’s going on up there I had something
bad stop we can deal with this now Beth Jenny right is it safe should be
everybody out we don’t really know this is not the place to be doing this you
know she don’t you kick Kenny the RV has some surface damage but there’s a walker
trapped underneath god damn it everyone keep your eyes peeled you know
what we shouldn’t just keep you out we should hear what everybody think you
should chill out please look it wasn’t me please stop accusing me I’m really
sorry you’re upset just tell us you didn’t know dumb fuck Walker you okay
over there yeah yeah you have no other options here leave him alone
I think you balled a protesting a bit much no way it was Ben with somebody
else could have even been someone sneaking into our kids that’s ridiculous
hey that’s what you think yes Kenny I don’t know fuck just stop would
you well your vote counts for you and kaca we don’t need all these votes what
do I have to do for you to trust me I’ll do anything oh I’ll do watches for
months huh the hell you will I’ll get more food more medicine
anything just think any of that is good now just let me stay please ridiculous
you’re pathetic look at you stop panicking seriously Ben
you need to stop wait just a breath do we need any more evidence than this
evidence or not I realize house to him way to treat one of us I’ve heard enough
out of you okay dog Kenny what’s it gonna be just give me a damn minute Ben
you haven’t told Kenny kills that Walker to tell me it was you no Ben will we
this is about trust and I’ve never trusted you Billy you need to lay off
your I can’t leave you no I hop he’s don’t you near to we well me now please
let’s just get back not happening I can’t handle this there I got him now
what the fuck’s the problem no no you killed Doug drop it
Oh what you took away from the windows Jesus Christ get in we’re leaving this
crazy bitch I didn’t use idiot he wasn’t supposed to be him
no it wasn’t was it what are we gonna do with her leave her for the walkers why
Lily just get in it’ll figure out what to do with you it’s a bad idea Lee she’s
a murderer for shit’s yes so are you a murderer you’ve had Leah with you this
whole time what are you talking about he didn’t
tell you he killed someone before all of this he was a convicted murderer is that
truly yes it is yes fucking hell were you ever gonna get
around to telling me that you got a little girl with you yes I do
to hell with it I don’t have I want to hear it from either of you just get in
everyone here is broken person when none of us is perfect what the Frick do you
want at least something you miss it oh you
didn’t at least I don’t think Dunkel turned
into a zombie we a word please you missed what
foreshadowing Oh what Doug will turn into a zombie I should see if I could
speak to Clementine first what’s up is stuck feeling alright Oh No know what fuck Jenna and during the raid
she read crap on screen what’s the plan we’ve never had a bite
victim in the group before I’m going to keep an eye on him and see what I can do
from a medical perspective we keep the same plan unless something changes east
guys what else is there to do we thought you should know not that you’ve ever
afforded us that type of luxury anyway shut up until Clem shut your freaking
face speciated he’s gonna die that can’t die this is ridiculous darkus bidden huh he got bit by a walker
trying to escape the motel told you I why she’s on board the cows you’re good
what about dog there was no time for a burial walkers
yeah I left her on board because I don’t want
to be a monster either he was a good kid I’m glad I have you
me too I heard you so chicken actually have killed her far south after that
thought about dropping a hammer on your head what why in case you were up to no
good before you there was this other guy he
was yelling and trying to get into my house
he wanted to take the TV and tried to break the glass door with a rock then
some walkers came and scared him away the door was open he was dumb huh what does that mean and for today’s episode this is a dream we got something up ahead damnit roads blocked yes Pam palace how we came into you with
this one quick sec snoo quickly change
something area is the ring ready to go around with me
and red crab button logged on foot maybe that red crown to do this sorry I didn’t
know what you meant before where is it a freaking chat there it is
turn back on okay should be done this seemed like a safe area this brush will
stop anything from creeping up on us and I’d like everyone out of the RV except
her I don’t want folks trapped in there with her
do they ever in handcuffs if so where’d they get the handcuffs
what watch Doug be totally calm a duck could be totally everyone else relax
