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to the Shepherd’s Chapel Network Family Bible Study
Hour with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter
by chapter, verse by verse study of God’s letter
to you, the Bible. (peaceful bagpipe music) And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you. God bless you. Say welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this Family
Bible Study Hour. Back in our Father’s word,
Jeremiah chapter 29 today. This particular
chapter, let me lay just a little bit of groundwork and it’ll make it a little
easier to understand. Many of the children have
already gone into captivity. Nebuchadnezzar has them. He has taken them, and
he is king of Babylon, and Father is telling
Jeremiah to write a letter and tell them to
relax, take life easy. Get married. Produce families. Enjoy yourself. Meaning, I’m with you. Now, why would God do this? Why would he, under the
captivity of Jeremiah, having made the
yoke and everything? Because he’s talking to you
and the final generation. He set the parable
of the fig tree back in 24 Jeremiah,
Jeremiah chapter 24, letting you know this has
to do with the end times, meaning, when the false
Christ is here on Earth, who is the king of Babylon, you’re not to worry
about it a great deal. God’s gonna take care of you. So this is kind of a letter
to you in the future sense on how to react when the
king of Babylon is here, one of the great
Book of Revelation. Chapter 29 the Book of Jeremiah, he whom God has launched forth. Let’s hear what he has to say. Verse one, and it reads, now these are the
words of the letter that Jeremiah the prophet
sent from Jerusalem unto the residue of the elders which were carried away
captives, and to the priests, and to the prophets,
and to all the people whom Nebuchadnezzar had
carried away captive from Jerusalem to Babylon. This would be Daniel,
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego. It would be all of the
children up to that time that were carried away,
and this is a letter that was sent by
the word of God. And the king of
Babylon is there. This is to let you know
what you’re supposed to do when the king of Babylon
is here in the future. Verse two. After that Jeconiah
the king, and queen. This was really Jehoiakim,
the son of Jehoiakim. God changed his
name for reasons. And the eunuchs, the princes
of Judah and Jerusalem, and the carpenters,
and the smiths, were departed from Jerusalem. They were taken captive. They had that yoke
on ’em just exactly like God put a yoke
on Jeremiah and said, this is an example of
what it’s gonna be like. Verse three, by
the hand of Elasah the son of Shaphan, and
Gemariah the son of Hilkiah, whom Zedekiah king of
Judah sent unto Babylon to Nebuchadnezzar
king of Babylon. And here you have these
people, verse four. Thus saith the Lord of
hosts, the God of Israel, unto all that are carried
away captives, whom I. Now don’t read over that. Not that Nebuchadnezzar
did this all on his own. Remember he said
in a prior chapter, Nebuchadnezzar was his servant. God is saying, I have
cause to be carried away from Jerusalem unto Babylon. I did it for a reason. Why? Because ultimately
in the long run when all is said and
done, this is how God brings his final
salvation forward is by having the
election delivered up before the king of
Babylon to witness and to bring forth a
testimony of the living God as it is written
in Mark chapter 13, Matthew chapter 24, and Luke 21. The high point of
Christianity, the purpose of standing against
that king of Babylon. What he’s saying is, I
caused this to happen, which means what? You don’t have a whole
lot to worry about if you are in his hand. That is to say if you
love him, if you believe, if he’s watching over you. Verse five. What do you do there? Build ye houses,
and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and
eat the fruit of them. Now, what this is saying
is, when he comes, you keep producing. Do everything but
don’t worship him. Understand? You cannot worship him
to receive his money, to receive his church,
or anything else, but aside from that, let
God bless you from the land, and don’t ever
forget how to barter. Verse six. Take ye wives, and beget
sons and daughters; and take wives for your
sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may
bear sons and daughters; that you may be increased
there, and not diminished. It’s not gonna
harm you one iota. In other words,
understand Nebuchadnezzar is not as many
would think of him. He’s not like the
final king of Babylon. Nabu, from which
Nebuchadnezzar comes, the word, Nabu means the god of learning. And what was the first
thing Nebuchadnezzar did to Daniel, Meshach,
and the three children? Sent them to college. Absolutely sent them to
college to educate them. He didn’t butcher them. He didn’t harm them. He took care of them. Verse seven. And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you
