Cheerio MAaor It’s only a vacuum cleaner This is for air’s exit & this is inside of car I have to vacuum & this is my work pants Need to plug this No Major, you’ll stay here Or you’ll argue with a mower Stay there doggie Bright Major It isn’t new toy Leave it Major! It’s not safety So, now better Why it doesn’t work? I need to change a cable What’s wrong? Easy! Do we vacuum you? Or I’ll close you! He won’t even get along with a vacuum cleaner Dog, dog! How to clean with you? Leave it! It’s good, good vacuum cleaner & good, almost good dog Leave it, you’ll destroy it Leave it Major! They stealing, stealing a vacuum cleaner You thief Leave it Major, leave it! Leave it! x2 How to say now, thumbs up for argueing Major, what? Thanks for watching! Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time Later