clear stay close to Kitty and cat okay Lee if you come across anything to drink
if there’s a dining car or something I think ducks a bit dehydrated
it’s a freighter owned be careful in there what you think there might be
something dangerous inside an abandoned locomotive I had crossed my mind no of
course not just stare at it shake head a little bit hey Lily Lily no words I’m sitting here
tied up like an animal while you guys decide what to do with me yeah well what
did you want to do with Anik you didn’t even want to take Ben with us screw you box car door you’re like okay well I
don’t know why she’s not talked about the way don’t remember um because she
was trying to shoot Ben get out of here freaking stupid bug that’s one hell of a
mess there’s a large one buzzing around it’s annoying me I don’t know if I want
to open that yet the door to the boxcar I don’t know which one’s better to open you are happy you stayed with us all
this time yeah really if you guys are dead in the
woods think tanks in the Train Wow you think this is better yeah of course
tank with cannon what would you have done with living I don’t know
left her I’ve never seen anybody kills someone like that before yeah yeah but
not like that was it you not this again was it no okay
then Ben won’t forget that won’t forget what was I being a dick by asking yeah I
don’t know if I should open this or open this I don’t know what’s better if I
open this it’ll take longer for the zombies to get out I guess if I open
this it’ll come out quickly but open this I probably die faster it’s probably
not gonna happen anyway we’re can look inside first there’s a giant window oh
that’s not good someone’s been sleeping here it’s how
you do it on left yes yes true Oh somebody’s been living it yeah yes she
think they’re gone I hope so but this looks recently used be on the lookout
and have your guard up clipboard how dirty clipboard yeah oh there’s a map on
it map of where the train goes I think these tracks might lead to the coast
route 27 Savannah that’s where Kenny’s got us headed Oh some water looks unopened they’ll take
this to Kara for a duck good idea good idea yeah oh wait where you going climb down
terminate oh yeah can I speak say popcorn if you
see this message because I don’t know if I’m at the right time or not well I said
popcorn um where’s doc Oh Izzie are they on the other side or no they’re just
over this way okay so I can talk to these guys – hey clue what are you going
to do with Lilly we don’t know yeah I come to church for outsoar fast
connection oh really I don’t know know something I suppose I
don’t know what we can do told him yeah it’s horrible see ya Clementine already knows cuz I told her
Lee told her in the first episode that he killed someone so Clementine already
knows that doesn’t make it good or anything
Kenny killed Lilly’s father granted he may have likely turned into a zombie
very soon at that point but there were no guarantees on that he just acted too
quickly and now Lilly killed Doug so like we can’t if we haven’t well I mean
no one knew about Lee but Lee’s been here and helping you are in the right
time good but if we didn’t kill Kenny or ostracize him or something because of
killing Larry we can’t really do the same thing with Lilly this is a totally
different situation was this what it looks like I think so these tracks lead
right to Savannah I don’t know only hell can you guys see about moving that thing
we could have something here yeah we’re on it
okay keeping her in there I cracked a window
I sure as hell don’t want her out here with us no I wouldn’t either how stuff I don’t know
tired which couldn’t mean a lot of things right yeah
his body’s probably fighting whatever’s in it exactly hmm have you heard
anything out of Lily in there not a peep I don’t like that she’s probably in
shock she did a monstrous thing yeah as Clementine said anything to you about
Doug or duck or anything I’m worried about know that little girl is a puzzle
yeah she is poor Doug she’s keeping strong though where did yesterday go in
the toilet I don’t know you were standing right there are you doing okay
I was you won’t really know what to say one of
the worst things I’ve seen yet I’m sorry Ewing’s oh my god Clementine
had to see that I liked him very much he’d spent some time in Belgium well
your family’s from oh yes and further away now anyway let me know
if anything changes here we all do well the way I’m telling your to tell me
never mind thank you he’s allergic to bees is that right
it’s all I can keep thinking about like somehow that matters
oh yeah you know it might I know oh well don’t be rude
I don’t think you’re probably right like somehow that matters it doesn’t oh
