– [Narrator] Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel Network Family Bible Study Hour
with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of God’s
letter to you, the Bible. And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this Family
Bible Study Hour. Back in our Father’s word, Book of Jeremiah, Hebrew
tongue, whom God launches forth. God chose Jeremiah before he
ever entered his mother’s womb and He was with him
before his soul came here. But then God would
say in chapter one, “While you were in
your mother’s womb, “I dedicated you as a prophet,” which means taking God’s word
and a teacher to the people. And naturally, in many places,
he said, “They’re stubborn. “They won’t listen,
maybe, a lot of ’em.” And Father’s kind of dressing
down, through the prophet, the people because
they’re worshiping idols. He said, “You’ve got one on
every corner, every street. “You’ve got a house
that’s called by my name, “but you’re not
teaching my word.” It is so easy to
please our Father. I want you to always
remember chapter 7 verse 23. It reads like this. “But this thing
commanded I them. “This is all I ask
of ’em,” God says. Saying, “Obey my voice “and I will be your God
and you shall be my people “and walk ye in all my ways,” that means fulfill them, “that I have commanded you
that it may be well unto you.” And that’s all that’s necessary. When you try, none
of us are perfect and we all fall short at times. But when you stumble and
fall, he counts it perfect if you’re trying. He loves His children, but He
wants them to at least try. That’s why he wrote
us this letter. He’s giving us advice on how to be successful, how to have God’s
blessings in your life, how to find peace of mind, which is the only happiness
there is, and so it is. And we had gotten to
chapter 11 verse 18. Let’s pick it up there. He had just mentioned the trees, and I took you back to
the great Book of Judges and we covered a place there where the trees wanted
a king over them and none of ’em wanted to
be the king over the trees until it came to
the bramble bush. And he said, “If
you’ll worship me,” which is a satanic plant
basically is what it signifies. He said, “If you’ll worship me “and stay under my shadow,
then I’ll bless you.” Well, you see a bramble
bush, or a thorn bush, doesn’t have a shadow. So Satan will always lie to you, and that being the planting
that was spoken of. So with that thought in
mind, chapter 11 verse 18. Word of wisdom from our Father. Let’s go with it. “And the Lord hath given me
knowledge of it and I know it. “Then thou shewedst
me their doings.” Verse 19, “But I was like a lamb “or an ox that is
brought to the slaughter, “and I knew not that
they had devised “devices against me, saying, “let us destroy the tree
with the fruit thereof, “and let us cut him off
from the land of the living “and his name may be
no more remembered. “That his name may be
no more remembered.” This puts Jeremiah as a type
of Christ, if you would, where the parable was spoken. The father kept
sending prophets, and finally, he
sent his own sons, saying, “They’ll respect him.” No, they said, “Let’s kill
him and get the inheritance.” So we kind of have this
sign with Jeremiah. It’s not popular
to teach God’s Word chapter by chapter
and verse by verse. That’s kind of a sad
saying, isn’t it? That it’s not popular
to teach God’s Word. It offends many people because if they only
teach traditions of man, you’re going to
get on some toes, but don’t ever, ever
apologize for the Word of God. You stick with it, why,
then He will bless you. We read that chapter 7 verse 23. His Commandments,
this is that letter, and when you teach
it as it is written, you will always be blessed. You’ll never be hard
up for students, and as long as you wanna build something, God
will furnish the bricks. You do the building. Verse 20, “But O Lord of hosts “that judgest righteously.” And he always does. “That tryest the
reins and the heart.” Really, he investigates
you from deep inside. “Let me see thy
vengeance on them, “for unto thee have
I revealed my cause.” The prophet speaking to him. He said, “Father how long are
you gonna let this go on?” And that day of
vengeance will come. This is when Christ
walked into the church and picked up the
scroll of Isaiah. And He read into this verse
that it is the time of salvation and He stopped
short in the verse because the rest
of the verse read “And also to bring forth
the day of vengeance,” which there’s a
gap theory there. For the day of salvation
and the day of vengeance is the First Advent
and the second, and so it is written. That day will come,
but even today, if you leave God out of
the equation of your life, why would you do that when from Him comes all wisdom,
from Him comes all blessings? Oh there’s wisdom of
wisdom of the world, if you’re gonna be in it, you should be aware of
the world well enough that you know what that wisdom
is, to avoid a lot of it. Verse 21, “Therefore
thus saith the Lord “of the men of Anathoth “that seek thy life saying, “prophesy not in
the name of the Lord “that thou die