to be carried away captives, and pray unto the Lord for it. You can thank God for it. For in the peace thereof
shall you have peace. And so it is. Our Heavenly Father is so good. His seal placed
upon his children is a guarantee of a normalcy even under terrible conditions,
what some would think. Why? You’re serving God. You’re going to witness
before the false Messiah, not premeditating what
you will say beforehand, so that all the children
that are deceived will hear the truth,
so that they will know this guy’s a fake. And you want to remember
what a false prophet happened in the last chapter. You know a prophet
came along and said, it’s not gonna happen
the way God said. In two years you’re
all gonna be back. God killed him. Two months. I mean, in two months after
he made the false prophecy, God killed him. You want to take very
seriously any time you start adding to God’s word. Verse eight. For thus saith the Lord of
hosts, the God of Israel, let not your prophets
and your diviners, that be in the midst
of you, deceive you, neither hearken to your dreams
which ye cause to be dreamed. In other words,
what do you do then? Don’t listen to the
traditions of men. Don’t listen to a
bunch of crack pots that would call
themselves preachers. And what do we do then? You listen to the word of God. That’s why he sent
the letter to them, and that’s what this letter
we’re reading is about, the Book of Jeremiah, the
entire word of God, the Bible. It’s what you pay attention to. Not dreamers. You don’t have to
understand God’s word. You’re gonna fly away. There’s just one
problem with that. It’s not biblical, and
God said, don’t do that. Verse nine. For they prophesy falsely
unto you in my name: I have not sent
them, saith the Lord. In other words, they dreamed
all this up on their own. They’re just a
bunch of dreamers. You might say, well
does God ever speak to us through dreams? He spoke to the
prophets through dreams. But what is the acid
test of whether something is of God or not? You can always find a second
witness in God’s word, or it was a sour pickle dream,
and there’s a lot of those. There were certainly a lot
more sour pickle dreams than there are the real thing. It is a very
dangerous thing to say God told you to say a
thing if he did not. You’re doomed. That’s how serious it is. Verse 10, for thus saith the
Lord, that after 70 years. Not two years that
old Hananiah said. After 70 years be
accomplished at Babylon I will visit you. That’s a promise. And perform my good
word toward you, in causing you to
return to this place. And it’s going to happen. At that generation,
you can count on it. And again, many might say, well
why did our Heavenly Father have them going to captivity? To set the stage for exactly how it’s going to be in the end. This is why you want
to make a strong note of 1 Corinthians
chapter 10 verse 10. That’s real easy to remember. It’s 10:10, 1 Corinthians 10:10. These things happened
as an example whereby you would know
what would befall us at the end of the world. That’s how important it is. That’s the way God teaches. He says, look, children. Look what happened here. This is what is gonna
happen at the end. All you have to do is trace
the little foot strips and watch and observe,
because that’s exactly how it’s gonna be again. There’s nothing
new under the sun, as it’s written in the
great first chapter of the great Book
of Ecclesiastes. Verse 11. For I know the thoughts
that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts
of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. That is to say a
very positive end. What I do has a
positive completion. Do you love God enough to
know that you can accept that and believe it, that
even in the troubles and the shaping of the world
there’s a reason for it. But when God’s own elect
that must, must fulfill that destiny of doing their part of bringing forth the
word, the word of God, not listening to dreamers
or people that claim to be sent of God and so forth, but to stick to the truth
and tell it like it is, not even premeditating
what you’ll say beforehand, as Mark 13 so
declares, but speaking what the Holy Spirit
gives you at that moment. That’s what God is
setting up here. Verse 12. Then shall you call upon me, and you shall go
and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. I will hear you. Do you know something? He hears you today. You might say, well I
wish he would answer me. Well, you’re
breathing, aren’t ya? Do you know who created
the air you’re breathing, that oxygen? He did, and he allows
you to do that. Why? Because he loves you. And when you ask
him, he hears you, but he’s shaping up a
people, his election. That’s why, again,
Jeremiah’s very name and the prophet
himself is an example of what God’s election will be, chosen from the first earth age. Chapter one Jeremiah saying
