Today we’re gonna be talking about how do we launch an ISA in two weeks? So what is an ISA let’s start there I want to talk to you the realtor who’s trying to decide out there right now How are you gonna get your business to the next level? You’ve got all sorts of opportunity and you’re all over the place You are going a little crazy. Right? What we want to do is we want to bring some sanity your world And hopefully that results in more income Let’s talk about an ISA that is an inside sales agent There’s all sorts of terms and types and different types of personality types and all that kind of good stuff But let’s hit a couple of them. Just so, you know, so we’re on the same page. There is the inbound ISA which handles all the leads coming in Then there’s the outbound ISA that maybe is on the phone You know doing the circle dialing or maybe calling everybody for an open house or maybe for sale by owners or expired Then there is the other versions of I like to refer to them as LISAS and VISAS. There’s your local ISAs maybe in your office And then there’s the VISA the virtual ISAs. Maybe they are somewhere else in the world Now what you’ve got to decide is which one’s right for you? Oh, and by the way, there’s that one more important factor Are they licensed or they unlicensed so I don’t want to get in the weeds But what I want you to think about is what’s right for you, understand your state laws. Don’t cross the line It’ll come back and catch you. We don’t want that to happen. So just understand first what are the different types so you can figure out which right for you. Number two, who needs an ISA? I believe in ISA is needed by the realtor out there that is capable of creating more opportunity than they can handle on their own. Does that make sense? So You have more leads that you’re generating that you can go to or maybe you’re that person trying to start a team Or maybe you’re already a team leader and you’re like I’ve transferred my skill to other agents I just need to help the agents get more employment so I can increase my investment right? There’s that person maybe you’re already the really large team and you’re throwing out a ton of leads to people and you just know that the agents maybe you just start Organize just the way you want yet, and maybe your agents aren’t converting at the rate you want So maybe the ISA department is your insurance department to make sure that you don’t miss out on investments that you spent to generate all those leads. This is the person who needs an ISA, couple different personality types, right? So when you hire an ISA we want them to get going in two weeks because anything longer than that, it’s gonna become a struggle It’s gonna become difficult. So let’s talk about what the ISA needs from you what this ISA needs from you is clear direction I’m a big fan, those of you that have been around me long enough you know that I say this You have to BE the ISA before you can hire an ISA. Now that doesn’t mean you’ve got to go for months and months being the ISA but you gotta know how it’s got to work so you can teach it to someone else Have you actually sat down and thought about if I’m going to schedule an appointment for an agent on my team or is the ISA going to schedule an appointment for just me. Maybe it’s just you and one person who’s an ISA Do they know how to search the MLS properly? Do they know how to use your google calendar or whatever calendar system it is that you choose to use do we have a CRM that we can work out of to hold people accountable and know how many calls they’re making all of those things are really important Think about those details Also most important thing. Are you telling them what to say. We as human beings we get excited when we hire somebody we think they’re the best that we think they’re a great person and sometimes we think that they already know what they’re supposed to do, but they took a job looking for direction so if you don’t offer them a script list and outline a way to tell them how to have conversations like for example how to leave a voicemail Hey, my name’s Bobby and I’m with banana real estate I saw that you had reached out to me about a home for sale on X Y Z Street and I just wanted to get that door open for you today, or maybe tomorrow. Please give me a call back That’s a voicemail example. We could do a million different ways with that but are you that precise to let the ISA know even how to leave a voicemail? They have to know that they have to know that, so think about that think about your scripts think about what they what you want them to know. Now on top of that I want you to think about how long are you gonna have this ISA there and what is the sole purpose of that ISA because so many people think that they’re gonna hire this ISA and it’s gonna be a career path and I’m gonna be there forever where some people also think this is the stepping stone into the real estate that they’re gonna learn how to be an ISA on the phones and then they’re gonna become a realtor on my team These are really good ideas both ways. You just got to figure out where’s the pendulum gonna swing for you? And where’s it gonna land because I’ve seen some really successful teams build careers out of inside sales agents. The challenges that they end up having though is is have you ever tried to I don’t know think about having a long term career in a call center forever and ever and ever You’re just gonna be on the phone. It could wear them out. So what are you doing to relieve them? How are you gonna help them? Should they be doing eight-hour shifts or should they be doing six hour shifts all great questions that you should really think about It also has to do with that person on the flip side I’ve seen a lot of people use it as a stepping stone to get in the business and I think that’s a great model too. The problem that I see with that though is they don’t have them stay in that seat long enough All they do is they learn just enough to where all they did was learn and they got out but they really didn’t make a whole lot of appointments for you because they hadn’t really got to use everything you taught them So think about leveraging them for the right amount of time, which I think is different for every single person and lastly what I want to talk about is probably compensation and pay because everybody always asks “How do you pay an ISA?” Many different models out there. My favorite model that I’ve seen out there is I want you to think opposite of linear pay is exponential pay so what I mean by that is linear pay is you set an appointment you get a bonus. You set an appointment you get a bonus. You set an appointment you get a bonus. We know those maybe it’s a flat rate fee. Maybe it’s a percentage, but that’s linear If someone that you hire as an ISA and they set you five appointments in a month. They made five bonus points. We’ll call it. Are you satisfied with that though? Probably not. You’re probably wanting to see the bigger results here and if you think about what’s gonna drive that inside sales agent to make that one more phone call or that maybe two more phone calls, that linear pay scale what I have found usually doesn’t do it because what’s the difference between X and X like it’s just a small amount with an exponential pay scale what we’re talking about is let’s say for the first 10 appointments you don’t make any bonus you just get your base salary. Maybe it’s minimum wage. That’s just doing your job Then appointments 10 through 20, maybe all of the appointments let’s say you’ve got 15 appointments 15 times. Let’s just call it 1% of the sale, but if we get appointments between 15 and 25 Let’s say it goes to 2% of the sale if we get 25 to 35, it goes to 3% of the sale I’m talking the whole amount. So the higher they get up that scale for that month that dollar amount reflects across all of the appointments that they set and now they’re super motivated to get that one more appointment that one more appointment because it just made all those appointments that much more valuable I know that this is a little bit more complex And I know that there’s a lot of questions that may come from this I hope that you ask it in our thread here because what I want you guys to do is walk away from this video with enough to be dangerous. Ask the right questions, hire your ISA and launch them in two weeks because after two weeks you’re wasting money We need to get everything we can out of those people because you don’t want to spend any more time doing it So most importantly hire an ISA if you’re looking to grow because it is going to make you go through the roof Hope you enjoyed this video. Can’t wait to see you next week and talk to you soon