– Check it out. Hey, I’m Rocky Kanaka, and this is Herschel’s adoption trip. Now in the last video we started the road trip, and he just loves the ocean. But now we have the rest of the way to go for him to actually get to his new forever home. So, I hope you come along with us, and let’s keep on trucking. – Need some water? Herschel likes pink. That’s it. Here it is. Come on. – [Rocky] He’s like “I want
the good water out of yours.” (Rocky laughs) – It is the good water. I promise. – He’s being such a good dog that after the beach he
completely passed out and now we’re getting some gas and taking a little restroom
break with this guy. We’re about four hours into the road trip, so let’s keep on trucking. Gotta take you with me. Let’s go. – [Rocky] Best road trip ever. Best road trip ever. Hashtag 2018. – Yes. Hashtag yeah. (laughter) – [Rocky] Great, good. Hashtag yeah, Hersch. All right, we’ve got how much time? What’s the map say? How much farther do we have? – We’ve been stopping a lot. – I feel like we have a
bunch of kids in the back. Or we have a kid in the back. What’s it called? – Redding. – Redding. So right now we are (laughs), we are supposed to be about right here. We started this morning
at 10 a.m. right here, and we’re right here. So now we’ve just got to
book it to right here, and it’s going to be late. – [Rocky] You really got us off track. – I did? – Oh, don’t blame it on
Herschel. What did he do? – I would never. – Look how stoic he is. – Look. – Just hanging out. Yeah, so I don’t know. We
got some driving to do. (upbeat blues music) – Alright, so we’re in Fresno right now. In my mind I just thought we would be somewhere for the sunset. I think this is the
somewhere for that sunset. Fresno right now, and then Sacramento. We’re trying to find a dog-friendly hotel. It’s not as easy as you’d think. But so far, best road trip ever. (dog pants) Good boy! All right, stopped for a quick bite before hitting the hotel. And this guy has been so
good on the road today that we got something for him. His very first burrito. His very first Hershel-rit…Herrito. – I don’t know. – Herschel. – Not the whole thing, right, just a bite? – I mean, it’s like a kid-sized. And he’s a big boy. He weighs as much as me. – Oh my gosh. (Kelly laughs) – All right, here we go, hold that for me. He knows what’s coming. Okay. (both laugh) (dog chomps) – [Rocky] Oh man. He might
be a little gassy tomorrow. (door opens) Come on, my man. Good boy. Come on, I’m gonna show you your bed. Lay down, come here, lay down. Okay, that was fairly seamless. – Yeah. – Hey, Red Roof Inn, pulling through. Time for bed. Now let’s just hope he
actually sleeps tonight. He slept. It took about 30 minutes but he just needed to know no matter where he’s at, he’s safe as long as he’s with
someone who loves him. (curtain rod squeals) Ready, bud? Let’s go. Today’s your adoption day, man. – [Kelly] He doesn’t like going up and down the steps very much. – [Rocky] Good boy. Good boy. It’s probably hard on his hips. Today’s the day, it’s adoption day. We’re going hit the road. We still have three hours to drive north from Sacramento to Redding, California. A little bit of the road trip left Let’s hit it. I’m so excited about today. Who else is excited? – So excited. – Getting the clean wipes out? – Yeah, we had a little spillage
of the Puppuccino earlier. – Ah. Do you think he knows. – What? – That today’s the day? – He knows something’s up. He woke up with some pup in his step. – We’re like two hours out right now. They’re going to get there before us, so as soon as we get there. – I’m already crying. – You’re crying? – Yes! – He’s a really sweet dog. It’s hard to believe that
someone returned him. – He’s so smart. Just talk to him and
tell him what you want. He listens and he obeys your commands. You tell him to sit, lay
down, and he does it. – He does it. Which he hasn’t
had training. You can tell. – No, he’s just intelligent. – He’s a smart dog. – [Rocky] What did ya get? – A bar and a probiotic drink. – Oh, that’s not very
exciting road trip food. – Trying to be healthy. – Oh, okay. – What did you get? – Uh, health food like you. – Oh, okay. – Some strawberries and carrots. – Yeah? – Okay, let’s go. Wait, I forgot my drink. Just some juice. – Uh huh. – Okay, we’re here. You’ll run camera? – Yeah. – I’ll grab Herschel. We’re at a nature reserve, a park. We’re gonna walk around
and spend some time just try to get him evened out so when he meets his new forever family he’s just right. I think saying that I
wanted to walk him around so that he could be calm to meet his new forever family was really more so that I could be calm and come to peace with it or that we could come to
peace with it together. You really get attached as friends when you go on such an emotional journey. I wouldn’t rather have anything else for Herschel. So we spent some time together. And then we just knew that it was time. Hi, are you Kim? – Yes. – All right. – Hi, buddy. Hey. – There ya go. – Oh, he’s even more beautiful in person. – Oh yeah. Right away. – I’ve waiting so long to meet you. – That’s what he likes. That’s love at first sight right there. – He’s like furry, fluffy. – Furry fluffies. – [Rocky] Tell me how you
initially heard about Herschel. – I came across your Facebook video of him playing in the snow. I have no idea what possessed me to fill out that application. We weren’t looking for a dog. But something just said, “Just do it.” I know Herschel has lot of fans, and I just want to assure everybody that he will never see the
chain ever again in his life, he will never be tethered. He’ll never be a day without love. We have a huge family with lots of love. He’ll have sisters, his German Shepherd sisters to play with. He will spend every single
one of his last days with our family. – Well, Hershel. See ya, buddy. See ya. Have fun, man, in your new life. Love ya, bud.