Even in this place we can find trash, right Major? In this place? Nice rocks Major? It’s rarity in our mountains to see this kind of rock Our mountains are old Major a alpinist Now question for viewers should be & some reward Maybe it won’t be any reward, but question is who remember this place from which previous film Really previous, right Major? Rocks between trees Trees on rocks Major among leafs, trees & rocks & me too Go, we’re going on the top of these rocks to see How it looks from up Or I’ll hide If you won’t follow me To me Major Good dog, bravo Major Trees are covering everything These rocks are almost invisible from here Any comment Major? Seriously? A can? & we’re on the top What do you see Major? That there’s is some way to down, right? Some strange seeds attached themselves to my pants What do you see there Major? A roe? He came. & what now? Search for way, search for way down here Well Major, to me He found, good dog Watch out Because there’s some way down Are you looking for way down? Easy Major Are it will be fail on film Painful Not first time I have to take you out from somewhere So Major was on rock Nothing happened any dog Let’s go Major, we’re going further into forest & thank you all for watching Hey Major, where are you running? Thumbs up for running Major Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time Later