not by our hands.” Stop this teaching you’re doing or we’re gonna kill you. Now there’s something
interesting about Anathoth. Anathoth in the Hebrew tongue
means answer to prayer. It’s about three miles
north of Jerusalem. Do you know what the town is? The town is a city
that God set aside for priests, for preachers. So this is what God is
saying to the preachers, concerning the preachers,
that is to say, what the preachers would say. Tell this prophet
to stop prophesying so we don’t have to kill him. Nice bunch of religious
people, right? Anathoth will always be, the priests have no
allotment of land. Each of the tribes received a certain allotment of
priests to teach the Word, and the Word was
to carry itself, but God did give them this town. Before we finish this
book, you will know that the deed to that town is
still buried in a vase hidden until, I feel,
the Second Advent. But it’s still there,
the deed is there, and it will be found some day. We’ll be reading of it, and
it has to do with Anathoth. Answer to prayer. And if you are a true
teacher of God’s Word, then you can rest assured that your prayers
will be answered when you’re doing God’s work. Verse 22, “Therefore, thus
saith the Lord of hosts, “behold I will punish them. “The young men shall
die by the sword. “Their sons and their
daughters shall die by famine. Now let’s analyze
that a little bit. What is the sword of the Lord? Well you can read
of it in Revelation chapter 1 verse 15 and 16. It’s Christ’s tongue
is a two-edged sword. The truth cuts both ways,
but it’s always very healing. Now, what is this famine that the young people die from? It is written in Amos chapter 8, chapter 13, rather. Am I right in that? It’s chapter 8 verse 11. You will read there the
famine of the end times is not for food, but for hearing the Word of God. And so it is that that
famine comes forth and people are starving. Young people today are starving
for the truth of God’s Word. They are told this on one side,
and this good man says this, and another good man says
this, but what does God say? That’s what’s important. That’s what you can count on. The traditions of men
make void the Word of God, and so it is that Father’s
Word continues on. That’s a statement from God. It doesn’t need a whole lot
of translating or explaining. It’s straight on,
and when God says it, it’s for truth, and there it is. Verse 23, “And there shall be “no remnant of them. “For I will bring evil
upon the men of Anathoth.” That’s the preachers that
are there in preacher town. “Even the year of
their visitation.” And the year of their visitation is the year of Jacob’s trouble, and that visitation
is the same year as the year of the Lord,
the beginning of it. For how long is a
year with the Lord? 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 7 and 8, “Be not ignorant
of this one thing, “that one year with Almighty God “is as a thousand years with
man,” meaning the millennium. That is the Lord’s day. When the Lord returns at the
Second Advent, it begins. And at that time, there won’t be one remnant left of those dudes that
falsely teach God’s Word. Well it doesn’t hurt
anything really, does it? Oh, well. How about that? When you analyze
in the Book of Acts where it says Easter, that you should
celebrate Easter, do you know what the
Greek manuscripts say? (speaking in foreign language) Which is Passover. And when you read 1 Corinthians
chapter 5 verse 7 and 8, Christ became our
Passover, not our Ishtar. Ishtar is a pagan goddess of a sexual ritual that took place in the woods, rolling eggs of fertility
and quick like a bunny. And would you believe
that the traditionalist would move that in and
say it is religious? On the day that our Lord
and Savior was crucified paying the price, that
our sins are washed away, the high day of Christianity, they bring in the day of Ishtar. There’s nothing wrong with it. Oh, isn’t there? It’s an insult to
the living God. It is a sad thing
when you see people, they are so holy
and so religious they don’t know
they are ignorant concerning the facts of truth., therefore only go thinking
they’re doing what’s right. They are not taught that the
false Christ returns first. They are taught that Christ
will return and fly them away, and that’s the message
of the false Christ. As it is written in 2
Thessalonians chapter 2, “Don’t let my first
letter deceive you. “Don’t let some man deceive
you, don’t let some spirit.” We will not gather back
to the Lord Jesus Christ until after the son of perdition
stands in the holy place claiming to be God. That’s Antichrist. So therefore, truth
makes a big difference. It keeps you from being
deceived in these end times. Chapter 12 verse 1. “Righteous art thou, O Lord.” He always is, He’s always right, and He’ll always judge rightly. “When I plead with thee, “yet let me talk with
thee of thy judgments. “Wherefore doth the way
of the wicked prosper? “Wherefore are all they happy “that deal very treacherously?” It seems like the
wicked always get ahead. Not when God can read your mind. Do you think God doesn’t know