God telling Jeremiah, I knew you before you
entered your mother’s womb. Why? First earth age
and with him there. And while you were in the
womb, I made you a prophet. God chooses his own
because they earned it in the first earth age. Therefore, you may have ideas
that you want God to answer, and he has other plans for you. His plan for you
is to shape you up to build and take place and
to stick with the word of God even when the false
Christ is here, even when the king
of Babylon is here. Because that’s his plan
and that is his purpose. That is how it
will come to pass. He will always hear you
when you talk to him. Verse 13. And you shall seek
me, and find me, when ye shall search for
me with all your heart. Now, there’s a condition there. You can’t just flippantly say, well I’m trying
to find you, God. That won’t cut it. Well, what did it say? What was the condition? With all your heart. That means with all your
mind you’re searching, seeking, and asking direction,
wanting him to use you if you can be of service to him. Be open. If he says, I need to send
somebody, say, send me, God. Make yourself available to
him where he can touch you and use you. With all your heart,
with all your mind. 14, and I will be found
of you, saith the Lord: and I will turn
away your captivity, and I will gather you
from all the nations, and from all the places
whither I have driven you, saith the Lord; and I
will, that’s I will, bring you again into the place whence I caused you
to be carried away. And so it is. Naturally the millennium
is the ultimate in this, but spiritually
speaking he can do that any time he so chooses. You rise above it. The truth sets you free. You understand that. Learn the truth and the
truth will set you free. That’s what Christ taught in
John chapter eight verse 32, and the truth is what? Well it’s the word
of God, and that word will always but
always set you free. Verse 15, because you have said, the Lord hath raised us
up prophets in Babylon. Now, I want you to be sharp. What does the word Babylon mean? It means confusion. The Lord hath raised us
up prophets in confusion? That doesn’t quite fly, does it? If you’re really trying to
please God with all your heart, are you going to say, God
raised up prophets in confusion? I don’t think so. God is not the author of
confusion, but of peace of mind. Verse 16, know that thus
saith the Lord of the king that sitteth upon
the throne of David, and of all the people that
dwelleth in this city, and of your brethren
that are not gone forth with you into captivity. This is my sentence,
is what God is saying, compared to all of ’em, from
the rulers all the way down. 17, thus saith
the Lord of hosts. Behold, I will send upon
them the sword and famine, and the pestilence, and will
make them like vile figs, that cannot be eaten,
they are so evil. They’re worthless and offensive. You know, again, we’re
going back to the fig tree generation here, okay? And when you look around
in the world at the swarm of the locusts, you can see
how vile that it can be. For all peoples this
is God’s ordinance. It’s happening in your lifetime. Raise up prophets in confusion. 18. And I will persecute
them with the sword. That’s the word of God. Christ’s tongue is
the two-edged sword and from his mouth
comes the word of God. He is the word of God. With the famine. Famine from not for food,
but from hearing God’s word. And with the pestilence,
and will deliver them to be removed to all the
kingdoms of the earth, to be a curse, and
an astonishment, and an hissing, like a
snake, like a serpent, like the devil, and a reproach, among all the nations
whither I have driven them. You know, it’s quite
contrary to God’s word. You see, God doesn’t send
prophets in confusion. That would confuse you. No. Jeremiah wrote this
letter to those that would be in captivity. That means in the end times
under perilous conditions, but how you can do just
fine if you’re with him with all your heart. Verse 19. Because they have not
hearkened to my words, that’s the reason,
saith the Lord, which I sent unto them by
my servants the prophets, rising up early
and sending them; but ye would not
hear, saith the Lord. Now I want to ask
you a question. You might say, well,
I thought everybody listened to the word of God. Oh really? Where do you live? When you go out in the
public, how many people would just really want to stop and spend the day with you
talking about God’s word, the letter that he wrote you? Or let me ask it a
little different way. How many people do you
know that can give you a pretty good rundown on
the plan of the living God? Or, have people been
steeped in false teachings and fly-away doctrines
and other things that are not biblical? You see, when you grow that
far away from the word of God, the real truth of God’s
