Matthew 12:31 to 32 The man in the book should read it. I say unto you, that all sin and blasphemy of man shall be forgiven, The sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, And if anyone rebels against the Son of Man by word, he will receive forgiveness, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, He will not be forgiven either in this world or in the world to come. It is recorded like this. Who is the factor? Jesus. What about anyone who disobeyed or disturbed Jesus? He who obstructs you may receive forgiveness for your sins, but whoever comes next, He who comes next comes to judge. What’s judging about? He comes to judge for sin and righteousness. Those who rebel against those who judge will not be forgiven. Saying to me, “What heaven he is from?” and say, “He hugged and touched a woman.” The man tells me I’m not from heaven.
Ambassador Wonhyo is.. People respect Won Hyo even if he has a baby and hugs 100 women. That’s why you shouldn’t make such a story come to your lips. If you disturb me, He will not be forgiven. He is not forgiven in the next life also.
So the person who blamed me in the last election was dead. About 20 people died. People who have been with me for years will know. People. The first person to harass me was the one who came to court. He was a secretary to a president. The secretary died the day I talked about a car accident. A few days ago to be president is Park Geun-hye.
Why does this happen? From the 戊戌 year, it is the time when the one who criticizes me is eliminated. Ha ha ha ha. What year that Park Geun-hye and the president was born? Park Geun-hye was born in 戊戌 year. So next year is 戊戌 year. .. You should remember. There are many verses that predicting my coming in Bible, and 天符經, and the complete collection of Buddhist Sutras. The celestial globe sacred book says ‘一積十鋸’. You interpret this weirdly.
In fact, one thing is this land. This is the land. What’s this?
The thing that cross the sky. This is the cross of Jesus. But what is this? What is it? A man comes down the Earth from heaven. He comes down. This is Alpha and this is Omega. It’s done. This ten is complete number, but tell me it’s done.
When I come, the human harvest is complete. When I go, the harvest is over. okay?
So this is a ten. The whole of the Chunbuk Kyungsŏn scripture is a scripture to praise Huh Kyung Young.
Okay? But people can’t interpret the celestial scenery sacred book. When interpreting the celestial scenery sacred book, it represents all Huh Kyung young. This is the a magic square(魔方陣), isn’t it? 113133 And then What’s next? 11769/ 810105 What’s next? 132315. Then take a good look here. This is Alpha and this is Omega. But today is the 13th day of the lunar calendar. By the way, I came here on November 13. He’s the one who came to save you. But today is the 13th day of the lunar calendar. Today is my birthday by the lunar calendar. Okay? So my… The day I came from heaven is today. The last 24 days are earlier. Tomorrow, January 1st is my solar calendar birthday. The day after tomorrow. This is the year I was born in 1949. The lunar calendar, November 13, 1949, is January 1, 1950 in the solar calendar calendar. then
It’s ‘The 49th Day After Death’. This man is the one who is judging for your sinning and 席藁待罪.
And is November 13th here? There are 11 letters in the word ‘Huh’ of my name. Then, there are eight letters in “Kyung.” and “Young” has 14 letters.
So Alpha and Omega are attached. Alpha and Omega make 14. So, as I come here at 14, It means Huh Kyung young. And here’s the day I was born. We’re looking for this man in Daeseun, Jeung San Do(甑山道) and everywhere. This guy is here. I’m here and I can’t belong anywhere. Until he becomes president, he should not be involved in any religion or party. This is the only one who exists alone. That’s why there are 33 letters of this stroke. Thirty-three in all. There are 33 strokes of my name. So I come from 33th sky. The highest point is the white palace(heaven) at 33th sky. Do you get it? So now, this is the 一積十鋸. I told you only part of the 天符經(The Scriptures of Heaven). If you look at this letter,Huh Kyung young, there are ten people here.
He is from the cross. It is the word ‘人’ and it means a person. So there is no end to this interpretation. There’s no doubt about it. But it says that the mockers of this man go to him later and bow to him. In other words, people who mock me bow to me later. They bow to me. This is 33. I came out on the 13th and here I am, 14144. It ‘s been a long time since I used the magic square. I wrote 13 Do you see here? There is a magic square in each church in Europe. This is the code that the future of Messiah brings. This is the largest cathedral in the world built by Gaudi. This magic square is at the bottom of the world’s best cathedral.
Come this way. All the churches have this magic square. Show me the Gaudi Cathedral below.
Like this… Let’s zoom in. There’s a magic square in every church like this. What do you call this? In Europe, this is called the Messiah Code. Magic square is the mesia code. That’s why the future of Messiah is in this number. Right. Then the total of these magic square numbers is 33 by horizontal, vertical and diagonal each.
And my name’s number(stroke) is 33 by then. So I’m the one who finds in each religion.
So when people first see me, they think I’m crazy. But, people around the world change slowly. And later, people all over the world know me by my voice.
My voice is the sound of a thirsty mother calling her baby. Do you understand?
So it sounds sad. My voice is appealing and many humans hear my voice later and the disease is cured. Do you understand? So what does the prophecy say? the letter ‘牛’ meaning cow. The voice of the ox comes out and cries out all over the world. That’s ‘牛性在野’ meaning a cow crying in the field. So my political and economic revolutions… I talked about marriage and maternity benefits money in the first place, but our people and politicians missed it. That’s why the economy and politics are in a mess now. So now I’m out, right?