what they’re even thinking? He does. This is why for the student,
He gave us the 37th Psalm. And in the Hebrew manuscripts,
there is an acrostic, meaning that every verse begins with a Hebrew
letter of the alphabet. Every verse, all of
them but three verses have four lines, but
there are three verses set aside that each
only have three lines. The question is, why
is it that it seems the wicked always get ahead? The acrostic is from our Father. It says, hey don’t
you worry about it. It may seem that way, but the middle verse
in the acrostic is, they are as the fat of a
lamb cooking on a spit, the fat dripping into the fire and going up into
smoke forever and ever. And the third part
of the acrostic is that you’re going to be
there to see it, okay? During the millennium. That Father never
leaves us wanting if you wanna search
for the truths, and it’s quite easy to find. A child can understand
the Word of God if they’re not all
bent out of shape with traditions of men. So there you have it, God
never leaves us wanting. Let’s go with the next
verse, please, verse two. “Thou has planted them,
yea, they have taken root. “They grow.” Their business is
getting with it. “Yea, they bring forth fruit. “Thou art near in their mouth.” I mean they talk very
religious, act religious. “And far from their reigns.” In other words, they
may talk of meeting God, but you’re not with them,
not with them at all. Doesn’t sound like
the the Word of God. It’s traditions of men that
make void the Word of God. Verse 3, “But Thou
O Lord knowest me. “Thou has seen me,” this
is the prophet speaking, “And tried mine
heart toward thee. “Pull them out like
sheep from the slaughter, “for the slaughter,
and prepare them “for the day of slaughter.” You separate the
sheep from the goats. Well he’s going to do
that all right, right now. Verse 4, “How long
shall the land mourn “and the herbs of
every field wither, “for the wickedness of
them that dwell therein? “The beasts are
consumed and the birds “because they said, “He shall not see our last end.” He doesn’t know
anything about it. He doesn’t know what
he’s talking about. You live in a generation when things begin
to wilt in the vine. You’re supposed to
have the former rain and the latter rain. This is an agriculture term, but it has to do
with business also. You receive spiritually, the
former rain sprouts the seed. That seed grows. That’s your prosperity. The latter rain must come or that seed will just
blast in the field and wither up and be nothing. If you don’t have
the latter rain, that’s the truth
of the latter days, then there’s nothing
there to mature that seed into bringing forth fruit that is acceptable
to Almighty God. That is to say in truth and in
doing things that please God. Well, now tell me one more time. How do I please God? 7:23. All you have to do listen
to His Commandments, that’s this Word, and do them. He will be your God
and you will prosper. It will be well with you. That’s cutting it pretty simple where anyone can
understand that. Well how do I know if, or if you go to these
groups like He said in the last lecture, there’s
a little house on every corner that’s got His name on it. How do you know? It’s whether they
teach His word or not. Isn’t that quite simple? If they don’t teach His
word chapter by chapter and verse by verse whereby
it is God’s Word speaking, then you’re in a
heap of hurt, friend. You need to do some
adjustments to your life. Verse 5. “If thou has run
with the footmen “and they have wearied thee, “then how canst thou
contend with horses?” What are you gonna do
when the calvary comes if you can’t handle
the infantry? “And if in the land of peace “wherein thou trustedst,
they wearied thee, “then how wilt thou do in
the swelling of Jordan?” Do you know what the
swelling of the Jordan is? I mean, along where
the floods overflow and this rich fertile soil has
pushed up bits onto the bank and it grows thickets out there that only wicked wild
animals can participate in. They’ll chew you up. You said, what are you gonna do when those banks come
and that’s all you got? You see, this has to do,
you must know your enemy. If you don’t know
what the enemy is, you’re in a heap of hurt today. There is a controversy. It’s between Satan and
it’s between our Father, and you’d better
know the difference because Satan, do you understand what Satan tempted Christ with? Well, let me think a moment, He’s tempted Christ with
scripture, with the Word of God. You can read of it
in Matthew chapter 4. There’s just one problem
with his teaching scripture, and he probably can
teach more scripture, he probably can quote more
scripture than any Christian can to their hurt, but what he does is he quotes the scripture but he gives it about
a 90-degree turn right at the end to make
it void from God’s Word. And of course Christ knew it when he was being tempted by it. I guess my question is would you know when someone
was leading you astray? Well, how could I tell? Don’t listen to men
without checking him out in the Word of God. It’s that simple. This is the road map. This is the letter
