Hi guys this one’s gonna be a real quick one. One of the things that I used to love to do
before Christ came into me was soccer. I used to love playing soccer, I used to actually
like playing video games. As far as video games I used to like playing
soccer games, basketball games, a few little adventure games, racing games,
mostly competition games. And mostly with a friend. With a good friend near me, we used to just
joke around and play with each other. But after Jesus came I just felt convicted
that this stuff is for children, time to grow up. But I did miss it a little bit, I missed more
than the game itself, just that feeling of being with a friend. You know, joking around used to score a goal
on him, you’re like, “Yeah!!” You know just like laughing and playing around. That was more fun than actually the game itself. And I never really played against the computer. I mean I did to get better so I could beat
my friend, but it was more about hanging out with a buddy. You know, drinking a beer, having some fun. Whatever we used to do back in the day. But after I found Christ, He read my heart
that I used to miss that camaraderie between friends, you know? So one night, this was a very powerful dream,
it was not a vision, this wasn’t real it was just a dream, but it was really cool. So I thought I’d share it with you. So in the dream I’m flying in the air and
I’m flying in the clouds and all of the sudden I see Jesus and the Apostles. And so I go, I fly in the air near them and
Jesus has a soccer ball. He’s like, “All right guys let’s split up
into two teams.” So I guess it was seven on seven right? Because there’s 12 Apostles
and then Jesus and then me. I don’t know where Stephen was or whoever got that Apostleship after him, he wasn’t there. I don’t know the names of everybody there, all I know is Jesus there and the Apostles, I knew that. And so Jesus is on my team and we’re just
playing soccer you know, in the air. And it wasn’t like a flat field, it was kind
of there was two goals but we could go down and up because it’s in the air. Sometimes they would kick and it would go
low, you would fly down to get it. So it was kind of multidimensional. This was all for fun. You know I just remember the end, where it
was like a tie game and I remember there was like time was running out for the game. I just remember it was even and then I stole
the ball and I start flying on the right side and I see Jesus and He went like this, like
pass me the ball, so I passed Him the ball. And as soon as He touched it, He kicked it
right back to me and I just kick the ball to the top left corner of the goal and we
win the game and we all start hugging and celebrating and having a good ole time. And so know this, once you actually find Jesus
and meet Him face to face, He’s gonna have a lot of fun with you. He’s taken me to ancient days to show me the days of Israel and He’s taken me to future times. I’ll get into that too later on in some other videos. But it’s not gonna be all serious. Once you find Him, you’re gonna have a better
time then you did in the world. When I gave up movies Jesus at nights, even
to this day had one a few nights ago, where Jesus actually puts me in like a movie scenario
like an adventure and He’s like the director and the writer, right? Like this epic battles. Long, awesome adventures that sometimes have to do with warfare, beating demons, all sorts of stuff. I might share some of these dreams that Jesus
gave me with what I call, “The Epic Movie” Directed by Jesus. But you guys just fall in love with Him, man. The more you give the more you get. In the name of Jesus I pray that
you see Him soon, Amen.