Shalom, I’m Erez Soref. The president of One for Israel Ministry. And I want to give you just a glimpse into what God is doing in Israel and how he’s working through our ministry. Our College and Seminary was established in 1990 with a vision of training ministers for the rapidly growing Jewish and Arab churches in Israel. We are in fact. The only accredited Hebrew speaking seminary in the world. And today many Jewish and Arab believers come from all over Israel to study Bible, theology, counselling, and practical ministry. And from our programs thousands of graduates are working in Arab and Jewish ministries all over Israel spreading the light of the Gospel. Training up ministers and Bible teachers in Israel is a crucial work. As we are experiencing an unprecedented awakening here in Israel, through our media outreach programs. The Gospel videos and testimonies have reached over 90 million views globally. And in Israel alone over 27 million views on YouTube and Facebook. Israel is a startup nation. And our people spend more time online. And on their phones than almost any other country in the world. The street ministry today is not in the local square. But online. And with social media platforms. Our team is having incredible engagement with over four views per Israeli of our online outreach in Hebrew. One of the most powerful aspects of our media outreach. Is the fact that we’re also a Bible college. So we have the best theological minds developing content. From apologetics to discipleship and spiritual growth. Our Facebook communities and website platforms are not just a great destination for Jewish seekers but an enriching resource for the messianic community in Israel. And from Israel, we are reaching the world with resources in English like And we’ve had our videos translated into Russian and many other foreign languages. And being ONE for Israel. We have a powerful unity with our Arab brothers and sisters as well. Our Bible College is training and encouraging the Arab church here in Israel. In our Arabic outreach team is producing powerful films and daily responding to seekers from all over Israel Egypt and the entire Middle East. Also with Agape.FM we are the only messianic radio station in Israel. Delivering powerful worship and encouragement in Hebrew 24/7. We’ve also launched an exciting program to disciple the believers serving in the Israeli defense forces providing teaching and conferences to strengthen their faith and encourage them as they serve our country. Our local outreach also blesses Holocaust survivors and provides for mothers at risk with our pro-life and humanitarian aid programs. We’ve seen amazing progress in the last 30 years of ministry. But I am convinced. That the work that God has begun in this day is going to be unlike any other. And we need your prayers and support, to see it through. So join us. Hand in hand, and become. One For Israel.