you’re very nicely can I go this way nope just want to make
sure okay I can go in here in here in here or in here or I could look at this
oh shit wonder sometim I’ll survive to the end
of course she will Walker sitting in the chair we got him
oh nothing to wait can I like ah there’s a dumb idea suppose we got to look him over
yeah Oh half his hits missing okay I don’t think
this guy came back really not Christ no that light is blinking bullshit no I
didn’t go into the other doors yet here look no it’s just the brakes okay I’ll
give you that one this fucker works seems like it I’ll be
damned how he’ll do we get it moving I don’t
know can we go check out the rest of the car first I didn’t realize that looking
at the freakin window would start a whole scene that I can’t go back from
man if you could keep an eye on the girls and duck I’d appreciate it and
we’ll make sense of these controls okay good man this could be exactly what we
need can I leave and go out of here please
maybe I could talk to him or something first I don’t know like a bunch of
papers a bunch of myths about Georgia cities Oh picture family photo yeah
nothing to say about it instructions on starting the engine okay
damn pages ago ah darn I don’t know what we’re gonna do
from the writing ah darn it I guess I’ll have to consult the Oracle somewhere in
the woods over there figure that out later on mm-hmm
no way I have no what to do with that um you want to talk about that I’m really
sorry kitty nobody deserves this there’s nothing to
talk about you heard Kat he could be fine we
probably shouldn’t ignore it nobody’s ignoring nothing I’m not worried you
shouldn’t be either you know see I I mentioned this I
mentioned this how quickly he was to act on Larry
although Larry had a heart attack and collapsed so you know he wasn’t bitten
but if it’s his own family no Pope it’s
alright I chose to keep Lily with us bandaging someone on the side of the
road it’s the same as murder turning over a new leaf I’m just doing what I
can it’s fine for now but we have to deal
with it eventually dad we need some help getting this train going yes we do right
when working on stuff like this we’re smart guys we can figure it out people
take notes no what are you talking about who the Frick takes note what what are
you gonna do just sit here and stare at the controls and maybe you’ll be able to
just like in infer something from the energies surrounding the Train I don’t
know like God what are you doing in there waiting for me to do everything
huh why is God the wait lead just kind of like slides everywhere it’s creepy
I’m sorry yes or maybe that’s often it watch a zombie pop out in one of these I guess there wasn’t anything inside might
be something inside yes that’s open it I guess there wasn’t
anything inside might be something inside yes it might
be let’s open it I guess sir oh there is something inside
ah darn it come on you ruined it good serious do it one more time
well almost not quite up on you hmm nice little crackers gorgeous fine
I can probably only choose one of these Oh can’t I mmm no which one would be
most useful probably this oh can I take the others nope I can all this which I don’t know which ones best to take
probably this one this is gonna be some good smashing okay close it because
there definitely wasn’t anything inside totally right side I went on a totally
right side there was nothing inside let’s open it oh there’s some buttons
can I can i foot around the bus which weapon Oh totally right side weapon okay
sorry okay well that’s fine I’ll take I’ll
take that weapon and then I’ll come back to this door and see what I can do with
it gimme why wouldn’t you just take all
three like come on you could easily carry all three of those give one tube
and give one to Kenny supposed to be X guy at school how come you not nothing
nothing what do you flip-flapping mean nothing can you go away for a second okay I
don’t know if I could go back inside there and do something else with it or
something I don’t know we found a notebook that we think might have had
some started directions on it but the page is missing well what do you want me
to do wow it was close enough to what he was saying I better get back to it his
kennel right what is he doing he’s put his money figuring out the Train yes so
he’s trying to connect with with the Train and maybe then for some stuff well
come on Twitch Jack yeah Kenny Kenny’s brain isn’t big enough to be able to
make a direct connection with the Train so I have to you know resort us more
primitive things like freaking notebooks there’s a new pad on the tree anything
in your pack no I wish maybe in your V what do you need it for
are you scoping I mean no pad well if you’re not using it I take it I’m out of
