I was born in the southern part
of Iran, a city called, Abadan, born in a Muslim family, Shiite
Muslim family. My grandfather was a Muslim leader and
he had nineteen children and out
of nineteen children, he had 84 grandchildren and, obviously, he
had to choose one to carry the spiritual pattern of the life and the teachings for
the… … for the next generation. He asked,… … obviously there had been some things that have happened some accidents that I should have been killed but every
single time before, a danger was coming towards me, I saw
the silhouette of a person, and that always was there and I spoke of it openly to others and my grandfather took
that sign obviously that the spiritual leaders of Islam are looking after this boy and
are protecting him. So, he gave me very close attention and
he taught me all the things I knew about Islam.
I joined Hezbollah, I was in that army for
about three years, I was studying the Quran extensively there. My grandfather, actually sowed a seed in my heart that I should share Islam with the poor misled
Christians, you know and that have gone astray and
all this, to remember and be a spiritually leader to the family, outside Iran. I travel to Malaysia, where I was caught with 30 illegal passports, put in
prison, and so I start teaching Islam in the jail and telling everybody what
they must do, and that their duty is toward Allah. And so, I did this, routine everyday. I prayed obviously
five times a day, Shiites do pray three times and they include 17 rakats (words) in the three times, but what I did was because I wanted to spend more
time with God, I did it at five separate times
and then in the end of the evening I would pray extra prayers. I would have a habit of reading through
the Quran cover to cover, once every 10 days and I had gained
the spiritual powers out of Islam In Quran there are the Jinn, the spiritual beings, so speaking to them is not forbidden, in fact, there are stories of talking to them, the Prophet Mohammad. So I had been able to connect to that spiritual
realm and been able to acquire powers out of them,
so I was able to pray for people especially when people, someone hurt them
or someone did something to them they would come to me and they would ask me to
say a prayer, and immediately that person would get
sick, have an accident, this kind of things, you
know. I was able to close my eyes and tell you what a person was doing in
another room. And so, this had made me more power hungry, and I wanted to gain more power, so I would spend more time and
meditate more on the Quran and so, as I was doing that, one night,
I was just meditating on the verses and there are words in the
Quran that are repeated, continually and repeatedly but they
have no meanings. And still are the secrets of the Quran and so
when I was meditating on these, a spirit entered the room, and he was much more powerful than I could
handle I could… … I could overcome and so I was
filled with fear and so I tried using all the tools Islam had given me and the
name of Allah, “I command you to leave!” and,
“Satan I rebuke you!” Those kind things and I used
all of those and nothing was helping, at that moment I was totally desperate and I felt like it is choking me, choking the life out of me and I
felt like I’m dying in that cell and I just cried out to the Heavens and I said “God!” in Farsi, “Khuda!” “God help me!” and immediately I heard a voice, just as clear as you
hear my voice today, saying “Breathe the Name of Jesus!” At that moment I really seriously did not give it one second of thought. I feel like, go back (voice). I was drowning,
a man that is drowning, you will throw a rope and he would never question you about the
color of the rope. just grab on and so I did. I said, “Jesus if you are true show me Yourself!” and to this day I have no idea of this
as I go back and thinking, “Why did you word it that way?”…
“Why didn’t you just say Jesus help me!” I don’t know why, but that’s the way it
came out and before I was finished with the sentence, everything was
back to normal. Now, that was not my conversion, that was the beginning of my confusion,
why would Jesus help a Muslim. Now, I had done everything in
my power to be a good Muslim. I had already tried to go and commit myself, in the way of Allah and be a martyr for him,
walking on the mines and so the government of Iran used to issue that the people that are “Fadaei” or the ones that are
willing to to give themselves or sacrifice
themselves, a special Quran that had the stamp (permission) of the government.
I have participated in the executions by hanging, I had done everything that I
thought I must do, against the infidels and anything and
everything I must do to share Allah with addicts. So, I knew that something was wrong and that was not because I doubted Allah or doubted Islam
or anything, I fully believed and I didn’t know what
that is and it just confused me, and so I tried to just forget about it, but that question:
Why would Jesus help a Muslim? Why would Jesus help a Muslim?
That would just keep coming at me, I believed in Muhammad, the last prophet,
I would think, that in a perfect religion:
Why would Jesus come to help me? So, in that two weeks period, I just got really
confused and I said, “Okay I’m going to pray and fast and ask
God Himself to show me the path.” Obviously, I thought at that moment and
there are various Surahs (Chapters) and things taught in the Quran that says, “The ways of Allah are many and no matter
what part and what part of the mountain you climb you always come to the same mountaintop.” And I thought maybe that’s what God is. And then, no, maybe he’s different for God, maybe God has a
specific way for me, and he wants me to follow that
specific way so I thought I will never find out unless I asked this question.
So I did, I prayed and fasted and from the bottom
of my heart with all my strength I asked, “God what is it that you want me to do?” “What way is it that you want me to follow?”
And so for two weeks, I sat in one place and I prayed as many
hours as I was awake, and I fasted as many hours as I was awake and I would
just fall asleep literally at that place I would wake up and I
would just pray again and again asking God, “What is the way you want me go?”
After two weeks to no avail, I had no answer and I really got
frustrated I just thought, “Forget it, what is this?” No chance of finding out what I want, I
don’t even know if God exists, and I have wasted all my life I have
been afraid all my life, you know, trying to do everything that would please
Allah and now he confuses me if Allah is all great and he sees the
heart he knew in my heart I love him, and what matters if I call him
whatever name I called him, he knows in my heart I love him And if it does matter to him I asked
him for two weeks I sat prayed and nothing happens So, you know what I’m going to go do my
own thing. I’m going to go and walk my own path. I’m going to do what pleases me, obviously,
at that very moment I felt the power of God fill the room!