that God sent to you whereby you will
be judged by it. It’s up to you totally
and completely. You have freedom of choice whether you’re gonna
follow Him and love Him or the ways of the world. Have a good trip,
that’s the way it goes. Everybody must be responsible
for their own actions. That’s why God sent
you this letter so that He could also
love you and bless you, prosper you and bring peace
of mind, which is happiness. Real peace, not peace that’s
spoken of in this world, but never happens. Verse 6. “For even thy brethren and
the house of thy father, “even they have dealt
treacherously with thee. “Yea, they have called
a multitude after thee. “Believe them not, “though they speak
fair words unto thee.” Though it sounds so holy. It just seems like, I mean, roll those little ol’
eggs, won’t you do that? I mean, carry the little basket. Teach the little
children to do it, too. While you’re at it,
carry the little baskets on the mountain, the
eggs of fertility. It’s not biblical. Has nothing to do
with God’s Word on the high holy
day of Christianity. Now if Satan can pull
Christians off into the woods on the day that
they’re supposed to be visiting the table of the Lord, which is Passover,
which is communion. Christ became our Passover, and the blood and the wine
became Christ with us. The sacraments, that’s
what’s supposed to be taken at Passover, not the other. Now I know that many times, that’s the way people
have been raised. They’ve been taught that. Does that leave you an
excuse called ignorance? Well, it’s never too late. There’s nothing wrong
with being unknowing, not knowing of certain things, but it’s kind of a
sin to stay that way when He sent you a simple letter that a child can understand together and to know how
to have the love of God and have to have God’s
blessings with you. Always stick with God’s Word. Check every man out, this
man or any other man. Prove them. This is why he would
say earlier there, “God you have tested me.” That means like a smelter tested that old
slinging out the sledge and leaving the pure stuff
right there in the furnace. God can do that. Always let him find
you pure in mind. We fall short indeed
sometime, but in mind be pure and be loyal and
faithful to our Father. They say a lot of fair words
and it sounds so holy holy, but self-righteous hypocrites will get you in
a lot of trouble. That is to say, that
differ with God’s Word. Verse 7. “I have forsaken mine house. “I have left mine heritage. “I have given the dearly
beloved of my soul “into the hand of her enemies.” In other words, this
is chastisement. You know what His beloved is? It’s the children, they’re His. God loves all of His children. Doesn’t love what they’re
doing, but as it is written in the last verse of
Revelation chapter 4, God created all things
for His pleasure. He didn’t create anything
to His displeasure, but in so doing He had
to give people free will. Therefore, to have
that love returned, they had to have the
choice of loving Him because love is only true
when it is voluntary. It originates within the entity. Well, unfortunately,
some went bad. They chose not to
love the Father. So what he’s saying here, “I give them over into the
hands of their enemies. “If they wanna
listen to that stuff, “if they wanna be deceived
by it, let them go.” You see, we’re building a people that are going to
be in the eternity. We want people that
can be accountable, that will love our Father,
that will serve Him because we don’t want any
troublemakers in heaven. And you know something? You don’t have to worry. There won’t be any
troublemakers in heaven. They’re not gonna make it. So that’s why if you’ve
dedicated your life to teaching God’s word it is not to bring hurt to those that would not make it,
but to help them make it because they’re your brothers
and they’re your sisters. God gave them over
to their own choice. Help them, teach them, and let them make
up their own minds. Verse 8. “Mine heritage is unto me
as a lion in the forest. “It cryeth out against me. “Therefore have I hated it.” In other words, this
is Father speaking. Do you know what a lion
in the forest does? It’ll tear you up,
it’ll eat you alive. He said, “My heritage,
the people that I created, “that I loved, they even
want to take my name “out of their vocabulary.” They want to do away
with the name of God, especially Yahoveh, if anyone
were intelligent enough to use the sacred name. He said, “It’s
come to that point “that they try to get rid of me. “They’re like my enemy.” And you know something? If you have any
intelligence at all today, you see that come to
pass, and so it is. There’s just one good thing. Bless your hearts, we’ve
got a day coming up soon. God set a day aside. We have the holidays
and everything. We have Christmas
and we have Passover, but the atheist always wants
a day and they have one. They truly do. They have a holiday
set aside for them that’s strictly for atheists, and it’s celebrated
in a lot of places. You see, anyone that will
not listen to God’s Word and would rather choose the
ways of the world is a fool. Therefore on April the 1st,