plan, how can you be of any use to him? Quite frankly, you
would be an obstacle, and the way of those that
truly serve the living God. Well why then does he
want to do this to them? Because they won’t listen
to the word of God. They would rather listen
to the traditions of men, to a bunch of false
prophets, preachers that claim to come
in Christ’s name, claim to be Christian preachers. That’s what Christ warned
you about in Mark 13, especially in verse five. He said, hey, don’t be deceived, for many will come in my name
claiming to be sent of me. Verse 20. Hear ye therefore
the word of the Lord, all ye of the captivity,
whom I have sent from Jerusalem to Babylon. In other words, the king
of Babylon is coming. He’s going to be on the earth. You listen to the word of God. 21, thus saith the Lord of
hosts, the God of Israel, of Ahab, that means
uncle, the son of Kolaiah, and Zedekiah the
son of Maaseiah, that means the
work of Yah, okay. And Kolaiah means the
voice of Yah, okay. I mean, pretty potent names. Zedekiah, justice of Yah. Which prophesy a lie
unto you in my name; behold, I will deliver them
into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and he shall
slay them before your eyes, and it actually happened. I mean, he killed all
of Zedekiah’s sons. Not his daughters now. His daughters would be taken
to Egypt and later Europe by this author, Jeremiah. And he shall slay them
before your very eyes. Verse 22, here’s a proverb. Listen to it. And of them shall be taken
up a curse, a proverb, by all the captivity of
Judah which are in Babylon, saying, the Lord make thee
like Zedekiah and like Ahab, whom the king of Babylon
roasted in the fire. This saying in the Hebrew
tongue is affective, okay. It is a parable. It is old Kolaiah
means he’s cursed, and (speaks foreign
language) he’s roasted. So the proverb goes like this. (speaks foreign language) They don’t follow God. They’re cursed, and
he’s gonna roast ’em. You know, the opposite
of this is the children that this letter was sent to. Well what happened to them? Were they roasted? No. I mean, Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abednego were cast into a fiery furnace heated seven times
hotter than necessary, and who showed up in
that fire with them other than Christ himself,
like the Son of God, because it was the Son of God. They came out of that
furnace not roasted. Not one hair on their
head was singed. So when the false Messiah comes, I want you to
remember these things, because when God is with
you, you can find him. He will protect you. You have not one
thing to worry about, and this is why
this letter is sent. It’s really for you
in these end times, to let you know how the
children were treated by the king of Babylon before
and how God intends to see that that (speaks
foreign language) doesn’t happen to you. That means roast. (foreign word) means roasted. You don’t need that. But that’s what
happened to them. Why? Well, God took care of them. Zedekiah, he said,
you stay here. Nebuchadnezzar even
told him, you stay here and keep working
even your own ground, and you’ll be blessed. But what did Zedekiah do? Oh no, I gotta run
down here to Egypt and gather me another army, and we’re gonna
take Nebuchadnezzar. Against God’s will. And then when
Nebuchadnezzar finally, when he realized he was
a traitor sent down, he dug through a
hole in the wall and tried to run in the
night, and they caught him, gouged out his eyes,
put him in chains, and drug him to
Babylon and killed him. Listen to your Heavenly
Father and know and understand he is on his throne. The end times are coming,
but he’s in charge. Verse 23 to continue. You want no part of
(speaks foreign language). Verse 23, because they have
committed villainy in Israel, and have committed adultery
with their neighbors’ wives, and have spoken lying
words in my name, which I have not commanded them; even I know, and am a
witness, saith the Lord. I’ve got it written in the book. I’ve got a record of it. I’m not gonna forget it. You know, I would
hate to be in shoes of somebody that made up slogans or claimed God talked
to them when he didn’t, claimed God said to do
this that or the other, and God never said such a thing. Friend, you’re in danger. That’s one thing that
offends God a great deal. Your example of what
it did to these people. They were roasted. You do not want to go there. Verse 24. Thus shalt thou also
speak to Shemaiah, that’s heard of
Yah, the Nehelamite, that means the dreamer, saying. I mean he claims to be from Yah but he’s nothing but a dreamer. 25, thus speaketh the Lord
of hosts, the God of Israel, saying, because thou hast
sent letters in thy name unto all the people
that are at Jerusalem, and to Zephaniah,
that’s hidden of Yah, the son of Maaseiah, that’s
the work of Yah, the priest, and to all the priests, saying. What was he saying? 26. The Lord hath made thee priest
