Mooney is a Great Pyrenees. You can barely tell it by
looking at him right now. – Mooney was picked up as a stray. I don’t know if somebody dumped him. The pictures that I saw of him
just absolutely broke my heart. I said, “We’ve got to help this dog.” The first time I met
Mooney I was amazed at how sweet he was even in
the condition that he was in. I mean, he had to be in
pain and uncomfortable. Mooney was definitely hopeful and
determined despite his health issues. And then I pulled him as soon as I
was able to pull him from the shelter. He wants to come and put his paws
up on your shoulder, and just cuddle with you. First thing we did after I picked him up
from the shelter was I took him to the vet. He weighed about 60 pounds. Probably about a third of the
weight that he should have been. And they found out that
he had a bacterial infection, a fungal infection, and
mange all on his skin. Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue pulls dogs out of the shelters and
gives them the treatment that they need so we can get them adopted out. I’m bringing Mooney to my house to take
care of his most urgent medical issues. He will be in quarantine for
two weeks to four months. And then once he is
no longer contagious, then he will go to a
regular foster home. – Good boy.
Oh, good boy. Here we go. It’s warm. It’s okay. – Mooney will be getting medicated
baths three times a week. He is also getting antibiotic
pills and antifungal pills. – [Laughing] What are you doing? What are you doing? – Mooney has definitely made
progress since he’s been here. He’s definitely starting
to gain some weight, and his skin is the pink
color that it should be. My biggest hope for Mooney
is that he will fully recover, and is adopted by a family that
is going to be his forever family. Mooney is no longer contagious. So he can finally leave quarantine
and go to a regular foster home. We found the perfect
foster dad for Mooney who can help him grow even
stronger until he’s ready to get adopted. Mooney has come so far already. And I can’t wait for him
to take this next step. – I have two dogs. I think they help Mooney by teaching him how to be
comfortable in a human’s home. The pack at my house gave Mooney
something that perhaps I can’t. They let him know that he is okay. Mooney is soon going
to be ready to be a wonderful addition
to any human’s home. Today, Mooney is going to his adopted family’s home. I think he has transformed. He now is active, social. – Oh, thanks for coming. Hey! Hey. Hey. Welcome home. – We were reading online that Mooney had
lost all of his hair. But we looked at him and
he had this happy face. And then we just kind of knew. – Welcome home, baby boy. – He went up to everybody in the family, and was just happy to
see them, loving on us. – Welcome home. – We just kinda knew. I think our son asked me, you know,
“Do you like him, dad?” And I said, “Yeah.” And then he ran over to Jenny. He goes,
“Do you like him, mom?” And Jenny goes,
“Yeah, I like him.” And then you said to him — You said what? – I said,
“Well, how do you feel about him, Tristan?” He said,
“I love him!” [Laughing] So we knew he was —
– Yeah. So we knew. – Mooney is doing well. He gets two walks a day in the
morning and in the evening time. And then this is what he
does the rest of the day. [Laughing] He lies around. – I have a lot of respect for the people
at the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue. It’s hard for us to comprehend what really went into all
of making him what he is now. It was definitely worth it.