we have April Fool’s Day. That is the day for the atheist. They celebrate on that day. How great it is. Father does not like to be
left out of your vocabulary. You leave him out of the
equation of your life and you’re in a heap of hurt. He loves you. He is a God of love. He doesn’t wake up
every morning and say, “I wonder who I can zap today.” He wants to save people today. That’s why He sent the Savior. Verse 9. “Mine heritage,” my children, “is unto me as a speckled bird. “The birds round
about or against her. “Come ye and assemble all
the beasts of the field, “come to devour.” And there again one of the names of the swarmers, the
devours, and the consumers. He’s bringing us
up to that time. There was a great old
country western song about the great speckled bird. And from this verse, it came. It’s good to have country
people that love the Lord and that keep his name
in their vocabulary and that love to study His
word and worship with Him. And I’m happy to say that
many of the country singers, they study with us and
I’m happy for that. I’m glad for that. Verse 10. “Many pastors,” that’s
to say, shepherds, “have destroyed my vineyard. “They have trodden my
portion underfoot.” Just messed it up terribly. “They have made my pleasant
portion a desolate wilderness.” In other words, it’s
void of progression. It’s void of getting ahead. They’ve tromped underfoot. They’ve made nothing out of it. They allow people to make light of Almighty God and get away with it
without having been warned what happens to you
when you do that and you bring the wrath
of God down on yourself. And if you want that,
hey, have a good trip. You’ve got freedom of
choice, you’ve got free will. If that’s what you
want, you go for it, but don’t you think
for one moment that our Heavenly
Father isn’t watching. He is. He knows, He understands. Again, can you see the love
in that for His children? He says “The shepherds, the
preachers, have destroyed it.” Well, not the good preachers. That’s the false ones. Well, how do you know
a false preacher? Well, does he teach
God’s Word or his own? Or some little church doctrine that you got a little
quarterly or a pamphlet or something you can teach
from other than God’s Word. I’m not judging, people,
I’m just warning. You wanna study God’s Word. Don’t leave God out of
the equation of your life or you will suffer. Verse 11. “They have made it desolate, “and being desolate it
mourneth unto to me.” People that do know cry out
to me, “Father, help us.” “The whole land is made desolate “because no man
layeth it to heart.” This word man here is not Adam in the Hebrew tongue, it’s ish. Verse 12. “The spoilers are come
upon all high places “through the wilderness, “for the sword of the Lord “shall devour from the
one end of the land “even to the other
end of the land. “No flesh shall have peace.” In other words, the sword
of the Lord is what? It’s the tongue of Christ. That truth is going out, and
you know how it will go out? It’ll go out much, as it is
written in Mark chapter 13 and Matthew 24 when God’s elect are delivered up before
the false messiah and false preachers and allow the Holy Spirit
to speak through them to bring the truth to the world, to bring some out of that fire, some out of that foolishness. And when they cry,
peace, peace, peace, you better know one thing. There is only one
prince of peace, and you better be in His camp, not the camp of the world
that’s gonna cry one peace, the one world system. Next verse to
complete, verse 13. “They have sown wheat,
but shall reap thorns. “They have put
themselves to pain, “but shall not profit, and they shall be ashamed
of their revenues.” That’s to say they’re
gonna harvest shame for what they’ve done. “Because of the furious
anger of the Lord.” Seven vials of God’s anger,
God’s wrath, are poured out, and you might think this
word in the Greek vial, well, it’s a little dinky thing. No, the word in the Greek means it’s a wide mouth, short jar. When He pours it out, pow! It dumps. Our Father’s not a happy camper, and these warnings should
be taken not lightly. Now what did it say? Did it say He was going to
pour this out on everyone? No, the false ones. If you’re serving Him, you haven’t a thing in
the world to worry about because God’s wrath is
not addressed to you. God loves you, He
protects His own. “Not one hair on their
head shall be harmed,” as it’s written in Luke 21. Our Father takes care
of His own heritage, especially those that stay
with Him, that love Him, that are true to Him. They are blessed indeed. They’re called God’s elect. All right, bless your hearts. You listen a moment,
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to spiritually discern, that’s a gift from God,
as to who you should hear, who you should not hear, and especially
listening to God’s word. It pleases the Father, for his children are destroyed
for lack of knowledge. And all knowledge,
as it’s written in Proverbs chapter 1 verse 7, “Knowledge comes from loving,
fearing, revere, or fear.” The same Hebrew word means
it translates both ways. Almighty God, all wisdom comes