in the stead of Jehoiada the priest, that ye
should be officers in the house of the Lord,
for every man that is mad, and maketh himself a prophet, that thou shouldest put him
in prison, and in the stocks. 27, now therefore why hast
thou not reproved Jeremiah of Anathoth. Anathoth means the
answer to prayer and it is the city
just outside Jerusalem that is the priest town. Which maketh himself
a prophet to you? Why have you let Jeremiah
get away with this stuff? Hey, that’s dangerous. God sent Jeremiah. Who sent this guy? Who sent this dreamer? Called heard of Yah. He never heard
anything from Yah. 28. Therefore he sent unto us
in Babylon, Jeremiah did, saying, this captivity is long. 70 years, that’s what God said. Build ye houses,
and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and
eat the fruit of them. 29. And Zephaniah the
priest read this letter in the ears of
Jeremiah the prophet. I mean, he presented it to him. Verse 30, then came
the word of the Lord unto Jeremiah, saying. This is what God said
about this dreamer. 31, send to all of
them of the captivity, saying, thus saith the
Lord concerning Shemaiah the Nehelamite. That dreamer. Because that Shemaiah
hath prophesied unto you, and I sent him not, and he
caused you to trust in a lie. Verse 32, therefore
thus saith the Lord; behold, I will punish
Shemaiah the Nehelamite, that dreamer, and his seed: he shall not have a man to
dwell among this people; neither shall he behold
the good that I will do for my people, saith the Lord; because he hath taught
rebellion against the Lord. That’s a dangerous,
dangerous thing. You know, we’re headed
into the end times. The king of Babylon will come. Well how can you be so sure? It’s written. It’s the word of God. And the very current
events from the year 1948 as stipulated in the 24th
chapter of this same book set it in motion, and God has
written a special note to you letting you know what
he expects from you if you want to be blessed,
but at the same time when you’re playing
in the end times, when you’re playing that
end time generation, it can also be very dangerous if you slip over in and
do the work of Satan. That is to say publish
lies claiming God sent you or God said, when
God did not speak. That’s a dangerous thing. Why? God loves his children. God does not wish his children to be deceived in
this end generation. He has important
things for them to do, and his truth and his
word sustains them. But what it does most of all
is it brings the testimony as it is written and we read
in the last lecture or before from Mark chapter 13 of
how you are delivered up, not for your sake
but for God’s sake, that the truth, God’s word
could go out to the world. Have you known there
was more to God’s word than you’d ever been taught since you were a little bit
child even God speaking to you, seeking you, nudging you? You want to think about it. God’s elect will never
drift from the word of God, and they certainly
are not in a famine for the word of God because
they hear God’s truth. All right, bless your hearts. Don’t miss the next lecture. You listen a moment,
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and you don’t need an address. Why? God knows what you’re thinking. All you have to do
is let him know that. For he can read your mind. You don’t have to pray out loud. Therefore, you
have his attention. He hears you. He answers according to what
is the very best for you, not necessarily what
you’re wishing for. You’ve got to love him
enough to believe that. Father, around
the globe we come. We ask that you lead,
guide, direct, Father, touch in Yeshua’s precious name. Thank you, Father, amen. Okay, and question time. We’re gonna go with
Diane from Nebraska. And thank you for your
comments on the ministry. My question is this. Can you please tell us
how to bless olive oil? What words do I say,
and what do I say when I’m using
the oil to anoint? You know, God doesn’t
like written prayers. He really doesn’t necessarily. He wants you to
talk from the heart. So if you have gone
to a local store and you have purchased
some pure olive oil, you pour a small amount
of it into a vial, a little bottle, vase, and
what is it you want done to it? What do you want it
blessed for anointing oil? So that’s what you talk
to the Father about. You say, Father, this is
gonna by my anointing oil and I want you to bless
it as anointing oil, and always ask in the
name of Jesus Christ because that gives
you credentials that
you’re a believer. And then when you use that
oil, just do the same thing. Talk from your heart. Father, I want to anoint
this person to ask a healing, a blessing, or whatever
the case may be, in the name of Yeshua
Messiah Jesus the Christ. Just talk to him. Don’t have written prayers. God doesn’t like that. You know, if you were
really in love with someone and you wanted to
influence them, do you know what they would
