Dog training. A Boerboel and a Belgian Shepherd puppy. Teaching tricks. Going from the simple to the complex is a common pattern in dog training. Well done. Round! Yes, good boy! Fox, give it! Fox! Good, come here! Fox, round! Round! Well done. Round! Good. Fox, round! Good, come here! Good boy! Okay. Bath, sit! Fox, round! Fox, round! Come on, round! Round-round! Fox, round! Fox, round! Round! Come on, Fox! Round! Good boy! Fox, walk! Come on, walk! Okay, walk! Walk! Good, walk! Walk! Yes, Fox, walk! Good boy! Well done, Fox! Fox, come here! Walk! Come on, walk! Walk! Fox! Fox! Good. Fox, walk! Okay, walk! Well done. Fox, walk! Well done. Stand! Bath, stand! Stand! Bath, stand! Fox, come here. Fox! Fox, walk! Walk! Walk, come on! Fox, walk! Fox, walk! Come on. Fox, walk! Come on, walk! Fox! Bath, stand! Fox, walk! Bath, stand! Fox, walk! Well done. Fox, walk! Walk! Baton, stand! Fox! Fox, walk! Good boy! Okay. Baton, come here! Good boy! Bath, down! Bath, down! Down! Fox! Fox! Baton, down! Fox, come here! Okay, over! Over! Okay. Fox, over! Over! Good boy! Well done! Bath, stand! Fox! Bath, stand! Fox, come here! Bath, stand! Fox, come on! Good, good boy! Well done! Okay. Fox, take that! Fox! Fox, over! Well done! Okay, stand! Fox! Fox, over! Fox, over! Excellent! Good boy, Fox! Over! Well done! Professional dog training school Walkservice (499) 343-83-86