Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing. Jesus Christ created all things and He holds
all things together by His power. The POWER and the LIFE that we have in us
is from Jesus Christ. If He takes that POWER and LIFE back then
we die, we are no more. The power that we have to do whatever we do,
comes from Him, even if we use that power to do evil, but Jesus Christ enables us to
everything that He requires of us. Many believers say that they cannot stop sinning. Jesus Christ enables us to stop sinning, to
overcome the desires of the flesh, to resist the devil, to do His will and to endure with
Him until the end. He gives us the POWER to do whatever we need
to be pleasing to Him. He gives us the POWER to do the will of God. If we are not doing His will and if we cannot
stop sinning, if we cannot do the will of God then it is because we are using His POWER
wrongly. We will reap what we sow. The wages of sin is death. If we want to enter the kingdom of heaven
we have to obey Jesus and DO with His power whatever He requires of us to do. Either we serve Jesus Christ and we LIVE or
we use His power to satisfy our own lusts and to serve satan and then we will perish. Jesus Christ enables us. Are we using that POWER for His glory or are
we using it for our own destruction. The apostle Paul said:”I can do all things
through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.” If we need more power we need to ask Jesus
and He will give us the POWER to OVERCOME, to do His will and to be pleasing to Him. We will have no excuse, we just need to ask
and He will enable us to do His will and enter the kingdom of heaven. May Jesus bless you.