Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse. DIY crackle using Elmer’s glue & decoupage
design. Why isn’t my glue cracking? When do I put the paint? Can I use Mod Podge? Can I leave it clear underneath? I’ll be answering these questions along
with giving you some tips to help you get the kind of cracks you want. All the materials that I used for this DIY
are listed in the description below. Let’s get started! To start off, make sure whatever piece of
glass, you’re going to be working on, is clean and dry. Using a pouncer brush and matte white acrylic
paint, give the whole bottle a coat and let that dry. I set mine in front of a small fan so it can
dry quicker. you can use a regular paint brush if you’d
like, I personally prefer a pouncer brush as it covers better and doesn’t leave any
brush marks. Saving you paint and time. and the matte white
paint acts as a primer, so it also saves you paint plus makes the color you put onto pop
more. Add a coat of the dark color that will be
showing through the cracks and let that dry. Can you leave it clear underneath? Yes, you most certainly can. Just skip the first two steps and go right
to creating the crackle. I’ll get into more detail about the crackle
later in the video but for now, this is the basic process. Brush the Elmer’s glue on a section of the
bottle. Using a separate brush, place the paint on
top. I was just demonstrating on this bottle so
I used a bunch of colors but it ended up looking really cool! Immediately after the paint is on, place it
in front of a fan or use a hair dryer on the cool setting and dry it. The faster it dries the more cracks you’ll
get. Continue this process until the whole bottle
is covered. This is what it will look like when it’s
all done and dry. Add lights to this bottle and look how beautiful
it looks. I absolutely love how this bottle looks, this
was supposed to be just an example bottle but I’m totally keeping this one! I just used a small flashlight I had but you
can get battery powered string lights and put them in the bottle. Or buy a button light and place the bottle
on top. I think that’s what I’m going to do. Okay back to the first bottle, while the dark
paint layer is drying, you want to start preparing the paper napkin. I used this pretty lilac with greens and purples
in it. I cut the napkin into fours… then I cut out all the designs I wanted to
use from each one. I only cut three out of the four you see at
first. So I cut the rose, then the butterfly, both using scissors. I used scissors because these are nice defined
designs. Now you’ll see me using a thin paint brush
and water to get the rest of the designs. I do this so it doesn’t leave a solid line
that will look awful once it’s on the bottle. Once you have all the designs you want all
cutout, slightly wet your fingertips in water, press the napkin in-between as you see here
and, remove the plies of paper. This napkin had two. Now it’s time to crackle this bottle. Use two different paint brushes. You see one is more soft and the other is
more like a house painting brush. when you buy a pack of brushes, look for one
that has that one in it. I find that that one works best for the glue. Have your Elmer’s glue and the paint that
you will be using ready to go. Using that bristly brush, load it with the
Elmer’s glue and coat a section of the bottle. You want to do this process as fast as you
can because you don’t want the glue to start drying before you put the paint over it. I didn’t put too think of a layer or too
thin. It was in between. Can you use Mod Podge? No, this will only work with white school
glue. It doesn’t have to be the Elmer’s brand
but it has to be white school glue. PVA glue. I previously thought that the Elmer’s Glue
all was the only one that works but I used both and they both cracked. Depending on how thick you put this on, will
determine how big, the cracks will get. This is not necessarily a good thing. If it’s too thick the glue will take longer
to dry so the weight of the glue will keep pulling at the crack. Leaving a stretched out crack I did this layer in between thickness. So not so thick but not so thin. Take the other brush and load it with the
paint. The trick to this is I lightly laid the paint
on the glue. You don’t want to press hard, Just let the
brush glide. You’ll feel what I’m talking about. When you feel like the brush is no longer
gliding lightly, Load it up again. Do not try and spread the paint like you would
other wise. Drag until, like I side you feel it’s time
to reload the brush. You see that right there, that is a perfect
example. Do not overwork the paint and try covering
the section in the least amount of storks possible. When you’re done… immediately place in
front of a fan, or use a hair dryer, on the cool setting, to dry it. This is the key to the cracks right here! You must use something to dry it. It will not work correctly just by air drying
it. If You’re wondering why I never mentioned
this before well, I didn’t mention it because I’ve always used a fan to dry my bottles
faster. So I never tried it with out it. When people were telling me it wasn’t working
I was perplexed as it was working just fine for me. It only dawned on me when I was testing the
other Elmer’s glue. The one labeled washable school glue. I thought it had something to do with that. I thought it could only be the Elmer’s Glue
All but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When I tested it, because I wasn’t doing
a project I didn’t set it in front of the fan. I left the room and did some house work. When I got back it looked a hot mess and I
thought I had figured it out. Well when I went to record and show you guys
why it wasn’t working for you, I used the fan, except I was shocked because it worked! So that’s when I realized that it wasn’t
the difference in what bottle of Elmer’s glue you used, it was how fast you could dry it
that did! I apologize to those of you who tried and
couldn’t get it. Please try it again the way I have shown you
here and I promise it will work! See I did this section with this one and now
I’m going to do the other section with the other one. I went pretty thick in this section to show
you the cracks you get with this thickness of glue. I’m not a huge fan of those giant cracks
but I wanted to demonstrate them. Now I’m going to do the last section using
a thin layer of glue, let that dry and finish the top of the bottle the same way. This is the whole bottle done and here you
can see where I went heavy with the glue versus where I went lighter with it. The lightest is my favorite one by far. I like these cracks the best. Note that you can’t control all of the cracks,
no matter how much glue you put, you might get a big crack somewhere or not enough cracks
somewhere else, but you can control it enough that it gets the look you’re going for. Now it’s time to decoupage the paper napkin
designs onto the bottle. Using Mod Podge and a brush, I placed glue
on the section I was going to place the napkin, place the napkin and using a crumpled up piece
of plastic wrap, I lightly smooth out the wrinkles. Cover that with more Mod Podge and always
go from the center, outward. Place all your designs where you want them
using this same method. If you are new to decoupaging, let each one
dry before placing the next so you don’t mess it up. Once they’re all on, I used three paint colors
that matched the napkin and randomly smudged it all over the bottle to make the bottle
look really old and vintage. Let that dry and seal it with whatever sealer
you like. These are my favorites at this time. I used the polycyclic spray for this bottle. Seal it and let it completely dry! And here’s the finished bottle! I hope that this tutorial was helpful and
that I was able to answer some of your questions. If you are one of the people having trouble
with this, please give it another go, it will work! It’s really an easy thing once you’ve
got the hang of it. If you do try it please show me! I really love seeing what you guys make. I have all my social media account links in
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