Derek, watched Scripture in his language – American Sign Language – using the Deaf Bible app. He stumbled over the meaning of the verses in John chapter one. In the written text Bible, Derek had never understood that the word WORD was referring to a person. “How could he have missed this?” “What did this mean for the Trinity?” he wondered. Derek flipped back and forth from the flat words on the page of his text Bible to the visual Bible in his first language; alive, active and three-dimensional sign language. Derek had always thought that the Trinity stood for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; three Persons in one. But here, in the sign language passage, it looked as though there was another person who was called the WORD. Derek went back and watched the passage several times through. The Scriptures in his heart language clearly revealed the truth that the WORD, is, indeed, Jesus! Derek was ecstatic! He went to church and told as many people as possible about his discovery. One Deaf leader was astonished at his findings. Their conversation led his entire Deaf church community to discuss the passages, together realizing that Jesus was there in the beginning! For the first time, Derek understood that watching Scripture in his own heart language gave him life-transforming clarity which surpassed any other written text Bible!