Let’s go Major Today, without unnecessary comment, we’re following what Major’s making without leash I invite & what. Will you stay in this water? Let’s go Finally Thanks, now I’m also wet So, pretty nice place for walks, right Major? You looks nice, when wet, in this sun Among those dandelions Stick is better Than some flower That’s it! Get it! Show strength Maybe let’s go further So let’s go Oh yes. Marking the area Summarizing, Major must have on a walk Some river or other bigger water A lot of space to running Sticks He probably likes to chase roe-deers, but better without them & the best without rain Well Paws up for Major, a stroller Who has a lot of space in the area To play without leash & he went into grain Thanks for watching & see you next time Yes, it was a pheasant Here! Later Come! And he went out the grain