want to hear it from your mouth. You wouldn’t want them to go,
well I don’t speak very good. I’m gonna hire somebody
to write her a letter and send the letter to her
written by somebody else. What a turnoff that would be. Well it’s a turnoff
to our Father when you don’t talk
from your mouth, your heart, your whole mind. Father, we love you. Just say what you think
and ask what you need and do it in Christ’s name. You can never con God. He is super intelligent. He knows what you’re
thinking even, so you can’t con him, and
how he loves his children. Billy from Missouri. When the new world monetary
system takes effect under the world government
led by the antichrist, will we be getting
our Social Security, and if so do we
need to send it back because it is not right to
take money from the system? Also, if working a paycheck. No no no. The only reason you can’t
take anything from the system is if you have to worship
Satan to get it, okay. Get that in your mind real good. When it comes to the
point for you to receive from the Babylonian
government, is that you worship and sign a pledge
that you worship them, then you cannot go there. But you can barter. Do you know, in the rural
areas in which I grew up, people back in the
Depression, the great one, they didn’t have any money. Well how did they get by? Well, you milked
cows and you had eggs and you took those to
town and your cream, and you went to a certain hide and it escapes me what they
were called at that time, where they bought cream
and eggs and so forth, the merchandise place, and
then you would exchange that for groceries. There wasn’t any
money changed hands. You just got by. You didn’t have to have money. Why? You bartered. This is why it
never hurts to have a little real precious
metal, silver. I’m not talking
about clad stuff. That’s junk. But I’m talking about
real precious metal. You can always barter with that. You can always say, hey,
I’m not got any chits to go down and trade. How about you going down
and getting some for me and I’ll give you
this precious metal? You use your old head
right here, okay, and you’ll get far ahead. Be wiser than the serpent
and you will do just fine. Glee from Texas. My 28-year-old
daughter finally wants to do a Bible study with me. Should I try to teach her,
or just have her watch your program with me? I want to be able to help
her and not confuse her. Comment please. You know, you’re her
mother and you can feel and sense her mood, whether
she’s withdrawing from you or whether she’s receiving it. You know, you pray about it and let the Holy
Spirit lead you in it. God’s not gonna leave
you alone in it. He will guide you where you
can touch her and reach her. But it’s all right. If she is able to
listen to the broadcast, you can listen to it together and then comment about
it later, you know. But you have to decide that
because you know your daughter and I don’t. Congratulations that she
wants to study with you. That’s fantastic, beautiful. Jerry from Ohio. In the Book of
Revelations, are the 7,000 who die in the earthquake
when the two witnesses are raised up the same 7,000 that have not bowed
a knee to Baal? And where were they written? No no no no. I’m sorry, you’re confused. The 7,000 that die in
the streets of Jerusalem at that moment when
the two witnesses rise are the fallen angels
that came with Satan when he was kicked
out of heaven. They are, if you
read Jude chapter, there’s only one chapter
in Jude and it’s verse six, somewhere along
there, four to six, their sin is they
left their habitation, that means heaven, and came
to Earth to seduce women, and they are locked in
chains for destruction. That’s your key. They are locked for destruction. There’s no judgment for them because they’ve
already been judged. That’s why they can
go ahead and die in the streets of
Jerusalem at that instant, because the sentence,
the judgment by God, is already passed. Now, the seven that won’t
bow a knee for Baal, they have to go through the
great white throne judgment and theirs is rewards
for standing against
the false Christ, not penalties. Judgment works both ways. It can be rewards or
it can be a penalty. You always get what
you’ve got coming to ya. Okay, Sandy from Wisconsin. I don’t have all of your letter. After being a pew
potato all my life, you are teaching me so
much about God’s word that I never knew before. Well thank you. My question is, I was
under the impression that God’s name was not
mentioned in the Book of Esther. However, I remember you
saying that it is somehow. Can you please explain? God bless you and your staff. Well he sure does,
and we appreciate you. The Book of Esther has the
sacred name used five times, but it’s locked in the
Hebrew manuscripts. It is one of the few places, there’s another place in Psalms, where you have an acrostic
of the sacred name, but if you have
