I didn’t know where I came from and why I
was born and came to this world I decided to commit suicide. There is a sense of emptiness in my heart
that is growing why don’t you call upon your creator Never getting filled at all with any
of those things my body was so weak to handle the amount of love that I was experiencing
from this person we have no sense of identity. we don’t know who we are we don’t know what
are you doing I went forward when I was driving and I looked up who are you if you love us,
if you care for us, why don’t you come down and become a human being like us and experience
the life like us so that you can understand our pain. all of a sudden I heard a voice: do you know
who you are? there is a third person in the room look at the birds of the air that how
they do not sow, they do not reap, they do not store but your heavenly father your heavenly
father feeds them i had no sense of knowing God as a father and started explaining the
God that I knew: God is love My Mouth out of my control started saying Jesus is truly
the Son of the Living God there is something about real relationship in this bible whom
He foreknew He predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son Jesus Christ that
He may be the first born die into yourself that you can live in Christ its not about
me and my life, its about His life its from glory to glory from the glory of the first
resurrection in spirit to the glory of his body I will be in a church service and I would
see people raising their hands and worshiping him knew I didn’t have that wanted to love
God but how can you love somebody you are scared of but it wasn’t until we started studying
with Rose and Masoud that we started to learn how to love God that’s the thing when you
come to understand the love, sure you can talk about it or hear about it or someone
else is talking about it until you understand in your heart then there was ears that I could
barely open the Bible I could only listen to somebody teach the word but when I’d open
it up it would scare me they literally bring the Bible alive their ability to see love
in the most challenging scriptures is amazing just getting to know the Lord they help me
to develop my relationship with God that I didn’t have before