paper and there’s all sorts of new leaves around here hmm all right it’s on the RV then I be SHhhh
how’s the guy know just oh I can’t even talk to her again okay cool and maybe on
the RV okay I’m leaving I’m going to stop it stop you know
you’re not going to hurt you come with me
we could take the RV right now you left the keys in it
there’s a stupid come on I didn’t think you would say yes I can’t let you take
the RV it’ll be crazy you’re not letting me take it
sorry Lee I really am you’ve got to be kidding me holy shit she’s stealing the RV Lilly come back how did she get free fuck stop let’s focus on the Train me what else
can you do like how Ken’s face just goes in summary if we don’t figure out how
this thing works left down the road I mean what was the point there wasn’t
anything in the RV anyway don’t yeah still sick you know we need to get
everyone post I can’t be a monster come on I’m not gonna be it can you
hoo-boy leaving her on the side of the road like that would be just as bad therapy didn’t matter anyway we’re
taking the train so who cares the idiots gonna get herself killed it’s
our own stupid choice perfect you can read it now yeah
Chernobyl – just follow the steps to get the engine off sounds good ah-6 down
down up up up down up uh hey mr. Joker has gone remember the zombies coming
yeah YouTube is fine right now before OHS my internet that decided to shut
down entirely even though it wasn’t actually shut down it just when let me
do anything at all for some reason I had to disable it on my computer and the
real able it literally first time ever okay six five nine nine down down up up
up down up horizontal vertical left right okay cool sounds easy okay six
Baba son of a bitch whatever you did let the
– up so far so good okay I mean that’s one thing uh guess I can’t do it things there so
five this way and that way now we’re talking yeah not like you’re
doing much of anything to help number nine isn’t here yeah I assume nine is over here Kenny
can you get the fuck out of my way so I can look at crap wait Oh open I can open
this way what’s out here kid I thought those things he does into city rockers this doors going good
yes it will wanna you aren’t gonna like this okay I think that’s enough I’m also a
little surprised he didn’t just resort to the gun they seem to want to just use
a gun all the time most of the time okay he was later you’re sorry
yeah I guess I could go up there on that side – I’m gonna shoot for a brick see
what’s over here anything no clips one of me gang
jumpscared an adventure that’s all that is I’m just gonna repost it so so all that
so you two can see it as well okay let’s see way too casual cool okay um
so where’s nine oh so can I go out this way and take that back to someone oh the
switch this one it’s it’s out here isn’t it
that’s where number nine is gonna be the switch switch thingymajig can you please
go down I guess I can’t give it to Clementine huh hey sweet pea you okay
out here no I don’t think duck feels good no he doesn’t me neither
he’ll be fine I am sure of it fear for families if ducks up for thank
you that’s very thoughtful he isn’t fussy you know well no he’s
most kids they’re really fussy American no vegetables that kinda no American
Parker no the most trouble I ever have is making him use a fork uh-huh Thank
You Lee sure luck is funny funny dr. Peter it’s your concern well I’m happy
to be concerned I know that’s really the right way to say that but man it is no
okay what’s in here switch no use a switch in a while engine rithi and we’re golden
you’re on twitch again jack um duck though
what about duck what about it look kitty it’s something we’re gonna have to deal
with did you not hear cat we don’t know shit Lee let’s fucking enjoy this mom
let’s see if she’ll move it’s all yours
Oh mine I get to control that huh yeah yes it is isn’t it damn it ah did you
ruin something we’re still attached how dare you you’ll find out where we’re
still here I’m bugging us unstuck yeah okay let’s go get that son stucked on
stick on stinking don’t mind Lee he’ll just moonwalk everywhere
slide along one foot and she goes along fondly Oh deaf does that no that’s not
what I needed is it and I need to go in there he’s got this way or the other way
or something I don’t know could could I go out the other way actually I don’t
know if I could do that may I read something else out there that
I missed because it’s the other side
ah this is where I have to go to get unstuck did oh wait no there’s a wait
huh couple couple of pink upper bar derailed oh gee I wonder why
looks like it’ll get that pin out okay shit
broken ah dingdong couple of pin use my hand I’ll use my bare hands I’m strong