a Companion Bible you have an entire
appendix on this that gives you the verse
and the Hebrew writings that make up I am that I am, but also that’s one time
that it gives the etymology of the sacred name,
but four times you have the actual name itself. Y-H-V-H. Two times forward, Y-H-V-H, and
two times backward, H-V-H-Y. So for what? To lock it in. And also, it is locked in
that you should be Veh, V-E-H, not W-A-H. The correct pronunciation
of God’s name. It’s locked in the Hebrew
where it can be pronounced no other way to be accurate,
so it’s a fantastic study. You’ll have it in
your Companion Bible. That’s why I highly recommend
the Companion Bible. That appendix alone is worth
having the Companion Bible, to know the sacred name, the
proper pronunciation of it, locked in the Hebrew manuscripts where man can’t hanky with it. And so it is. Barbie from Ohio. Besides Melchizedek,
is Jesus on Earth during the Old Testament? In Daniel, the mention of
the likeness of God’s Son, was that Jesus in the furnace? Yes it was, and more than that, in the beginning, John
chapter one verse one, in the beginning was the word. The word was with God. The word was God. The word became flesh
and walked among us. That word was Christ. That is that it was with
him from the beginning, and certainly he was. Why? Because it’s
Emmanuel, God with us. When you deal with dimensions,
it’s not that difficult to understand that
God sent the Son in our dimension where
we could see him. Man always wanted a king,
something he could see, and finally he sent
the King of kings. We could see him. And as it is written in
Saint John chapter 14, if you’ve seen him,
you’ve seen the Father. Why? Emmanuel, God with us. Bill from Virginia. I have a Strong’s Concordance
but I’m having trouble finding a different word
from the creation on man and the sixth day
or the eighth day. My Concordance is the same
now for and for both Genesis. You know, naturally the word
you’re going to have Adam. It’s what your Concordance
is gonna say, for both men. But you see, that’s not
what makes the difference. You have to have the
Hebrew manuscripts to see what precedes the name. Because in chapter
one you have Adam. In chapter two on the eighth
day man you have Eth-ha-Adam. That’s what’s in
the manuscripts. Not the Strong’s Concordance. You’re not gonna find it there. You have to have a
set of manuscripts. You can have this
visually by receiving the first six tapes of Genesis
as I teach them in video. That is to say DVD. Or you can have the
Green’s Interlinear, which gives you one
of the least expensive and best sets of manuscripts
you can lay your hands on. I don’t necessary agree
with all of his translating, but his manuscripts are great, and that’s what
makes it very good. It’s according to how
deep you want to go, okay, into the Hebrew language. If you need a teacher,
then I would recommend getting the first six chapters
of the Book of Genesis in video, and I teach
you how to read it and show it to
you on the screen. Mildred from Illinois. When the serpent beguiled Eve, was he walking on
two legs or four? He was walking on two. He was a cherubim, made in
the very image of cherubims, and that’s angel-like. And we were made
in the same image as our spiritual or
angel bodies were. You look the same, so
naturally Satan looks the same. He was the king of
Tyrus, the deceiver. Butch from Oklahoma. Pastor Murray, you said
that Satan can’t read minds and you say that the seal of
God is in a person’s mind. How would Satan
know whether or not a person has the seal of God? Thank you. Well because you
wouldn’t worship him. The seal of God simply
means the truth of God, that you know who Satan is and
you don’t find him tempting and you’re gonna stand
against him, not for him. Besides, Satan’s supernatural. If you want to know
the truth about it, he knew you in the
first earth age because you stood against him. He knows who you
are, and he knows you’re not gonna
bow to him anyway. Maybe if that sounds
a little strange, put it on the shelf and forget
it, but Satan will know. You don’t have to
worry about that. Joey from Illinois. I have submitted this
question once before but it did not make
it on the program. It did this time, okay. Is it possible that
all of this talk about the world
ending in December is part of our Father’s plan? The antichrist coming
to fly everyone away before the world ends. Well, you know, don’t
put too much stock in what the world says. Stick with God’s word. God gives us signs to
know pretty well the time. We know that the
locusts are swarming and we’re already in
the second stage, okay, so therefore there
are four stages. I want people to know one
thing about the locusts. Many people think, well it’s
this that and the other. No, the same seed is
from all four stages, meaning it doesn’t change. I’ll use the term locusts. It does not change from
