♪ Use this gospel for protection ♪ ♪ It’s a hard road to heaven. ♪ – After yet another delay, Kanye West’s highly
anticipated ninth studio album is finally here. Fans were expecting the
11 track, “Jesus is King”, to drop at midnight on Friday. But instead got a tweet from the rapper, explaining that he was
still fixing mixes on three songs, “Everything
We Need”, “Follow God” and “Water”. Several hours later, and
the project arrived at noon. ♪ My presence is happy, elated ♪ ♪ Fashionably late, I’m just
glad that you made it. ♪ But better late than never right? Last year, Ye left his
devotees high and dry after teasing Yande,
postponed indefinitely. Next up, as announced
on VH1, with Zane Lowe. This Christmas Kanye
plans to release another Sunday Service inspired project entitled, “Jesus Is Born”. – Now that I’m in service to Christ, my job is to spread the gospel. – Stay caught up with all
of your favorite artists. Keep it locked on Billboard.com. Until next time for Billboard news, it’s your girl, Jordyn Rolling.