from Him that is eternal. So let Him know you love Him. That’s what’s important. Those of you that listen by
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than anyone else. Your DNA is different. Your fingerprints are different. When He created you, He
wanted someone just like you, but He does want
you to love Him. That’s important. Hosea chapter 6 verse 6. “I do not want your
burnt offerings. “I want your love.” I want you to love me. He’s your Father,
nearest of kin. Let him know that, won’t you? Father, around
the world we come, and we ask that you lead,
guide, direct, Father, touch. In Yeshua’s precious
name, thank you, Father. Amen. Okay, and questions. We’re gonna go with
Danny from Kentucky. “My question is, while I
struggle with finances, “I know a person
with multi-millions “who lies, cheats,
steals, commits adultery, “even hates their own daughter “and then goes to church. “They get blessed
year after year. “I just don’t understand this. “Please explain this to me. “We enjoy studying
God’s Word with you.” Well, God bless you,
I’m glad you do. I think maybe today’s lecture might have helped you with that when I explained the 37th Psalm. You see, when
somebody like that, there’s nothing wrong with
being rich with God’s blessings. God blesses those people
that truly serve Him in business and otherwise. It is those that are rich
with ill-gotten gains, they never have
any peace of mind. Why? They’re always looking
over their shoulder. To have riches like that
is a bigger headache than life itself. So ill-gotten gains
is not a blessing, and besides that, God
is well aware of it. They they don’t get
away with anything. If you have a companion
Bible, it is laid out for you that acrostic I spoke
of in the 37th Psalm. It is so beautiful to see the message God hides
in the manuscripts for you to absorb, to give you that knowledge
and comfort of knowing, hey, I know what’s going on. You don’t have to
worry about it. so He’ll take care of it. David from Florida. “Thanks so much for your
teaching us the truth.” You’re welcome. “Nothing can make void the
Word of God, Isaiah 55:11. “Is this correct or not?” Nothing that God intends can be made void, okay? Sometimes he puts a
condition on something whereby man can cause
His Word to be void because they don’t
take advantage of it, but that’s not God’s
allowing it to become void. That’s men with free
will teaching falsely. And making the Word void. The traditions of
men will make void the Word of God to the hearer. But God’s Word will
always reign supreme. It will always be truth. Anytime you think you have found a disagreement or two scriptures
that counterdict each other guess who is probably
falling way short? I can make that a declaration. Guess who is falling
short in scholarship? You would be because God’s Word from the
manuscripts, understand me, not necessarily a translation, but from the
original manuscripts or as original as we can get, there are no contradictions. God’s Word is always true. Okay, Suzanna from Illinois. “My name is Susan. “You stated that the second Adam “was written in the
Hebrew names manuscripts. “That’s how we would
find out about him. “If it is not written in the
King James Version of the Bible “how would Christians
learn about the second Adam “if they were never taught? “Why was his excluded “in the King James? “Also where are the Greek people “of those who crossed over
the Caucasus Mountains?” The Hellenists, some
of them were, okay? Because Hellenist
is a Greek Hebrew. Okay, back to your question. The King James
does make it clear that God created all the
races on the sixth day. He made some of them hunters
and some of them fishers. He created both male and female. The Hebrew is very
specific, and that’s why if you’re not a scholar
of the manuscripts, the first six chapters of
Genesis I break down in detail, and I teach you how to even
read the Hebrew manuscripts and give you a video
of those manuscripts so that you can read
it for yourself. On the sixth day,
Adam was created, which means human. Adam in the Hebrew tongue
means to show blood in the face or to be ruddy complected. That was Eth Ha’Adam,
which is a different man, was created on the eighth day. And he was a husbandman,
agriculture man, a tender of the garden, and brought forth
Mother Eve from his, it is written from his rib. Well, the Hebrew word for, the translated rib is curved. At the time of the translation, we didn’t know about
the helix curve. The helix curve is the DNA. And God took from the
DNA of Adam, Eth Ha’Adam, and created Mother Eve, the
feminine part, that DNA. And with that, Eve became
the mother of all living. Why? Not because she, by womb,
was mother of all living. but because from her womb, umbilical cord to umbilical
cord would come Christ. And if you’re not in Christ,
you’re not living eternally. So she is the
mother of all living because you either are
in her offspring Christ or you’re not living
eternally, okay, period. That may offend some,
but be that as it may. So God did create all the
