Did Jesus ever heal someone who didn’t have
faith? Part two. Hey, welcome to today’s Little Lesson, this
is a continuation of our last Little Lesson where we began exploring this question, “Did
Jesus ever heal anyone who didn’t have faith?” And the answer is yes. Just as a real quick review, and if you didn’t
see that previous Little Lesson, you really ought to go back and see that, because we
covered a lot of ground during those eight-and-a-half minutes. But some people are under the impression that
Jesus healed people by virtue of the fact that He was God, He was the son of God. Of course, God can do anything, and so they
just assume that Jesus healed people because He was God. But the reality is that, although Jesus was
the son of God, in his ministry he operated as a man, anointed by the Holy Spirit, with
gifts of the Holy Spirit, which operate as the spirit wills. And again, we talked about this in our last
Little Lesson. There’s a really interesting passage of scripture
in Mark chapter six where Jesus comes to His hometown of Nazareth. Now, if you want to be a success anywhere,
you want to be a success in your hometown. Jesus loved everybody, but of course He loved
the people of Nazareth, He wanted them to receive Him, accept Him, receive all the blessings
that they could through Him. And it says in Mark chapter six, verse number
five, that Jesus “could do no mighty work there”. Could, not would, could do no mighty work
there, except that He lays His hand on a few sickly people and He healed them. Actually, in the Greek there are some nuances
there that indicate just some people with some minor ailments. But nothing mighty like the lame walking or
the blind seeing. He could do no mighty work there. And why not? Well, it explains it in Mark, it goes on to
say, “And He marveled at their unbelief.” I think it’s in Luke’s gospel where Luke tells
the same story where Jesus came to His own town and he said, no doubt you’re going to
quote this proverb to me, “Physician, heal yourself. Whatever we heard was done in Capernaum, do
here in your home town as well.” And then Jesus goes on to explain, He gives
the examples from the Old Testament about two prophets. He said there were many lepers in Israel during
the time of Elisha, but only one of them was healed, Naaman the Syrian. You know that story where Naaman came looking
for healing, and Elisha didn’t even go out to see him, he just said, “Go dip in the Jordan
seven times and you’ll be healed.” And he did, and he was. But Jesus said there were lots of lepers in
Israel during that time, but God only anointed Elisha to heal one, and he wasn’t even an
Israelite. And there were many widows in Israel during
the time of Elijah, but he was only sent to minister to one, a widow, I think Zarephath
or something like that, in Sidon, I forget, but it doesn’t make any difference. And remember that story about how he said
she fixed me a meal, and the widow said, “Hey, we’ve only got one little bit of flour here,
a little bit of oil, and then we’re done. Me and my son are going to starve during this
famine.” He says, “You go ahead and take care of me,
and God’ll take care of you.” And so she fixed him a cake, he ate it, and
then over the ensuing months and so forth during the famine, she never ran out of food. Because she’d go to that oil thing and there’d
always be oil there, I guess, and I guess the flour as well. So anyways, what Jesus is saying is the prophets,
Elijah and Elisha, couldn’t just do miracles anytime they wanted to. They were men anointed by the Holy Spirit
with gifts of the Holy spirit, which, as we read in our last Little Lesson, in First Corinthians
12, verse number 11, the gifts of the spirit operate as the spirit wills. Not as I will, not as you will, as the spirit
wills. And why? Why is the spirit giving some gifts at some
times, and not other times, and giving them to some people? Nobody knows. You’ll never understand it, at least in this
life. It’s a mystery. Now, I said all that to say … People ask,
“Did Jesus always require people to have faith to be healed?” And the answer is absolutely no. There are examples of people whom He didn’t
mention anything about faith or believing when He healed them. And so those were examples of one of the two
methods that Jesus used to heal people through their faith, but also through gifts of healing,
which operate as the spirit wills. So now here’s the thing. You can wait around for a gift of healing,
maybe God will anoint your pastor one day, and he’ll just suddenly have the gift of healing
for you, and he’ll say, “Hey, bingo, be healed.” Great, it could happen. But it might not happen. And so there’s only one other way. One other way, and that’s through faith, and
that’s something that you don’t have to wonder if it’s God’s will or not. Because if you’re wondering if it’s God’s
will or not, well then you don’t have faith, right? You can’t trust God for what you’re uncertain
regarding his will, see? Okay, so if you study the healing ministry
of Christ, which I have, in fact, you can go to our website, davidservant.com, type
in “the healing ministry of Jesus” and I’ve got two chapters in a book, I believe it’s
two chapters, in a book I wrote called The Disciple Making Minister, it’s called The
Healing Ministry of Jesus. And in that chapter we look at every specific
case of healing that Jesus performed. And there’s something like 19, or 20, or 21,
it depends on … There’s overlap of course in the gospels, so we don’t count the same
miracle as two miracles. And there are some cases where demons were
cast out, so should we call that healing? But anyways, my point is that, in that study,
I discovered that the majority of specific cases where Jesus healed someone … Now again,
these are specific cases, not the cases where it says he healed them all, but names the
name or tells the story of some individual was healed. In the majority of those cases, people were
healed by their faith, and it was the minority that were healed through gifts of healings,
when faith or believing is not mentioned or credited as being the reason for the healing. You got me covered? So what that tells us, I think it tells us,
is that today, if Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the majority
of people who are going to be healed through Jesus are going to be healed by faith, trusting
him regarding healing. “Be it done to you according to your faith,
everything you ask in prayer, believing you shall receive,” Jesus said in Matthew 21-22. “Whatever things you desire, when you pray,
believe that you receive them and you will have them,” Jesus said in Mark 11-24. And there are so many other verses like that. James said the same thing, “If anyone among
you is sick, call for the elders.” He didn’t say it was the elders that would
heal them, he didn’t say it was the oil that would heal them, that the elders applied. He said “the prayer of faith will restore
the one who is sick.” So you see, faith is so often credited, and
that’s something that’s available. Obviously, “Is any among you sick?” It’s available for every one of us. Gifts of healings operate as the spirit wills,
you may or may not be healed. You might wait all your life for someone to
have the gift of healing on your behalf. And it might happen, you never know. But it might not happen. But faith, that’s an entirely different story. That’s something that you can take hold of
yourself. Okay, well out of time once again. I’m going to go one more time answering this
question, a little more detailed in our next Little Lesson. So don’t miss it. God bless you.