Major, something for you Will you guess what is it? Or you’ll unpack it? So unpack this Unpack Pull it Pull! Very good More Very good Oh, what is it Major? What is it? What do we have here? It smells mint Look Your dental ball Or rugby ball exactly I’ll take off a badge & we’ll see if you like it What, a new taste? You didn’t taste mint yet. Chew it, it’ll clean your teeth Why you scare this ball? Very good, very good Now bite it What is this taste, for what is this? With previous one you roll it too, unsteadily, unsteadily & now it’s your favourite, right? He isn’t interested, because here’s something new Catch & that’s how Major got dental ball These tabs should clean his teeth If he’ll want to chew them Thanks for watching Leave like, SUB, comment, share & see you next time Later