races on the sixth day, and He looked and it was good. God is proud of the races. He’s proud of them
the way they are. That’s why He created
them that way, and quite frankly He created
them in the same image they were in the angelic
world, First Earth Age. Okay, I know that that’s, if that’s kind of a little,
seems strange to some, put it on the shelf and
leave it there for a while. Eugene from Montana. “Can you please tell
me when Passover begins “and when it ends? “Also how do I
celebrate Passover?” I can’t make that, and do I… I can’t make that out, and
read God’s Word and pray. “Could you tell me also “how to find this
information in the Bible?” Well, you can. When does the new year begin? At the spring equinox. We are children of light. We go by the solar. You’re not a child of darkness. Every prophecy written
concerning Satan is given in moons or
months, because why? He’s the prince of darkness. As a matter of
fact, documentation. Revelation chapter 13 verse
4, Satan has 42 months. 42 months, well,
how long is that? That’s 3 1/2 years. God’s elect, the two
witnesses, have 1260 days, deus, solar, okay? 1260 days. How long is that, 3 1/2 years. Inasmuch as moons cut
you a little short, they have a little more
time, five days, maybe 10, and so it is. Passover, then, is on 14th day after the spring equinox at that sundown begins the 15th, and the 15th day is always
the sacred Passover. And many, many, years ago, you went by 50s, a set of 50s. In other words,
after that 15th day, you waited 50 days,
and here is Pentecost. And then, naturally
seven 50s is how much? Well, seven 50s is 300, 350 days plus 15. That’s 365 days. That’s a solar year. It happens that way,
and you know something? The spring equinox is
always on the same day. It’s not like moons that
jump here and jump there. It’s solar, go solar. Helping you read
probably would be the fifth chapter of the
first Book of Thessalonians. You’re a child of light. You don’t need somebody
to tell you, you know. BJ from Arkansas. “Question, is Satan’s temple
being built at this time “and will he have a
temple in Jerusalem “during his five-month
reign on this earth? “Is Christ going to have
a temple or a building “during the
thousand-year reign?” There is. The Millennium temple
is described in Ezekiel chapter 42,
the end of the book. The Book of Ezekiel
in the Old Testament has more about the Millennium than the whole New
Testament put together, but Satan, you need to know that God is putting
together a temple now. It’s the mini-membered
body of Christ, okay? That does make up the temple, and Christ is the head thereof, but Satan will have a
temple, all right enough. And this is why the
day of the Gentile is brought into this
in Luke chapter 21. The dome of the
rock is the place that is very sacred to
three different religions. And naturally, Satan’s
going to be drawn to it. Okay we got, who is this? This is Susan from Ohio. “Could you please
give a brief timeline “of events that will
happen when Jesus returns? “I have heard you teach that
the Millennium will begin “once his feet touch
the ground in Jerusalem, “but what exactly happens
once the teaching is over? “Is the Battle of Armageddon
and so forth after it?” No, it isn’t. The Battle of Armageddon and
Haman God both take place just before and at
the Second Advent. It won’t last five minutes. Why, because God’s
fighting it, we’re not. Our army will do nothing. It is to document to
non-believers that God is real. So he’s not gonna let
us fight that battle. He’s gonna do it himself, and then they will know
there is a God big time, but the chronological
order of events is that, as it is written in
Revelation chapter 20 verse 5, that those that are
spiritually dead will remain dead ’til the
end of the thousand years. When Satan is released,
they will be tested. If they overcome then,
they will not participate in the second death, the
closing verses of chapter 20, which is the death of the soul, but will have eternal life. That’s what the
millennium is about. It states in that fifth
chapter that we, God’s elect, will teach, will be
priests with Him. What does a priest do? They teach. It will be a time of learning because there are many
handicapped people that have never had
an opportunity to
really know the Lord. There are many people that, God wants everybody
to have a full chance, and He wants them to
be in a spiritual body where they don’t
have flesh hangups to make that final decision. I know that will
seem strange to some. That’s what it says. That’s the way it will be. Okay, we got Roy from Florida. “Please explain,
as you always do, “as I am so very confused, “Genesis 1 verse 27, ‘So God
created man in his own image, “‘in the image of God,
created him male and female “‘created in them.’ “I believe this means that
we all look similar to God.” No, no, no, no, no, it doesn’t. The correct translation
is, God said, “Let us create
man in our image.” Our is plural. Elohim in the
Hebrew manuscripts, Elahi meaning God
and his children. And that’s exactly
the way it is. Now, a very strange
thing in the manuscript. Here, you will have in that particular