one locust to another. It’s all the same old thing. It’s always Satan from
the start to the finish. He just changes stages. It’s still him and his
action on this Earth of leaving people to swarm. Larry from Virginia. When Satan gets
kicked out of heaven, will he and his
followers come to Earth in vehicles like Ezekiel
describes in chapter one when Ezekiel was
by the river Kebar and he saw the vehicles? Was it possible that
the Lord came there to get the Ark of the Covenant? Well, I think the
ark went with Elijah. But be that as it
may, they are bodies, and they are in this dimension, and they must have
transportation, and that is the transportation
our Father uses. It is not necessary
that we will see it because a vehicle
can be in a cloud and someone can appear, and I won’t take that past that, but that’s the way
sometimes it works. Okay, Kathleen from Louisiana. Recently you mentioned
the Ark of the Covenant was in heaven. Where is this mentioned
in God’s word? In the 11th chapter of the
great Book of Revelation the last two verses. The Ark of the Testament
is already in heaven. And you know, man
couldn’t take care of it. Man wouldn’t take care of it. And I feel God kind
of took it away. Karen from Oregon. In Deuteronomy 32, is the whole
chapter the Song of Moses? No no. If I remember properly,
I think it’s in verse 44 that the song ends,
but it really begins in the last verse of chapter 31. The title is in the last
verse of chapter 31, and then Deuteronomy chapter 32 from verse one through 43. Then in verse 44
the song is ended. It’s a precious song. What makes it so precious? Well, Revelation chapter 15. It’s the song that the
children sing, God’s elect that overcome Satan,
the mark of the beast, and all of his problems. It’s the knowledge that
you must have in your mind to overcome that. Debra from Iowa. I was baptized twice. Does God hate me for this,
or am I going to hell because of this? Absolutely not. There is nothing biblical at all that would say that
you had sinned, especially if you repent,
if you feel you have. The only unpardonable sin
is to deny the Holy Spirit a chance to speak
through you if you’re one of God’s elect against
the antichrist. You haven’t done that,
so you’re heaven-bound. Probably the reason
you were baptized twice is you felt the first
time wasn’t sufficient, and many times if a
child is too young to even know what’s happening, because you really
can’t be baptized until you’re at the
age of accountability. It’s a personal thing. Valerie from Georgia. Pastor Murray, is there
anywhere in the Bible where it says that
because I’m a Christian I can’t dance and have fun? So many people think that
I shouldn’t dance and have, and the letter opener has
cut off part of your letter. I’ve checked the word
and haven’t seen it yet. God’s children always have fun. You know, if you’re
a true Christian,
you’re gonna be happy. Not all the time necessarily. There’s troubles in the world
and we have serious moments, but at the same time, you laugh. You love teasing people. Why was Israel named Israel? Well, what does it mean? Well, it means the prince who prevail with God. What happened when
Sarah conceived? She laughed. So it is the children of
laughter, and so it is, and that’s a mark of our people. Any time one of our people get
in an embarrassing situation, let’s say you’re
walking a foot log. If you’re gonna get across
that and you start this way and you start that way,
they’ll all start laughing on the bank and you’ll
start giggling on the log and you know you’re
about to bite the dust, but you’ll laugh about it. Or, old cowboys
like myself used to, as kids we rode calves. I mean, bucking,
pitching, throwing, and everybody’s
hooping and hollering and laughing, and bang. I mean, sometimes you get
skinned up pretty bad, but it was funny. It’s a mark, okay, placed
there by God, so you bet. It’s fun. Now, whatever you’re doing
always conveys a message. Now, if you were to
be doing dirty dancing like on church property, uh-uh. That’s not gonna fly. But happy dancing, fantastic. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you all
because you enjoy studying our Father’s word. Most of all, God
loves you for it. You know it? He does. He loves you because
you enjoy the letter he has sent to you telling
you how to behave, behave, to react, and to
take care of yourself as he takes care of you,
especially in this generation. You make his day, boy
does he make yours. We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you. Won’t you do that? Bless God, he will
always bless you. Most important though,
you listen to me
and you listen good. You stay in his word. Every day in his word is a
good day, even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus Yeshua,
he is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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