CHRISTIAN: My name is Christian. My question is about grace evangelism, I’ve
taken that long ago. And in that it forces you to preach Jesus
Christ to be God. Now do you really have to preach Jesus Christ
to be God when you’re preaching the gospel on the street or someone…to someone actually? Because when I look at the Scripture, they
do when they teach the gospel, they would say the Messiah, actually, you know, died
and resurrected. They don’t actually and directly say the
Messiah or Jesus Christ is God. JOHN: Well, sure. Ultimately you have to define who they’re
believing in. Who is the Savior? Who is God’s chosen one? And therefore you’re going to have to define
who He is. That may not be the first thing you say, but
at some point you must preach Christ. And if you’re going to preach Christ, then
you have to make it clear who Jesus Christ is. It is meaningless to someone to respond to
a Christ who in their mind is not the Christ who is the true Christ. You have to explain this is the God/Man. That may not be the first thing you explain. You may start with the Lord Jesus Christ is
the Messiah of Israel, the sacrifice for sin on the cross. But sooner or later in every discussion, they
must believe that He is God. Obviously if you start in Romans 10:9 and
10, “Believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, confess with your mouth
Jesus as Lord,” the question is going to come up. What does Lord mean? And you’re going to go not only Master but
divine sovereign Master, God himself. So yes, in every presentation of the gospel
it must be affirmed that Jesus is God incarnate. Now let me just show you why this is so important. Did any of you happen…December 23 or something,
Joel Olsteen was on, and they asked him about Romney and they asked him about whether he
accepted Romney as a true Christian. And, of course, he said yes, yes, he believes
in Jesus, he believes in the same Jesus I do. I accept him as a Christian brother. He kept saying, “I think…I think…” And then at the end of all that he said, “Nah,
I never thought about it.” I think I think, but I never thought about
it. That’s a perfect illustration of that kind
of stuff. I think he is. He talks about Jesus. He talks about the same Jesus I talk about. He loves the same Jesus. I love… See, that’s what Mormons want you to think. That’s what Jehovah’s Witnesses want you
to think. That’s what Muslims would like you to think. They believe Jesus is a prophet, a true prophet. So it is essential that we define Christ accurately. We did a little gospel tract at Grace To You
called “Who is Jesus Christ?” Because that’s the prevailing question.