chapter Eth Ha’Adam. Why would he have Eth Ha’Adam
where he’s talking about Adan? Because what is God? He’s Christ, God with us. So when God said I’m going
to create man in our image, He included Himself. That’s why it’s written in
Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14, “A virgin shall conceive,
bear a male child, “and you will call him Emmanuel, “being translated God with us.” So that’s the way it is. He is God. He’s the living Word. The Word was with
God, the Word was God, and the Word became flesh
and walked among us. And so it is, but you look
exactly the way you looked. An angelic being
mature is equivalent of about a 30 year old, okay? And age has nothing to do
with the spiritual body. It doesn’t age,
it doesn’t wither, it doesn’t get sick,
it doesn’t get old, and so naturally
in the spirit body, everybody is about 30 years old. Anita from Kentucky,
mature adult. “I’ve been raised
on what you call “the flyaway doctrine. “I’ve been studying
with you for a while. “You say it’s so plain a
child can understand it. “I have read over and over again “1 Thessalonians chapter
4 verses 16 and 18. “Please go there
and read the Word.” I don’t know how many
times I’ve got to say this. When you’re studying something, you gotta know
what the subject is or you’re wasting your time. You’re just peddling
and treading water. You’ve got to find
out the subject and then you’re
gonna get somewhere. I’m going to take the
time here to cover 16 and 18 with you, but why in heaven’s name would you not go back to verse
13 to pick up the subject? If you don’t know what the
subject is you’re talking about, you’re never gonna
know anything. A child can understand, and
I’m not talking down to you, but I want you to pick
up subject object, okay? And let’s go with it here. Verse 13 reads, “But
I would not have you “to be ignorant, brethren, “concerning them
which are asleep.” That means those that are dead. I don’t you to be ignorant about people that have
already passed on. “That you sorrow not.” You don’t have to
to weep for them. “Even as others
which have no hope,” that are ignorant
and don’t know. Verse 14, here’s your subject. “For if we believe that
Jesus died and rose again. Now, you’d better or
you’re not a Christian. If you don’t believe
in the resurrection, you’re not a Christian. So naturally, yes, we know
Christ rose from the dead. He rose again. “Even so, “them also which sleep in Jesus “will God bring with Him.” What does that mean? It means they’re already gone. They’re with God. Therefore as it’s written in Ecclesiastes chapter
12 verse 6 and 7, the minute this clay pot breaks, your old flesh body dies,
the silver cord parts. I mean your spirit body
breaks with the flesh body and instantly you return to
the Father from which you came. You’re with him in paradise. This is why Luke
would teach in 16 the parable concerning
Lazarus and the rich man. They’re both the paradise, one on one side of the Gulf
and the other on the other. So, they’re with Him. They’re not out here in
some hole in the ground because God is not
the god of the dead but of the living. Verse 15, “For this
we say unto you “by the word of the Lord.” You can count on it. “That we which are alive and remain unto the
coming of the Lord “shall not prevent
them which are asleep.” Well, what does that mean? Prevent, it means precede. Doesn’t that make common sense? There’s no way we
can precede them because they’re already gone. They’ve already caught
the bus, friend, and the bus has left. They’re not here. We are. So naturally, there’s
no way we that are alive can precede those that are
already with the Father. That is so simple
a child can just… I know it sounds like I’m
talking down to people. I don’t mean to be. I’m just saying
this is so simple. Don’t miss it. 16, “For the Lord Himself
shall descend from heaven “with a shout with the
voice of the Archangel “and with the trump,” what trump, the last trump, 1 Corinthians 15:52,
the farthest one out, “of God and the dead
in Christ shall,” notice there’s a colon there. The dead in Christ
shall rise first, meaning what, they’re gone. They’re already out of here. Don’t miss that. “Then we which are
alive and remain “will be caught up together “with them in the clouds,” that means in a large group,
“to meet the Lord in the air.” And that word air
is not atmosphere. It’s breath of life,
meaning our spiritual body. I’m out of time. Hey, I’m sorry we’ve got
to leave it right there. I love you all because
you enjoy God’s Word. God’s Word is so truthful
and so wonderful. He sent you that letter. I love you because you study it, but most of all, God loves
you because you study. It makes His day,
you make His day. Boy, are you gonna be blessed. We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you. Won’t you do that? You bless God, He
will always bless you. Most important, though,
you listen to me. You listen good. You stay in His word. Every day in His word is a
good day, even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus, Yeshua,
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