how you guys doing today this is Darius
I’m the owner of intuitive Charles calm where I teach you to what intuitively
channel okay so in this video I’ve been doing a series channeling dead guys
where I usually tell of those who were your this planet and now we’re not just
to see how they feel and the things they want to things they wish it would have
done while they were here and in this video I’ll be channeling Jesus the one
and only Nazareth that’s a risk I don’t know what my name is I’ll be doing here
I’m Jesus yeah so before I record what I usually do is
I had tuned to the energy that I get like uh I get what I want to say then I
say that in the video this video he wants me to I did try to do that he
wanted me to do a live version of that but before I get into that before before
I even wanted to give her a channel to version for you guys he this nigga
started to read for me and he asked me he wanted me to define life and I said
life is to be lived it’s to for us to grow to expand yada yada yada and
acceptin actually but you know what life is shit you aren’t doing it you’re
expanding but not the right you can authenticate because I’m doing things he
the way he saw was like like a filter I got the bottom there’s one there’s one
around there’s one hallway of going things but it but all those have the
hard way there’s put twenty ideas what do you wanted me to do is just take
those forty ideas and to build twenty hallways as opposed to having one
hallway so that was the reading day for me and he said this is for me I can
share this one if I want I’m sharing with you guys hopefully that touches
someone and so the one he wants me to receive for you miss this say you look at IKEA I wonder what we do
to the salon okay I want you to tell them the truth they already know okay so these he’s now
duplicating himself I’m like what truth are you referring to he’s now I
duplicating themselves he’s that’s his way of saying we are all one we are all
one he’s wanting you to release judgment yes this is I know what so you’re like
okay it’s kind of cliche yeah he’s one he’d release judgment he’s
wanting you to notice everyone’s Dimond yesterday I was at my meetup group and I
had my students came into the readings because I want them to grow I wanted to
critique them and the really she gave for me was that everyone is a diamond
that everyone has a diamond within them and support for us to focus all that
diamond and not see the outer core of what this world has created that’s
naturally we exist as time is naturally we are Source Energy he’s wanting
everyone to give that we know it intellectually but we don’t naturally
feel it and he’s one of you to feel it okay what else he’s real now he’s doing jumping jacks
she’s being dramatic like nigger let’s go like if you but you’re doing too much
he’s what he’s jumping up and down he is real he’s saying that this is real this
session is real that what I’m receiving right now is really what I’m receiving
is best for me to receive and if you were to channel him you receive
something and it’s best for you to receive but for the course of this video
this is real this is authentic this is this is life listen we’re actually here
we’re existing now we’re doing what we’re supposed to do and now these give me the thumbs up any
struggling shoulders suggesting that that is what he wanted you all to know
and that is what this really will be about I’m gonna do a little further I
want to know if he can compare that life to this life because once you watch you
die you have a broader perspective but Jesus is known to live on this planet
with that perspective so I want to see how he feels so now what he’s doing is she’s showing
me his perspective of this life the one he had in the physical war and the what
he’s having now and they’re literally mirror images and he’s wanting you to
know that it can be the same for you simply because that he is you because
all the diamonds correct we’re all the same we’re all the images with all sorts
anything what and what he means by that is that he wants you to know that if we
create everything we experience yes and that in order to experience more in
order to experience how can i in order to experience all that which we will
experience once we kick the bucket yes what much we gain I promise late when we
die didn’t experience that bronze sector fear you’d have these great ideas all
these source energy once we die were a source energy we can have that same
energy living and he’s wanting you to know that cuz that’s what Jesus was he
had all this great power with great tenacity to do things miraculously while
he was here because he knew he could do it without doubt and he’s wanting you to
know that as well and me too because I’m slacking in his eyes I’m slacking and I
agree in the grand scheme for the things I’m going to do my life I’m kind of
slacking that’s okay or whatever but yeah telling dead guys Jesus could just
I hope you enjoyed that have any questions for Jesus ask him ask me I
will check him for you you can book a reading on my website so I can challenge
use this for you I might do this is like a nama as a service channeling Jesus why
not this video will be like a very powerful video for those who will
receive it you know so I might include that as a service let me know how you
feel in the comments below have a great day