Now in Islam, the greatest sin you can commit and you
can never be forgiven for is doubting God himself, doubting his teachings, doubting his prophet and I
have done that, and in Islam they teach you that Allah never visits, God never visits human beings, I feel and I know against
Islam I have committed, the greatest sin that can never be forgiven. God’s presence is in the room and I’m confronted immediately with His Holiness, all this is happening simultaneously and I am confronted with His Holiness puts this weight of sin upon me and I know I know that because He is just, He must kill me, He must
wipe me off of the face of the Earth, because I’m so full of sin.
And I cried, because I literally didn’t want to die, but I knew there is no a chance!
He was so Holy and I was so wicked, so I just ran to the corner of the room and I held
my head in my arms and I just cried out, “God forgive me, God forgive me, God forgive me,
God forgive me!” and I just said, “Forgive me, forgive me… forgive me, forgive me forgive me!” And as I was crying and just saying
forgive me, I felt a touch on my shoulder saying,
“I forgive you!” And the very instant those words were spoken, I physically felt forgiven! And I could not understand it. I said, “Wait a minute!” We say, “Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,
In the name of God who… … is Merciful and Gracious.” But we don’t know if we are forgiven
until the Day of Judgment. That is why there is not one single
verse in the Quran, that says Mohammed is in Heaven! He must wait, like all people for the Day of Al-Qiyamah,
The Day of the Resurrection and all shall be judged on that day, so who is this God that says, “I forgive You!”
and I feel forgiven today! And I asked and said, “Who are you?” “That can forgive me and I feel forgiven today.” And He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
The moment I heard those words, I knew it’s of great importance, but I had absolutely no idea what that
meant! I still had no clue who this God is. So, I asked Him, “What is your name?” “Jesus Christ, the Living God,” he answered And the moment He spoke, those words, it was as if, every single bone was taken
out of my body and I just fell on my face to the ground and I started to weep. At the presence of God, I just wept, I still can’t. Eighteen years have gone by but I still, can’t forget His love, His mercy, and all the… … I can’t forget what He did for me that day. And He just forgave me! I felt forgiven and I fell on my face. I just wept because for many years, I had tried to please God. But nothing I had done was
pleasing to God, nothing I had done. But it wasn’t even… the
great god (Allah) that I had. Nothing! I felt so, deceived, because they told me
this (Allah) is God and he wasn’t God. They told me, what to do for Hezbollah and
kill in the name of Allah. But then, God send His love in
the way of me (towards me). Forgiveness in the way of me (towards me). It was everything in my heart, that thirsted for Him said,
“Yes, this is the Truth… of God!” God is about
forgiveness, God is about love! So, I wept for two hours. and I just stood at His feet and He just said I should look up and at the moment I looked up I saw this, it was like a TV screen of some sort and I just saw people from all
different generations, and all different nationalities and
backgrounds, and every single person I saw I could
see every single wrong thing they
have done and that overwhelmed me, and I said, “God, I live among all these
peoples and all of them are sinners!” And He says,
“How easy did I forgive you!” And I said, “Very easy!” In Farsi, we say, as easy as drinking water, and then just moments after that I said, “No, no, no, no, no…
even easier than drinking water.” He says, “As easy as I have
forgiven you, I can forgive them!” “Who is going to tell them?” I said, “Send me Lord”
He says, “Go.” That’s how I became a Christian, so I prayed, “God send me a Bible.”
In jail somebody, from some other section just walked up
to me and gave me a book and says, “This is what you ask for,” and he was of East-Indian background and I spoke Urdu and Hindi, completely so and so when he gave
it to me, I knew it is the Bible, I forgot to thank you God! I said,
“God I prayed last night and… …you gave it to me this morning! It is so
wonderful! You are the Mighty God!
The Jews have spoke of and you provide so quickly.” That is the living word of God. I tell you that! I share my testimony, so people hear about this, Almighty God. I don’t expect anybody to become a Christian because of
my testimony, my testimony is only good for me. I want people to understand this, this is the story of Almighty God, who is, all able and who is searching for all seeking hearts. That loves all humanity with all His strength
and power. If someone hears my testimony today, I really will like them to say, “Okay God of Heaven, the Creator of everything,
if this is true?… … I want that!” And I assure you, I
can guarantee you that, that Mighty God that came and touched and changed my life, and totally forgive everything I have done
and He made me sure that I can be in Heaven with Him, He can assure them, with the same assurance and He can, let them taste of the same forgiveness
and the same love. That is who Jesus Christ is.
May glory be to Him today and forever more. Amen. My suggestion to a Muslim man or a woman
is, I know they’ll ask,
“Is Jesus Christ God? Can A human… being become God?” Of course, never! No human being can become God. But I’ve believed in as a Muslim that, in an Almighty God, God the Great God, that can do anything and
everything, but can a God, this Great God become man, can He show Himself, in the body of a man? Yes He can! And so, as Christians we do not say,
Jesus Christ is the son of God because God had a child,
no, no, no, no. But God showed Himself in the body of
Jesus Christ to all humanity, I dare anybody! If they ask Jesus Christ, with their heart that is right, and God knows! We cannot test God! We cannot question God. But you can ask God.
We can ask God the humble beings that we are! Saying, “God Almighty, I have a family member… …that is sick or I have someone… …that is really really in need of a… … healing. I have a question!… …I have a broken heart… …I am filled with depression… …and no doctors can help me, I have no
hope… …I feel like I am I have no peace!” If you ask, “Is there… …hope in Jesus for me?” “Is there… ….healing in the name of Jesus for me?” “Is there healing for my family member?” “Some kind of salvation from that
depression?” Ask in the name of Jesus! You will receive it, because He is The Almighty God! You will see! And that is who God is! End