enough for you better way to do this you just touched it you did Oh oops you
didn’t try actually doing anything you just grabbed a hold of it and let go
good grief there hey Kenny we’re loose all aboard I can look this way now sure outlets you
touching my stuff Oh I’ll take them out for the train routes
but took their bit of the tree roots shared online you can have ad really
yeah I got them all right up here okay I guess it’s no worse for wear name’s
Chuck Charles if you fancy this is a Chuck tried before yeah and the guy up
in the cab him too I saw you walking through here thought about scaring the
pants off yeah what but I couldn’t force myself to do it
nice you’re still kind of freaking me out
drain focal do that already met everyone outside they all warm to me right quick
and direct sunlight Oh sorry
you met everyone then okay interesting you met Chuck yeah I did it’s so nice to
meet someone normal for a change huh it’s fine Ben you can you can take it
it’s fine um welcome thank you you bet kitty sure did man shares my
love of the road doc you’re gonna be fine
I’m awful sorry your son’s not feeling good I appreciate your concern well with
a little TLC I’m sure he’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time
well I know for y’all whatever I got although it ain’t much thank you
we’d like to do the same why don’t we hold off on that
stay with us we’d like the company oh we gonna get some nice guitar music that like should be good I think you do
would be and watching the girls and not working on a mega cool train what do you
think hey sweet pea that candy Chuck gave you it tastes okay
it was really good no you have to taste no okay
trains cool huh just kind of make sure you know yes scary kind of that’ll be
fine get to be totally fine and don’t worry
Chuck honey you barely hear your guitar can you play
louder are you alone you alone why not seem to be doing alright father
I’m sorry I do like being ran y’all actually it’s nice you caught us on a bad day mm-hmm you
still got a couple of kids and this one’s got a good spirit this is true that’s some kind of something I need to
watch out for Ben he’s a man he is from your liver oh I’m sad about everything
toward your boy but you can’t really blame on you you saw where I live oh jeez this guy’s kind of funny actually
showed up why I can’t I have the option to sorry about the RV I’m worried I’m
not here then didn’t do nothing putting some time into this train worse comes to
worse boxcar safe enough to sleep in I better get back to it I guess oh there’s
Kenny okay so that’s back we’re cut loose yeah that way yeah great we don’t
got much left so just gather whatever you want
let’s go all aboard finally want a ride well it sounds like you’re taking my
home that’s a yes then and find anything better for keeping the creepy crawlies
out than that boxcar you know I might actually do pretty well again keeping
bugs out get on the train Clementine don’t be a dink he’s getting sicker let
me look at him you don’t know anything what are you
gonna do yeah you’re just freakin back away instead we can keep going if you want damn right
I won’t that’s what we’re doing I think Lee just wants to talk it through
it’s talked through get home Kent I’ll be up front I don’t want to hear any
nonsense until we get where we’re going I think Kenny is actually really
wrestling with this because he knows that they can’t if he’s bitten and he’s
gonna turn they can’t keep him there for that long because the longer they wait
the worse it’ll get and then they have to watch him turn
into a zombie and then also attacked them and bite them and turn all them
into zombies and everything as well it’s it wouldn’t be easy as well I’m saying
shoot Kenny I can’t even shoot Kenny either I don’t have the option nobody
okay there were supposed to be some other
lady according to the next time on it showed
some other lady I don’t know if that was a lady that was screaming in the
beginning or if it was someone else not gonna have to do it why you didn’t shoot
duck no breeding goods on me mom that’s pretty cool to use the virus from the
zombies to develop powers and stuff it’s worth giving a wrong I’m trying
interesting what’s that about every but what’s a call sorry gotta be hard just
tell me what it’s about adults they care they get no disrespect no living got him
yeah leave oh no I need you right no I need you to go get him what sir would
you get that off his face my hands are full here can I thank you could you just get that off
his face please he’s out of time we need to stop this
train okay I’m gonna go get Kenny hold on tight in
case the train stops fast I don’t like this how to get this train stopped right
