If you want to follow Jesus, you need to get
alone with Jesus often, my friend as often as you can, you’ve got to make time
to be alone with Jesus. Be away from everything else, all distraction
away from the family, away from the house, away from whatever is bothering you
or that keeps you away from Jesus. You must have a prayer closet
you must have a place where you go to be alone with Jesus
every day during your day you have got to focus on Jesus
you have got to keep your mind on Him all day long
and you have got to focus on the Holy Spirit that He put inside of every believer
that’s in your heart, He will speak to you, that soft voice
you have got to focus, you have got to LISTEN, every moment of your day,
but you have got to take time, every day and get alone with Jesus.
I am not talking time reading your Bible, or listening to videos, watching videos or
reading a good book, no, you have got to take time to be with Jesus
alone, my friend so that you can LISTEN
so that His Holy Spirit can speak to you so that you can sit in His presence and say:
“Lord, speak to me Lord, just put Your mind into my mind
put your Spirit into my mind and reveal Yourself to me!
Father I need You! I just want to be in Your presence Lord
I just want to hear Your voice! Lord I am waiting on You.
Lord I need You!” You have got to do that!
You have got to yearn for Jesus, like a person who is thirsty for water
You have got to yearn for Christ and say: “Lord, teach me Your ways!
Lord come inhabit me Lord, come guide me
See if there is something wrong in my life, that needs to be changed!
Lord speak to me, reveal Yourself to me!” And He will come to you, my friend!
The more you do it, the more you practice yourself in seeking Christ
the closer that relationship becomes but if you don’t have that, my friend
you will never know Jesus. You’ve got to get alone with Jesus, my friend!
Because where you are alone with Christ, He will speak to you.
He will reveal all things to you! He will open it up to you!
He will reveal to you things to come, He will reveal to you things about yourself.
He will tell you how He sees you! He will put your priorities right.
But you have to spend time in the presence of the living God.
Take time out, say: “Lord, I need You. Lord speak to Me! Lord I just want to be in your
presence, here” Every day, my friend!
Jesus is God. He is God almighty and if He is your Lord
and if you want to spend eternity with Him you have got to slip away and go and make
time and say: “It is time for You, it is time for me to be with You, Lord Jesus,
you are the most important person in my life!” My friend, if Jesus is not the LORD of your
life, do you know what the LORD is?
THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE If He is not the most important person in
your life then He is not your Lord.
You won’t enter His Kingdom! He has got to be your Lord!
To most people they themselves are their lord, everything is about them,
their comfort, their pleasure,
their life! Their future!
Without Jesus, my friend, you have NO FUTURE, you are DEAD!
You are heading ONE WAY FAST, you are heading down that road where you are
just going to fall down into the pit. Because Jesus will say to you:”I never knew
you!” You have got to take time with Him, you have
got to get alone with Jesus, my friend! Just say:”Lord teach me, show me, reveal
Yourself to me.” That is the only way you are going to get
to know Him, my friend. There is NO OTHER WAY!
He will put His mind into you He will show you things, He will send you
He will use you He will prepare you, He will make you holy
He will teach you, HIS WAYS He will reveal Himself to you in a mighty
way, but you have got to take time to be with Jesus
ALONE! Seek Him! Seek Him, my friend and you will
find Him! There is only ONE WAY to find Jesus and that
is to be alone with Him! Go on your knees, seek Him.
He is God almighty! He is waiting for you, and for me!
The only way to get into heaven, my friend is to know Jesus, to spend time with Him
because if you spend time with Him you will OBEY HIM
you won’t have a problem with sin or the things of this world
because if JESUS IS LORD in your life, then you will OBEY HIM,
then you will go into His Kingdom! He is your King, He is your Lord!
If you don’t have time for Him, He won’t have time for you!
He will say to you:”Go away, I never knew you!”
Jesus bless you.