quick and stop in the Train stay put okay poor Ben called the last human ah that actually
sounds pretty cool I like the name of it the title of it look at any of this crap again No you need to stop the train I think you
already knows the reason why consignee to Kitty duck will be fine
I’m sorry shouldn’t talk like that right now go back there until my wife
everything will be fine what is the goddamn deal he’s a little sick but we
can’t just quit it’s a scratch he’s not like the others
Jesus Oh y’all are just making it worse this isn’t about duck
it’s not about my son dying the hell do you know you’re not my friend
I don’t hate you you sure as shit haven’t done anything for me I was with
you from the very beginning until you killed Larry that’s it you couldn’t save
her shil Sun Tan and you can’t save duck now shut your mouth so you’re running
like a coward I told Kat I’d get you to stop this bet your ass I don’t need you Kenny come on give up fuck that we don’t
get along I’m not letting you do this to cat and duck this is ridiculous this is
absolutely stupid you want to hurt people because you’re afraid
losing dark ain’t enough for you because you’re fucking lose everything acting
like this I’ll fucking kill you before I let that happen I’m sorry I don’t make it pretty mean typical
Canadian I don’t do anything oh the I’m sorry of course
well what am I supposed to do and it’s I think it’s time the boys been bit in case you haven’t
figured that out what do you need
I I gotcha it’s time to this is not possible no
it’s not what are we gonna do we can’t allow him to become one of those things
what what if what if he doesn’t Kenny I love you very much I love our
son more than life itself I need you to hear me what you are
saying that he may not turn is foolish but no there’s come on can you think of
one you let me know isn’t there some sort of pill or something we can just
give him just drift off to sleep right hon I mean Jesus this is our son I know
but we know it’s here or nothing fuck just who then you won’t me too you
don’t have to I’ll do it no it should be a parent no parent should have to do
something like this please right Kat we can say our goodbyes and just let that
be it I don’t know you’d be doing this family a great service
why don’t we take him into the forest so Clementine doesn’t have to see yeah
give us a moment to say goodbye of course so once again ending what’s happening don’t ask darkus time I know way too sad what are you doing I’m gonna make sure he’s okay how he’s
bitten I’m makin true he doesn’t come back
oh look clear things what bin take Clementine into the Train go
it’ll be fine Arif your spell I think they’re not what happened yet yet gotcha why cat oh fucking god she shot herself
didn’t she what the hell happened she could she
sees Jesus fuck Kenny you should go back to the tree
what do we do give me the gun tear I’ll do it can you should have left about this day
they didn’t see that you want to talk you understand what
happened yes okay what do you think is about what Jeff said what Chuck say that
what happened to duck would happen to me the funny part is we’re so how do the
math effect it took some sense until I agree mad hey
how you doing I’m here what reasons you had for doing
it no reason to go and tell my girl she’s gonna end up dead I don’t know
much about you and there’s a game but you stole you sure just cry out of
tomorrow but yo keep going on like this and that girl ain’t gonna make it
what do you know I know that you have a goddamn plan we get to Savannah and then
what you think that’s a new idea you got even the foggiest idea about where
you’re gonna find one of those look sit down with the girl and hash it out find
a map for Christ’s sake I give you one of a habit and if something were to
happen to you it won’t if it were you gotta prepare the girl teach her to use
a weapon and for crime and he cut that hair what’s wrong with her hair she’s a
little girl and she’ll die a little girl if you treat her like one you gotta
consider her a living person that’s yet you’re either living or you’re not you
ain’t little you ain’t a girl you ain’t a boy you ain’t strong or smart you’re
alive look at her hair you got a runaround with a mop that’s gonna act
like the velcro to any hands swinging its way find some scissors in my pack
and take care of that hair before a walker does it for you
and then show her how to use a gun because like it or not that’s what saves
your life from here on out I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job
but too many people have died already they have and seeing another little girl
die just do me I hear you I play it a
haircut and a gun it’s a good advice it’s all it is yeah uh shot the kid you
know I suppose someone